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Reception Parrots

Autumn Term 2

Week beginning 28-10-19

Welcome back to a new term, we hope you enjoyed the break.  This term our topic is ‘Celebrations’ and we will begin with a week of magical stories including ‘Room on the Broom’ and ‘Winnie the Witch’.  The children will be making their own magic wands and mixing potions in a cauldron.  On Thursday we invite you to our Magical Stay and Play with your children.  Remember to sign up outside the classrooms this week – one adult may attend for each child, unfortunately we cannot include siblings.

During the next few weeks we will be celebrating  firework night, birthdays, Diwali, weddings and of course Christmas.  We will be asking Puffin Class and Parrot Class to share their family memories together. 

PE is on a Friday morning, please send full PE kits in as soon as possible.

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Week beginning 14-10-19

Your children have nearly completed their first term at school!  This week Puffin and Parrot classes are reading a story about ‘The Selfish Crocodile’.  Crocodiles have a lot of teeth and the children will be learning how to keep their teeth clean and why it is important to eat a healthy diet too.  We will be listening to some social stories  to encourage the children to think about how they behave and treat their friends. 

During the half term break please encourage your child to draw a picture of any interesting or exciting activities or visits they enjoy.  We will all share them when we return in Term 2.  Have a good holiday, we are back to school on Monday 28th October 2019.

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Week beginning 7-10-19

Our story this week is ‘The Rainbow Fish’.  He is a rather selfish and proud fish but doesn’t have any friends.  Ask your child what he has to do to make friends with the other fish.  Puffin and Parrot classes will be printing their own rainbow fish and also thinking about what makes a special friend.  We will be counting aloud to 10 and matching the numbers to numerals. 

Don’t forget to return homework books by Wednesday please so that work can be marked and the next task put in.  PE is on Friday morning as usual.

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Week beginning 30-9-19

This week our book is ‘Elmer’ – the colourful patchwork elephant who decides to go back to being grey…. The story will encourage children to realise they are all special in their own way and to be proud of who they are.  The classes will be making their own Elmer elephants out of milk bottles and tissue paper.  They will learn to mix the 3 primary colours and discover the new colours they can create.  Ask them what happens when we mix red and yellow together, or blue and yellow.  Which colours did they make?

Please remember to LABEL CLOTHES, we are still having problems matching children to uniform – especially jumpers.  Thank you.

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Week beginning 23-9-19

Does your child like eating fruit and vegetables?  This week we are reading ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’.  Oliver discovers he does enjoy eating them.  We will be making pizzas with healthy toppings and using vegetables to make interesting faces.  The children will also plant some cress seeds, ask them how they did it, what did they do first and how must they help them to grow?

Don’t forget PE kits on Friday please.


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Week beginning 16-9-19

Our story this week is ‘Dirty Bertie’ about a little boy with dirty habits, for example picking his nose or eating things off the floor!  Children will be learning why it is important to wash their hands and cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough.  We will demonstrate using a balloon filled with glitter to show how germs spread when it pops – just like a sneeze. Ask your child to tell you all about it.

PE starts this week and will be every Friday morning.  Please make sure your child has a full PE kit of white t-shirt black or blue shorts and plimsolls or trainers that fit.  They may also have track suits for the colder days.  It is very important that ALL UNIFORM IS LABELLED so that your child comes home in the right clothes each week.


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Week beginning 9-9-19

This week our story is ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School’.  It is about a little boy who is starting school and making friends – along with his toy dinosaurs!  The children will be learning about expressing their emotions and noticing how they feel.  Ask them to show you their different faces showing happy, sad, surprised, excited or angry.  The children will be making faces out of play dough and using our daily ‘Feelings Board’.

On Friday the classes may dress in yellow to celebrate Roald Dahl Day.   

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Welcome to Puffin and Parrot Classes 2019/20

We hope you had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to joining our Reception Classes.  This term our topic is ‘All About Me’.  Children will be making friends, finding out about each other and learning to keep healthy.  Each week we enjoy a story which links to our Teacher Directed Tasks and Child Initiated Time.

To help children settle into their new school life they will only attend in the mornings in Weeks 1 and 2.  From Week 3 they will join us full time, finishing at 3.15pm and 2.15 on a Friday.

Please speak to us if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to help.

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Welcome back to Term 6

Welcome back to Term 6, the last term of this school year!  We have some exciting activities planned including a Father’s Day invitation to dads to join us for ‘Stay and Play’, Sports Day, a trip to the beach and a ‘Pirate Week’.

This term the children have decided they would like to know more about dinosaurs and so we have 2 weeks of dinosaur fun planned.  Maybe you could practise pronouncing some of those long names with your children!  Later in the term the children will also enjoy stories about the seaside, pirates and underwater creatures.  They will explore rock pools, make treasure maps and dress up as pirates – more information to follow nearer the time.

Thank you for sending your children in with re-useable water bottles.  Please continue to do this and label ALL bottles BEFORE they come into school.  This ensures your child only drinks from their own water bottle.  We wash them out and top them up during the day if necessary.  This is keeping the children healthy and hydrated in school as well as saving all the extra plastic from being thrown away. 

Don’t forget PE kits and library books every Friday.

