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Easter Parade!

Look at all the Nursery Easter Bonnets!!

am easter bonnet collage website

pm easter bonnet collage

Everyone did a fantastic job and Thank you to all the Mummies and Daddies that joined us this week for the Easter Bonnet Creation Stay & Play Sessions.


Special Congratulations to our Winners

easter bonnet winners

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Easter Bonnet Stay & Play

easter bonnet collage

This Friday will be the school’s Easter Bonnet Parade.  In Ducklings class we decided that we would like our Mummies and Daddies to come and help create and decorate our bonnets.  So this week we have enjoyed getting very glue-y, glittery and messy to make our spectacular Easter bonnets.

Hopefully everyone will come on Friday Afternoon to look at the wonderful work we have done! The Bonnets look FANTASTIC!!


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Wk beginning 27/03/17

As we approach our Easter Holidays, Ducklings will be learning about Easter.  We will be reading lots of different stories about the Easter Bunny and his chocolate eggs.  We will also learn about the Easter Story, when Jesus died on the cross.

Also this week, Ducklings will be participating in the Cultural Day with the rest of the school.  During this the children will be able to learn a little about some different countries, enjoy a crafting session and try some new foods from around the world.

On Friday is the Easter Bonnet parade.  At the start of the week we will be having Stay & Play sessions for Parents to join their children to make their Bonnet. Sign up quickly and look forward to lots of glue-y fun!

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Comic Relief

To celebrate Red Nose Day, the children were able to wear the ‘Wrong Trousers’.  We had lots of laughs about wearing pyjama bottoms or dressing up clothes to school.  We talked about how we can have a fun day and raise money for other children who need help.

Well Done to all the Ducklings for helping support a great cause!!

wrong trousers collage

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Wk beginning 20/03/17

This week the children are making secret cards for a special holiday this Sunday.  (We hope all you Mummy’s enjoy!)

To make the secret cards, the children will be practicing their fine motor control using scissors.  As we continue to practice our pencil grips, we will be writing a special message or keeping up our great work perfecting the letters of our name.

As the children have been making such great progress in their counting this term, we are looking at number recognition.  How many numbers do we know?

This Friday is COMIC RELIEF!! The children are invited to wear ‘Wrong Trousers’ and we will be enjoying some fun activities while raising money for a good cause.

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Wk beginning 13/03/17

This week the children are continuing to learn about All Creatures Great and Small.

From the children’s interests and the plan that we created at the beginning of the term, we will be looking at Farm Animals this week.  The children will be singing the song ‘Old MacDonald Had a Farm’ and learning some animal signs to help us.  We also have Cock-a-Doodle-Moo, a game that we will be playing to practice our listening and turn taking skills.

The children will also be looking at this Month’s Value of LOVE.  We will be sharing at circle time about a special person and then write a heart about the person that we love.

Who do you love? Why do you love them? How can we show these special people that we love them?

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Visit from Snickers

Today we have been very lucky to have a visit from Mrs Jones’ snake Snickers.  The children took turns to feel him and watch him move around Mr Jones’ arm.  Mrs Jones explained that Snickers uses his tongue to taste and that he eats frozen rats that she has to thaw for him.  All the children were very brave.

“He’s tasting me!”- Phoebe

“He’s like a leopard!”- Maddie

“He feels soft.”- Jacob

AM snake collage

“He’s like a rope.”- Riley

“He’s got a pattern.”- Harley

“He’s long.  I saw a snake in the Jungle Book.”- Billie-May

PM snake collage

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Wk beginning 06/03/17

Last Friday we talked our new topic and the children named a huge range of animals, ‘great’ and ‘small’.  We then worked together to make a plan of what they would like to learn about next.


This week we are looking at Jungle Animals.  The children will be listening to ‘Rumble in the Jungle’, sharing with each other the knowledge they already have and creating some questions to be answered throughout the week.

We will be looking at the different patterns and textures that you may find with the different Jungle animals, building up our vocabulary and beginning to use these new words to describe and match.  We will also be sorting animals, deciding how they are the same and how they are different.

The children will be making their own ‘Jungle Animal Guess Who’, using their new facts about the Jungle animals to describe an animal hidden under a flap.


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World Book Day

The Nursery children all had a great time dressing up as their favourite characters.  During Circle Time we sat together and shared about what character we were and our favourite fact about them.

collage morning collage afternoon


We drew pictures of our characters.  Everyone is making so much progress in their writing, we had some beautiful pictures.  They are going to be added to our book corner to make a new exciting area for us to share a story with a friend.

character drawing collage

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Wk beginning 27/02/17

There are two exciting things happening this week…


On Tuesday the children will be measuring and mixing to make their own pancake.  Who will flip their pancake the highest?  What will you have on your pancake?

Thursday is World Book Day.  We can’t wait to see what characters we will find!!  This day will be spent looking at our favourite books and describing our dress up characters.


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Jack and the Beanstalk

The children enjoyed building the Giant’s Castle in the clouds.  The children enjoyed exploring the Lego with the shaving foam.  We talked about what the ‘clouds’ feel like.

