Sheerness West Federation

Year One Flamingos

Fizz Pop!

A mad scientist visited Rose Street School on Tuesday morning!  Mr Neil Nuclear brought his wacky Fizz Pop Science company to our assembly hall and demonstrated to the children lots of crazy investigations about air.  He will be running an after school science club after Christmas at the school and parents are invited to book a place for their child on line at​  

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Week beginning 5/11/18

In literacy this week we will be reading Penguin On Holiday by Selina Yoon.

We will be learning all about the story and the things Penguin gets up to before writing thank you letters to Crab for a fantastic holiday.

In maths we will be adding and subtracting tens to 2 digit numbers, using the resources in class to help us.

Our science investigation this week is to see which material is best to help Penguin mend the hole in his bucket!

In topic we will create icy backgrounds for our penguin art and also use the laptops to research the continents of the world.



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Week Beginning 29/10/11

Welcome to Hogwarts!  This week the school is being transformed  into Hogwarts from The Harry Potter set of books by JK Rowling.

Our work this week will all be based on spookiness!

In literacy we will read part of the Witches’ Spell from Macbeth. We will talk about the language used and perform the poem in groups. Then we will describe some spooky ingredients before wring our own spell poems.

Maths this week will be all about measures. We will measure how long some wands and broomsticks are, Weigh out ingredients to make some spooky biscuits and measure some liquids to make some magical potions.

The class will receive a letter form Harry to tell them that Dobby has got into the ingredients cupboard and taken all the labels off the containers. They will need to investigate how all the different powders react with water so they can help sort out the mess!

We will also be making magical wands, maps of Hogwarts and using shapes to make pictures of witches. It should be a really fun week. We are really looking forward to it!

Don’t forget Friday will be dressing up day as your favourite character.

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Week beginning 24/09/18

This week we are going to be… 

Reading the book ‘Peace at last’ and working on our super sentences, using full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. 

In Maths, we will be counting backwards from 20… like a rocket ship take off! Can you count back from higher?

In Science we are revisiting our 5 senses, and we will be doing a feely bag test… Imagine what it’s like to lose one of your senses!

In Topic we are still looking at maps, but this time of the school… We have managed to get our hands on Mr Pilkington’s map to see if we can recognise the school from a birds eye view!


Please make sure you check your child’s bag for important letters as children are often coming back with them in their bags!


Once again, should you need to speak to one of the class teachers, please make an appointment at the office. 

Many Thanks

Mrs Towsey, Miss Roberts and Mrs Rickard. 


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Wk beginning 17/09/18

Good morning!

This week we are learning in

English: We are reading Topsy and Tim go camping and exploring the use of speech bubbles, and sequencing the book

Maths: We are practising counting forwards from a given number

Topic: We are doing crisp taste tests to test our senses! How well do you think you will do? We are learning to turn on and off laptops.

We hope you have a good week. 

Miss Roberts

Mrs Towsey

Mrs Rickard

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Welcome back wk1- Newsletter and Homework grid

Welcome back to year 1!

We hope you’ve had an enjoyable summer. 

The children have been eager to be back in the classroom and have all enjoyed the activities throughout the week.

This week the children have been learning about body parts in science, sharing and counting in maths and they have been writing about their summer holiday. 

Please see below the Termly newsletter for Term 1 and the Homework grid for term 1. 


Newsletter Term 1

Term 1 HW grid (1)


Miss Roberts, Mrs Towsey and Mrs Rickard.


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Week Commencing 14-05-18

It’s week 5!

This week we are learning

Maths: about fractions – We will be working out half of a number, and a quarter of a shape. 

English: Continuing to learn about non-fiction texts and researching animals using the laptops.

Art: We will be looking at different types of animal art and creating our own!

Please remember to dress up for the royal wedding themed day on the Friday (18th May). Also please remember your trip form and money needs to be in by Monday 14th May, or else we will assume that you want your child to remain in school on this day.


Miss Roberts and Mrs Beale. 

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Treasure Hunt for Robin Class!

Yesterday, Robin class used their new-found map reading skills to locate some secret treasure chests around the school. These treasure chests had words on which unlocked the secret sentence to find the final prize!

The children all enjoyed this lesson, and it was super seeing the children using what they have learnt this term in their Topic lessons. 


