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Year One Flamingos

Tescos Trip 12/10/17

On Thursday, we took a trip to Tescos.

The children really enjoyed themselves as they had the chance to explore the fruit and vegetable section, searching out different colours of the rainbow. The children also had the chance to try different types of cheeses, discussing which animals they came from. Even though we thought they would find it odd, the children really enjoyed watching the fish being gutted at the fish counter. At the end, the Tescos employees let us go into the freezers that they keep their stock in, the children found it very funny, how cold it was!

Hopefully your child told you about the day, and is telling you which foods are healthy and unhealthy!

Miss Roberts and Mrs Beale


trip 1of4

trip 2of4 trip 3of4 trip 4of4

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Week beginning 16-10-17

The last week of Term 1 already!

To celebrate Black History Month Year 1 are reading ‘Handa’s Surprise’  The children will be trying all the different fruits in Handa’s basket as well as finding clues in the book to describe the African setting.  Can you match the animals to the fruits they decided to take?

In maths  Robins and Flamingos are adding and subtracting numbers to 20.  They will also find missing numbers in simple number sentences and say how they know they are right.

Following our exciting visit to Tesco’s last week where the children found out which foods keep them healthy they will now be discovering what other animals eat.  What do carnivores, herbivores and omnivores eat?

Don’t forget to bring in your Christmas card orders, the children worked hard on their designs and a personal card is very special!

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Christmas Cards

This year we are participating in a Christmas Card art project.  All the children in the school have had the opportunity to design their own Christmas cards that you may purchase to be able to send the ultimate personalised Season Greeting.

The cards were handed out by class teachers last Friday and the deadline for ordering is Monday October 16th.  The cards will then go off for printing and be back in time for sending to all for Christmas.

The school will receive £1 for every pack of cards ordered.  The money will go towards buying some playground toys and equipment.  We hope to raise lots!! Here are some of examples of some of the amazing artwork that was created from Nursery to Year 6.

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Week Beginning 2-10-17

This week Year 1 are reading another book by Jill Murphy, ‘Five Minutes Peace’.  Ask your children who needs ‘Five Minutes Peace’!  They will be making mini books to retell the story and playing ‘I-spy’ with the illustrations to practise using their phonic skills.

Maths lessons continue to practise number skills and ordering amounts from the smallest to the greatest.  Please practise writing numbers at home so that they are the right way around.

In science we are using our senses to feel different surfaces and to smell pleasant and unpleasant smells!  Our topic lesson will be using the baby photographs the children have brought in to compare and discuss how they have changed.

Don’t forget to share a reading book at home together!

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W/B 25/09/2017 – Robins and Flamingos

This week we are continuing to read ‘Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy. The children will be writing instructions on how to make a jam sandwich, and writing about what they can hear, see, touch and smell in their homes at night.

In maths we are looking at numbers and comparing, finding numbers that are greater or less than each other.

On Tuesday we are celebrating European languages day, Year one have chosen to learn about France. We are looking at the artist Monet, and learning a few phrases like ‘Bonjour’ ‘Au revoir’ and ‘Merci’.

We will also be comparing baby pictures with our current pictures, and looking at what we can do now that we could not do when we were a baby. Thankyou to those who bought in their baby pictures.

Miss Roberts and Mrs Beale.





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w/b 18/09/17 – Robins and Flamingos

This week we are reading the book ‘Peace At Last’ By Jill Murphy. The children will be looking at the characters, setting, beginning/middle/end. The children have been identifying the noises in the book (tick-tock, drip drop…)

Can your child find any noises in your house?

In maths we are counting backwards, and giving reason to their answers.

In science we are looking at our 5 senses sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. Last week we did a learning walk, this week we might have a feel in our feely bag!

Please could you send your child in with a baby photo (Labelled) for our history lesson! 🙂

Miss Roberts and Mrs Beale

peace at last

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Flamingos: Roald Dahl Day

Read our revolting class rhymes read by George and Emma in whole school assembly.


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13/09/17 Robins: Roald Dahl Day and our Revolting Rhymes!

On Wednesday we celebrated Roald Dahl day, wearing yellow and dressing up as his well known book characters!

During lessons, we had Roald Dahl themed tasks, in Art we made some Mr Twit beards with yucky things in. As you can see in the pictures, Teddy and Jaiden were sporting them beautifully!

In English, we used our phonics to create an ‘acrostic poem’ which spelt ‘SWEETS’. We thought of revolting things and put them into our poem. Here is the poem that was read out by Jessica and Kieran in whole school assembly (Well done Jessica and Kieran!)

S melly socks

W hiffy wellies

E ggy smells

E www…earwax!

T errible shouting

S limey seaweed

Teddy and his Mr Twit beard The class watching Roald Dahl Live Jaiden's Mr Twit beard

Miss Roberts and Miss Hammond.

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Week Beginning 11th September

This week Flamingos and Robins are reading ‘Elmer’, a colourful elephant who is unique. The children will sequence the story and  share ideas about being different.

In science we are going on a ‘Listening Walk’ around the school to learn about our different senses and why we need them.  Ask you child to tell you what the five senses are and what each one is for.

Wednesday is Roal Dahl’s birthday and the school will be celebrating by writing their own Revolting Rhymes!  What can you think of that is revolting?

Please remember to write in your child’s Contact Book when they read or share a book with you each day so that we can change it for you.  We read regularly in school but reading at home as well makes a significant difference in their progress.