Some of the words we though of were “squidgy” “soft” “cream” “snow”

IMG_0524 IMG_0523 IMG_0525 IMG_0526

The children also built castles in the sand tray.  We talked about how to build the best castle and what tools we needed.  Leo showed me how to make a good castle.

Fill the bucket, turn it over, tap the top and there’s your castle!

IMG_0527 IMG_0529 IMG_0530  IMG_0531

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Wk beginning 20/02/17

Welcome Back!

We hope everyone has had a great Half Term break, ready to learn and play!

This term our new topic is ‘All Creatures Great and Small’. We are starting this week with ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.  The children will be using Lego to build the giant’s castle.  There are also bucket and sand in the sand tray, I wonder which bucket will make the best castle?

We will be going outside to play a game of ‘Giant May I’, similar to ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf?’.  Will the Giant catch you? or will you get away like Jack?

The Giant has left one of his boots so we are going to be trying to find things in the Nursery that are l-o-n-g-e-r and shorter.

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wk beginning 06/02/17

As the last story in our Traditional Tale topic, the children have chosen ‘The Gingerbread Man’.

After listening to the story we will use pictures to sequence and retell ‘The Gingerbread Man’.  We will be exercising our fingers and building up our fine motor skills with some Gingerbread Playdough.  The children will be re-telling the story using stick puppets in small world tray.   Counting the Gingerbread Man’s buttons will help us to get better at counting saying 1 number name for each object and we will also begin to match these groups of objects to their correct numerals.

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Chinese New Year

IMG_0434  IMG_0435

The children used their handprints to make Chinese Dragon Pictures.


We learned about the Great Race.  Every year has a different animal.  This is the year of the Rooster but we really liked the dragon!!

Chinese Food Tasting!!

We tried noodles, egg fried rice and prawn crackers.

IMG_0318  IMG_0346


Thumbs up!! We like it!!

IMG_0358  IMG_0359


  We even had sweet and sour and chow mein sauce to dip our prawn crackers.

  IMG_0396 IMG_0404


We loved learning about Chinese New Year!

Gung Hay Fat Choy

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Wk beginning 16/01/17

Welcome Back! We have really enjoyed hearing from the children about their exciting times over the Christmas Holidays.  The new January Intake have settled into the daily Nursery routine well and have begun to make good friendships already.

This term we are learning all about ‘Traditional Tales’.  We are starting this week with ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’.  The role play area has been changed into the Three Bears cottage so the children can recreate the story themselves.  We will be having a porridge tasting, I wonder whose porridge will be just right!  The children will be using the story to talk about size and practice using the correct vocabulary to compare these.  We will also be talking about the characters from the story and mark-making our describing words for the writing display in the school.

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Wk beginning 12/12/16

This week the children will be busy practicing the songs for the Nativity ahead of our performance next Monday!

We are all getting very excited for Christmas and Tuesday afternoon we will be going to West Minster School to join lots of the ‘bigger’ children to watch a Pantomime performed.  Don’t forget if your child attends a morning session they are welcome to join us.  Drop them off at West Minster at 1:40 and collect promptly at 2:45.

This week the children will be creating their own Christmas decorations to take home using Salt Dough.  We will be working together to follow the recipe to create the dough before moulding and decorating using paints and sequins!

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Take a look at what we’re doing!

drum1 drum2

We made 12 Drummers Drumming using kitchen roll.  We used scissors, paint and glue.

drum4 drum3

We have written our Christmas lists.  We looked in catalogues and used mark-making to try to write the words.

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Wk beginning 05/12/16

This week in the Nursery we will be learning about the Story of Christmas.  With the Nativity performance quickly approaching, the children will gain an understanding of the story we are telling and the meaning of Christmas to people in the Christian faith.

We will be practicing our counting and number recognition, counting baubles on a Christmas tree or buttons on a Snowman using the Interactive Whiteboard.  We will also be ordering numbers 0-5 and 1-10 using Christmas Bauble and Pudding Mats.

Our role play is going to undertake another change this week! The children will be working together to change the Toy Shop into Santa’s Workshop.  The children will decide what they would like to include and help to create a fun and engaging Role Play area as we get ready for Christmas.

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Wk beginning 28/11/16

This week we will be entering December.  The children will be looking at the changing of the calendar month and season.  The children will also be learning about Advent calendars, sharing their own knowledge and understanding with adults and peers.  We will begin to take turns with our own Advent calendar in class.  One of our activities this week is to create our own calendar that we will take home to share with our families.  The children will decide how to represent each of the seasons using their own ideas and work together to create these.

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Wk beginning 14/11/16

This term our Topic is Celebrations so we have been looking at Halloween, Diwali and Birthdays.

This week we are starting to think about Christmas by writing our Letters to Santa.  We will be looking through toy catalogues, using scissors to cut out our favourite toys and trying to write the words underneath.

Last week the children decided that they would like the new role play to be a Toy Shop.  This week we will be working together to decide what resources we need and collecting them.  We will begin to look at money.  We will look at the price of toys to practice recognising number and counting out the correct number of pennies to pay.

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