2House points if your child can tell me what the special phrase is for the view we have on a map… I’ll give you a clue its a ‘b_ _ _ _   e_ _ v_ _ _”


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Blue cross and furry friend visit!

On Thursday we had a wonderful visit from Jean and Ralph (her furry friend) from the Blue Cross. 

We joined them in the hall, where Jean told us all the important things we had to do to look after our pets. 

We found out the pets need a lot of the same things as we do! I wonder if your child can remember? 

Ralph was a lovely dog and the children enjoyed stroking him… He didn’t seem at all bothered by the fuss!

Some of us even got to brush his teeth, brush his fur and take his heart beat with a stethoscope!


We will be following on from this by doing some writing on how to look after a pet this week. 

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Week Beginning 08/05/18

Although this is a short week, with Bank Holiday Monday, the children will still be learning a lot!

In Maths we are learning about sharing items into groups

E.g Sharing 6 cakes between 3 people.

We will also be learning about identifying halves of a shape!


In English, we are carrying on some of our writing letters about the owl visit, and we will also be creating leaflets about how to look after a pet, as we enjoyed the Blue cross visit so much!


In topic we are going to be doing a treasure hunt, and using Mr Pilkington’s school map to find the treasure!

Enjoy your week, lets hope the sun holds out so we can have fun outside!

Miss Roberts and Mrs Beale

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A visit from the ‘Nite Owls’

Yesterday we had a really fun morning. We had a visit from the ‘Nite Owls’ company, and Erika bought in her beautiful owls. 


The children learnt about the different types of owls that she bought along. 

As you can see from the pictures, the owls flew straight over our heads, and we could not hear a thing!

Miss Roberts favourite was Dotty the barn owl… what was your favourite owl?

****If your child can come in and tell us their favourite owl and a fact in the morning, we will give them 2 house points!***



Photos: We will hopefully get the photos through on Friday/Monday. These will be set out like school photos, make sure you select the right print/frame you would like and send the money with it… Miss Roberts still has hers from when she was young, they are a great thing to have! Well done to every one who had their photo taken with Dotty, they all had a lovely time!

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What are we up to this week? w/b 30/04/2018

Well, this week is going to be a busy animal-packed week!

On Monday (30th), The ‘Nite Owls’ are coming into Rose Street, along with the Westminster Year 1s to show us their beautiful owls, we are going to find out lots about them! The children (if they have consent via the letter), will have a photo taken with the owl, and you will be able to buy them at a later date, just like school photos. 

On Thursday, we have a lady from the Blue Cross coming in, to talk about animal care… she may even be bringing a furry friend with her! (Miss Roberts is very excited)

Over the week in English, we will be learning about the features of a letter, and will be writing our own. 

In Maths, we will be learning about doubles and how to share an amount out, equally. 

When you are cooking dinner, see if your child can share out the dinner equally onto the plates… if they can’t, why can’t they?


Please remember, that we have reading raffles in both classes… and the prizes are looking good! Please read with your child 3 times a week to get the raffle tickets. 


Miss Roberts

Mrs Beale


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Week beginning 23 April 2018

This week Year 1 are reading and retelling ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen. By the end of the week they will be able to recite the story to you with actions so please ask them!

In maths the children are counting in 2s, 5s and 10 and solving simple problems in a fruit shop.

If the weather is good we will be outside mapping the school and trying to place features on a simple map. Maybe you could map your journey to school.

Remember to read everyday and bring your book in then you can be in Mrs Burke’s raffle.

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Welcome back to Term 5

Welcome back to a busy and exciting term. Our topic is Paws, Claws and Whiskers. We have some beautiful owls visiting in Week 3 and the Blue Cross are visiting in Week 4 to tell the children about the animals they work with. Our geography topic involves looking at simple maps and making our own. How do you get to school? What do you see?

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Week beginning 12-3-18

This week the children in Year 1 are going to retell the story of Cinderella in their own words with the class teachers and TAs. They will also have a go at writing their own traditional tale or fairy story using some exciting picture cards to choose characters, settings and things that happen!

In maths we are starting to measure how long or high objects are and using the vocabulary to compare them. Can you find something longer or shorter than a teaspoon in your house?