Don’t forget PE kits, Monday, Tuesday (Robins) and Tuesday, Wednesday for Flamingos.

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Welcome to Year 1 Flamingos and Robins September Term 1

Welcome back to your new class!  Our topic in Flamingos and Robins this term is ‘Magical Me!’  We will be learning to name different parts of the body and finding out which foods keep us healthy and help us to grow. In English we will be sharing stories with familiar themes and talking about the characters and settings.

Our maths lessons will concentrate on reading, writing and ordering numbers to 20 (and maybe above!) finding one more and one less and filling in missing numbers on a number track.  Practise these skills at home by counting forwards and backwards from any number between 0 and 20.

Please make sure your child has a PE kit including footwear that fits.  Robins have PE on Monday and Tuesday and Flamingos on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Watch this space to find out what else we are doing throughout the term!

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Roald Dahl Day

On Wednesday 13th September schools across the nation will be celebrating Roald Dahl’s birthday.  To join in with the celebrations we will be hosting a dress up day for the children.  This can be as one of their favourite characters or by simply wearing something yellow, (socks, t-shirt etc.), as this was the famous author’s favourite colour.

We are asking for a small donation of £1, or whatever you can afford, to donate to Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, which helps to make life better for seriously ill children in the UK.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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Week beginning 3.07.2017

Welcome to your last week in Year 1! Well done Robin and Flamingo class for having such a fantastic year. I hope you have enjoyed your journey and have learnt lots of new things along the way.

In our finally week together we will be having lots of fun.  In Literacy you will be making memory boxes, you will be writing your own wishes, your favourite memory from this year and drawing a picture of you and your friends to keep safe in your box.

In Maths we will be recapping place value, counting to 100 and counting in steps of 2, 5 and  10. We will make sure this is practical and you will be learning in groups.

In Science we will be making a volcano! Each group will see who can make the best volcano for their dinosaur landscape. The children will then be blowing these up on Friday to finish the year with a bang.

Well done to each and every one of you. We thank you all for allowing us to teach you this year. Your smiles and personalities have been wonderful and it has been a pleasure to teach you. We wish you the best on your year 2 journey.

Miss Selfe and Miss Pattison.

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Dinosaur Slime

Today in science the children created their own dinosaur slime. The children wrote their own instructions and followed these in their groups. They had lots of fun and got very mucky! I hope they enjoyed making dinosaur slime as I did watching them work together.

IMG_1511 DS 1 DS 3 DS 2


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Week Beginning 26.06.2017

This week the children will be writing their own story. Last week they created a plan and acted out and now they will be using their imagination to write.

In Maths we are going to be continuing to do investigations with measurement and we are going to learn how to record the information.

In Science we will be making dinosaur slime!

We are looking forward to a fun week with you all.

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Being Dinosaurs!

Today in Literacy the children learned about verbs. They became dinosaur and spoke about what they were doing to create ideas.

Dinosaur 1 Dinosaur 2 Dinosaur 3 Dinosaur 4

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Week Beginning 19.06.2017

This week in Literacy the children will start to write their own dinosaur stories. We will be recapping the meaning of verbs and adjectives and using these to add detail about our dinosaur and its setting.

We will be moving on to measurement in Maths this week. The children will be conducting their own investigations.

In Science the children will be continuing to perform their own experiments. They will be investigating what type of water makes gummy bears grow.

In Topic the children will be going on a fossil hunt and we will be using directional language.

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Science: skittle experiment

This week in science the children were separating colour from the skittles. They done this activity in groups of 2 or 3. They made their own predictions about what they thought would happen.

‘I predict that the skittles will get bigger’ – Ethan

‘I think the skittles will float because we are adding water’ – Olivia

‘I think the skittles will turn white because the water will wash the colour away’ – Harry

‘I predict that the water will look like a rainbow’ – Bella

Skittles 1 Skittles 2 Skittles 3 Skittles 4

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Week Beginning 12.06.2017

This week is extremely important to every child in Year 1, it is the Phonic screening. It would be fantastic if over the weekend the children could have the opportunity to do some extra reading and phonic practice.

In Literacy we will be using our topic of ‘It’s Enormous’ to create a poster about dinosaurs. The children will be researching facts and using this to teach others about what dinosaurs are. We will be using ICT to create these on posters.

In Maths we will continue our learning about money and start to find the change. This will involve a large amount of practical activities and continue our recognition of coins.

In Science the children will be conducting an experiment and looking at the changes in state. They will be dissolving the colour of skittles and seeing what happens. Each child will be making a prediction about what they think will happen.

Thank you for your continued support. We have received some amazing homework this week.

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Hook Day – It’s Enormous

Today has been extremely exciting for Year One! The children have had a special visit from Mary Anning. She found the first ever dinosaur fossil! The children were very excited and created their own questions to ask her.

Next the children constructed their own archaeological dig and used a range of tools to help them. They worked fantastically as a Year One team! We are very proud of them.

Hook Day 2 Hook Day 4

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Week Beginning 5.06.2017

Welcome back Year 1!

This week we are going to introduce you to our new topic called ‘It’s Enormous!’. The children will have a hook day on Friday where will become explorers and find dinosaur fossils.

In Literacy the children will be focusing on Phonic and start to create their own book.

In Maths we will begin to learn about money and start to look at the different coins and learning about their value.

Unfortunately, we will have to wait for Week 2 to start our investigations in Science because you are all lucky enough to have an extra day of fun at home on Monday instead!

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