Thank you


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Week beginning 20-5-19

Where has Term 5 gone to?  Already we are in the last week of term and we complete our theme of ‘Fantasy Lands’ with stories about pirates and the high seas.  Puffin and Parrot classes will be writing letters to put in a bottle, creating their own pirate treasure maps and finding out about objects that float and sink.  The children will be making boats and experimenting to find out whether they float and why. 

Enjoy the Bank Holiday weekend and half term week.  If you go out anywhere, visit friends or family or plan to do something exciting at home please encourage your child to record the experience in a drawing and maybe a simple sentence or initial letters. They really enjoy sharing their news with each other after a holiday! 

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Week beginning 13-5-19

This week Reception classes are reading stories about fairies and elves in magical lands.  Where does the Tooth Fairy take the children’s’ teeth?  We will be teaching Puffins and Parrots to brush their teeth carefully and explaining why it is important to only have sweets and sugary drinks as a treat.  Thank you to all parents and carers who have given their children water in their drinks bottles, this is an important step to healthy teeth! 

PE and Library are on Friday as usual, don’t forget kits and books.

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Week beginning 7-5-19

Another short week!  We are reading books about Super Heroes this week and will especially be enjoying stories about the Evil Peas…… ask your children!  Unfortunately they have ‘kidnapped’ a valuable toy from the Head teachers office and the children will be writing ransom notes to the staff.

Puffin and Parrot classes will also be learning how to share items equally into 2 or 3 groups and designing their own super hero costumes.

We will not be having PE this week as the 4 day cycle of activities will run from Tuesday to Friday instead of Monday to Thursday.  Please still send in library books to be changed.

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Week beginning 29-4-19

This week we are reading stories about aliens and spacemen.  Children will make flying saucers and write a postcard from the moon!  If you have any favourite books at home bring them in to share with your class – we love stories!

Please remember to share the Little Blue Books.  Some children who regularly practise the letters, sounds and words are ready for a reading book – well done!  The alphabet sheet was sent home to everyone at the end of term 4 so please continue to say the little rhyme and practice letter formation correctly, it all helps your child to progress.

PE and library are on Friday as usual.


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Summer Term 5

Welcome back to a short Term 5!  We hope you had a happy Easter holiday.

Our topic in Puffin and Parrot classes this term is ‘Fantasy Lands’ and the children will be reading stories about aliens, fairies, super hero’s and pirates.

During the first week back we will be sharing your child’s Easter Diary and finding out what exciting things you have been doing. 

In preparation for Year 1 we will ask you to say your ‘goodbyes’ at the door so that the children can come in on their own and learn how to put their books and bags away independently.

Don’t forget PE kits and library books on Fridays as usual.

Thank you.

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5th April 2019

Please note that your Easter Newsletter should read….we will see you on Wednesday 24th April 2019.  Sorry!

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Week beginning 1-4-19

It is already the end of another term!  This week children will be learning about the life cycle of a frog and will be reading the story of ‘Tadpole’s Promise’.  They are going to pretend to be frogs and see how far they can jump.  We will measure the distance in lolly sticks.  Later in the week Puffin and Parrot classes are going on an Easter Egg Hunt and will make some little baskets to put the chocolates in.

Please remember to send library books back this week, 15 are outstanding – half the class.  It is important they are returned so that other children may enjoy them too. 

The children will all be given a small Easter diary to fill in with drawings and maybe some writing during the holidays.  Please keep any photos, leaflets, tickets etc. of activities, visits and days out for the children to share and talk about next term.  Remember to keep up with the Little Blue Books to ensure they don’t forget their letters and sounds during the break, they are all doing so well!

Happy Easter to you all.


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Week beginning 25-3-19

This week we continue our topic about ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ and will be reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.  This story tells the life cycle of a butterfly and also teaches the days of the week.  Ask your children to tell you about the life cycle!  Puffin and Parrot classes will be sequencing patterns on a caterpillar and making some beautiful butterflies.  What is special about their wings?


On Wednesday mums are invited to our special Mother’s Day Tea with biscuits decorated by the children followed by a Stay and Play session.  Come and join in the fun.  Parent’s Consultations are this week throughout the school – thank you to all the parents who have signed up, I look forward to seeing you.



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Week beginning 18-3-19

Our topic this term is ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ and this week Puffin and Parrot classes will be learning about farms and farm animals.  Does your child know what a young cow is called?  We will read stories about farms including ‘Farmer Duck’ and ‘Pig in the Pond’.  If you have any farm stories at home maybe the children could bring them in to share.

Please remember to sign up for Parent Consultations in Week 5 (next week) the clip boards and appointments will be outside the classrooms every morning. 

PE will be on Friday as usual so don’t forget full kits and footwear that fits.

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Week beginning 11-3-19

This week our story it ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’.  The classes will be acting out the story outside (weather permitting!) and reciting the story as they go.  Puffin and Parrot classes will also sequence the story in order and enjoy finding out about different types of bears.

It is Science Week and the Reception classes will see some real birds of prey flying with their handlers outside, or inside if it is wet.

Friday is Red Nose Day – don’t forget to dress up in bright clothes and donate 50p to charity!

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Week beginning 4-3-19

This week our book is ‘Animal Boogie’ a story and song that the children will enjoy sharing with you!  The animals live in the jungle and so Parrot and Puffin classes will be making a jungle setting and carefully drawing the different animals.  We are also learning about solid shapes (3D shapes) and finding different examples around the school.

Thursday 7th March is World Book Day and on Friday 8th March children can dress up as an animal from their favourite animal story.

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