Our science lesson will be finding out about the parts of a plant and labelling them and then making a collage in art to display in the classroom.

Don’t forget to dress up in green on Friday 16th or wear odd shoes! This is a fund raising activity for MacMillan, 50p minimum donations please.

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Week Beginning 5-3-18

Welcome back after a snowy break! We hope you made some memories to remember. This week Year 1 are continuing to read Cinderella and find out what makes a great story. Who are the characters and where does the story happen? In maths the children are using numbers to 50 and saying which number is the smallest or greatest.

World Book Day has been moved to this week and your children can dress up on Thursday as their favourite character.

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Week Beginning 26-2-18

This week Year 1 children are learning the features of fairy stories and traditional tales. How do they begin? How do they end? During the next few weeks we will be reading and re-telling Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and many more. Remember to ask your children who the characters are in their favourite story.

Our maths lessons are using numbers to 50, learning to read, order and write them and beginning to know how many tens and how many ones the digits represent. Can you put these numbers in order from smallest to greatest? 42, 21, 36 ?

After an interesting walk around the school identifying plants last week the children will be labelling the main parts of a flowering plant and trees this week.

Don’t forget to dress up for World Book Day on 1st March!

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Tesco Bags of Help – School Reading Books

We are very excited to have been shortlisted for the following scheme to raise funds for the federation’s libraries, during the month of March.  Vote for us to win the top prize in store! 

Tesco teamed up with Groundwork to launch its community funding scheme, which sees grants of £4,000, £2,000 and £1,000 – all raised from the 5p bag levy – being awarded to local community projects.

Bags of Help offers community groups and projects across the UK a share of revenue generated from the 5p charge levied on single-use carrier bags. The public will now vote in store during March- April, on who should receive the £4,000, £2,000 and £1,000 awards.

The stores where you can vote are:

3179     Sheerness       ME12 1RH        
5003    Sittingbourne Express   ME10 1BQ        
6835    Sittingbourne Express   ME10 4SG        

We look forward to being able to share the progress with you.  Happy voting!

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Term 4 Newsletter

Term 4 Newsletter
Flamingo and Robin Classes
There are lots of exciting things happening in Term 4. Our topic is ‘Enchanted Forest’ and so English lessons are going to be full of traditional tales and fairy stories. The children will be learning about the characters, settings and plots, re telling stories in their own words and then writing a story of their own.
Our Enchanted Forest theme will include finding out about castles, who lived in them and what jobs did they do? Have you ever visited a castle? Art and design technology lessons will involve making pop-up castles and creating shields.
In maths our lessons we will include counting in 2s, 5s and 10s to prepare for learning times tables. Later in the term we will be measuring length, volume and weight and hope to spend some of the lessons outside – especially the sessions finding out about the capacity of different containers filled with water!
The science topic is ‘Plants’ and the children will be planting seeds and finding out about different plants and trees. How many different spring flowers can you name?

PE and games will continue to be on Monday and Tuesday for Robin class and on Tuesday and Wednesday for Flamingo class. Please remember to read every day with your child and to practise the phonics mats sounds in preparation for the Year 1 Phonics Screening Test in Term 5.
If you have any questions or queries please see us after school or make an appointment with the office.
Mrs Beale and Miss Roberts

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Welcome Back! Week beginning 19.2.18.

Welcome back to Term 4.
We hope you have remembered to use the sound mats we sent home at the end of term to support reading and have had a look at the homework grid together. The children are learning about traditional tales and fairy stories in English and finding out about castles in our topic lessons.

During the first week back the whole school will be learning their times tables and spelling rules. Children will visit each others classes with their teaching assistants.

Thank you for making sure your children have water to drink in school, no more squash and fizzy drinks please. PE continues to be on a Monday and Tuesday for Robin class and a Tuesday and Wednesday for Flamingo class.

Keep looking to see what our classes are doing each week!

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School Contact Details

Head of School Miss H Brewer

Contact Person Mrs N Austin

Telephone 01795 663012

School Address
Rose Street Primary School
Rose Street
Kent, ME12 1AW

School Opening Times

Juniors:  8.50am – 3.20pm

Infants:  8.50am – 3.15pm

Nursery  8.30am – 11.30,     12.00pm – 3.00pm