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Reception Parrots

Week beginning 23-3-20


Thank you to all the parents who have signed on to class dojo already, some of your children are already showing me their work and earning dojo points!

Sign on to class dojo as soon as possible.  If your child has not been in school details and personal logins have been sent to you in the post so that we can set tasks and activities for them to complete with you every day.  You will also receive some resources that will be used in the activities. It is important for us to continue supporting your children in these difficult times.

Thank you.

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Week beginning 2-3-20

This week our text is ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ as part of our ‘All Creatures Great and Small’ topic.  Puffin and Parrot classes will be acting out and retelling the story.  Ask your child the sequence of the events and what happens in each different setting.

Thursday is World Book Day and the children can dress up as their favourite book character.  Please can they bring the book in with them and we will share stories in class and read some of them together.

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Welcome back to Spring Term 4

Welcome back to Puffin and Parrot classes.  This term our topic is ‘All Creatures Great and Small’.  We will be enjoying both fiction (stories) and non-fiction (information) books.  Have a look at home and see if you have any information books about animals to share.  We will also enjoy animal stories, for example ‘Animal Boogie’, ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’ and ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’.

The children will be using their new science lab outside where they will be able to look at the mini beasts and plants they find around the area.  We will learn how to identify the creatures, look at them under a magnifying glass and record some simple drawings.

PE and library will continue to be on a Friday, please make sure children have plimsolls that FIT and ear rings are removed.  Thank You.


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Week beginning 10-2-20

For our final week of ‘Tell Me a Story’ we will be reading and sharing ‘Hansel and Gretel’.  The children will be finding sweets outside using positional language for example in, on, under, next to, in front, behind and beside.  Maybe you could practise some of these words at home around the house.  They will also design a cage or trap for the witch who tries to capture Hansel and Gretel!

On Friday you are invited to join us for our Valentine’s Day Stay and Play.  You can share Child Initiated Time with your child between 1pm and 2pm on Friday afternoon.  We look forward to seeing you but if you cannot be there don’t worry…we have other Stay and Play days planned throughout the year.

Finally have a wonderful and relaxing Half Term.  Remember to share lots of stories and books together.

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Week beginning 27-1-20

This week we continue reading traditional tales with ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’  Puffin class and Parrot class will be acting out the story and sorting different sized bowls, chairs and beds.  We will be learning a song – ‘When Goldilocks went to the house of the bears…’  Ask your child to sing it to you this week!  We will also be making porridge with sugar or salt added to see which the children like best.

Please remember to send library books in on Friday so that children can choose a new one to share with you.

Finally,  we have noticed some children are still wearing earrings on Fridays when we have PE.  Please REMOVE them before school.  Thank you.

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Week beginning 20-1-20

Our traditional tale this week is ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.  Puffins and Parrots will be planting their own beans and waiting for a (magic?) beanstalk to grow.  We will be thinking about what might be at the top of the beanstalk…is it a castle?  or a giant?  or both?

The children are going to describe the giant at the top of the beanstalk and may even be able to write some simple words about him using the letters and sounds they have learnt so far. 

Remember contact books and Little Blue Books every day, homework books by Wednesday and library books on Friday so that your child can enjoy choosing a new text to share with you at home.

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Week beginning 13-1-20

This week we are reading ‘The Gingerbread Man’  Ask your child to tell you what he says as he runs away!  We will be making real gingerbread men – and eating them. The children will make some collage gingerbread men and carefully count how many buttons they have stuck on. 

We are enjoying a selection of traditional tales, thank you to the children who have brought their books in from home for us to share and enjoy.

Please remember to return the Little Blue Phonics Books EVERYDAY so that we can check letters and sounds every day.  The more you practise at home the sooner your child will learn the next set of sounds and words! 

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Spring Term 3

Welcome back to Term 3, we hope you had a great break and are ready to start the New Year in Puffin and Parrot classes.  This term our topic is ‘Traditional Tales’.  You probably have some books at home for example ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’, ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’ and ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.  These are stories that have been passed down from family to family for years.

In Week 1 we are sharing ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and the children will be acting out the story, making playdough characters and even making houses out of straw, sticks and bricks then trying to blow them down!  Please enjoy any traditional tales you may have at home and maybe your child might like to bring them in to share with the class.

Don’t forget warm coats and hats every day because the children spend up to 2 hours a day outside during Child Initiated Time as well as lunchtime break and our ‘Daily (1/4) Mile’ to keep us all healthy.  PE is on Friday morning and all children must take part in full PE kit because it is part of their weekly curriculum.  They need black/blue shorts, a white tee-shirt and plimsolls or trainers (NOT their school shoes) that fit.

We look forward to seeing you all again on Monday 6th January 2020.

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Week beginning 2-12-19

It is a special week in Reception – we will perform our ‘Wriggly Nativity’ on Wednesday.  There are two performances, remember to book your tickets!  We begin some Christmas activities including writing a letter to Santa and creating a beautiful nativity picture. 

If your child has a favourite suitable Christmas story they may like to bring it in to share with the class.  Please remember to read together, it will really help your child with early reading skills.


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Week beginning 25-11-19

This week Puffins and Parrots are finding out about weddings.  If any of your children have recently attended a wedding they may like to share their experiences.  We will be acting out ceremonies, wrapping presents and creating wedding outfits.

On Tuesday KCC will be talking to the classes about road safety – ask them to tell you how to cross the road safely.

Please remember your Parent Consultation appointment this week so that we can share the progress and behaviour of your child in school together.

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Week beginning 18-11-19

The children will enjoy pretending they are having a birthday party this week.  They will design birthday cards, wrap presents and make labels.  Birthday cakes will need candles and presents will be bought.  We are reading a selection of birthday themed stories including ‘Kipper’s Birthday’…. but why doesn’t anyone come to Kipper’s party?  Ask your child!

Please sign up for Parent Consultation Evenings outside your child’s classroom this week.  Appointments are for the week beginning 25-11-19.

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Week beginning 11-11-19

This week Puffin and Parrot classes will be learning about Diwali.  They will create rangoli patterns and make their own Diwali lamps.  We will read the story of Rama and Sita.  Ask your child to explain what happens and why they have made the Diwali lamps.

On Friday children may come to school in bright colours or Pudsey outfits with a donation of £1.00 for Children in Need.

Friday is also ‘Geography Day’ across the school and Reception will be learning about Antarctica – which animals live there?

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Autumn Term 2

Week beginning 28-10-19

Welcome back to a new term, we hope you enjoyed the break.  This term our topic is ‘Celebrations’ and we will begin with a week of magical stories including ‘Room on the Broom’ and ‘Winnie the Witch’.  The children will be making their own magic wands and mixing potions in a cauldron.  On Thursday we invite you to our Magical Stay and Play with your children.  Remember to sign up outside the classrooms this week – one adult may attend for each child, unfortunately we cannot include siblings.

During the next few weeks we will be celebrating  firework night, birthdays, Diwali, weddings and of course Christmas.  We will be asking Puffin Class and Parrot Class to share their family memories together. 

PE is on a Friday morning, please send full PE kits in as soon as possible.

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Week beginning 14-10-19

Your children have nearly completed their first term at school!  This week Puffin and Parrot classes are reading a story about ‘The Selfish Crocodile’.  Crocodiles have a lot of teeth and the children will be learning how to keep their teeth clean and why it is important to eat a healthy diet too.  We will be listening to some social stories  to encourage the children to think about how they behave and treat their friends. 

During the half term break please encourage your child to draw a picture of any interesting or exciting activities or visits they enjoy.  We will all share them when we return in Term 2.  Have a good holiday, we are back to school on Monday 28th October 2019.

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Week beginning 7-10-19

Our story this week is ‘The Rainbow Fish’.  He is a rather selfish and proud fish but doesn’t have any friends.  Ask your child what he has to do to make friends with the other fish.  Puffin and Parrot classes will be printing their own rainbow fish and also thinking about what makes a special friend.  We will be counting aloud to 10 and matching the numbers to numerals. 

Don’t forget to return homework books by Wednesday please so that work can be marked and the next task put in.  PE is on Friday morning as usual.

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Week beginning 30-9-19

This week our book is ‘Elmer’ – the colourful patchwork elephant who decides to go back to being grey…. The story will encourage children to realise they are all special in their own way and to be proud of who they are.  The classes will be making their own Elmer elephants out of milk bottles and tissue paper.  They will learn to mix the 3 primary colours and discover the new colours they can create.  Ask them what happens when we mix red and yellow together, or blue and yellow.  Which colours did they make?

Please remember to LABEL CLOTHES, we are still having problems matching children to uniform – especially jumpers.  Thank you.

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Week beginning 23-9-19

Does your child like eating fruit and vegetables?  This week we are reading ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’.  Oliver discovers he does enjoy eating them.  We will be making pizzas with healthy toppings and using vegetables to make interesting faces.  The children will also plant some cress seeds, ask them how they did it, what did they do first and how must they help them to grow?

Don’t forget PE kits on Friday please.


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Week beginning 16-9-19

Our story this week is ‘Dirty Bertie’ about a little boy with dirty habits, for example picking his nose or eating things off the floor!  Children will be learning why it is important to wash their hands and cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough.  We will demonstrate using a balloon filled with glitter to show how germs spread when it pops – just like a sneeze. Ask your child to tell you all about it.

PE starts this week and will be every Friday morning.  Please make sure your child has a full PE kit of white t-shirt black or blue shorts and plimsolls or trainers that fit.  They may also have track suits for the colder days.  It is very important that ALL UNIFORM IS LABELLED so that your child comes home in the right clothes each week.


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Week beginning 9-9-19

This week our story is ‘Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School’.  It is about a little boy who is starting school and making friends – along with his toy dinosaurs!  The children will be learning about expressing their emotions and noticing how they feel.  Ask them to show you their different faces showing happy, sad, surprised, excited or angry.  The children will be making faces out of play dough and using our daily ‘Feelings Board’.

On Friday the classes may dress in yellow to celebrate Roald Dahl Day.   

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Welcome to Puffin and Parrot Classes 2019/20

We hope you had a wonderful summer and are looking forward to joining our Reception Classes.  This term our topic is ‘All About Me’.  Children will be making friends, finding out about each other and learning to keep healthy.  Each week we enjoy a story which links to our Teacher Directed Tasks and Child Initiated Time.

To help children settle into their new school life they will only attend in the mornings in Weeks 1 and 2.  From Week 3 they will join us full time, finishing at 3.15pm and 2.15 on a Friday.

Please speak to us if you have any questions or concerns and we will be happy to help.

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School Contact Details

Executive Head Teacher Mrs A Pattenden

Head of School Mrs S Mackay

Contact Person Mrs N Poppe

Telephone 01795 663012

School Address
Rose Street Primary School
Rose Street
Kent, ME12 1AW

School Opening Times

Main School:  8.35am – 3.15pm

Nursery (All Day):  9.00am – 3.00pm

Nursery (Sessions): 8.30am – 11.30,     12.15pm – 3.15pm