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Year One Flamingos

Week Beginning 24.04.2017

Next week in Year One we will be heading to the beach to start our new topic. We will be using our binoculars that we have created this week to investigate at the beach and start our learning about animals that live in the sea.

In Literacy we will continue to write our recount all about the giraffes!

In Maths we will be continuing with numbers 1-100. This will include finding missing numbers on a 100 square, addition and subtraction in numbers up to 100 and some problem solving.

In Science we will start learning about the classification of animals.


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Week beginning 18.04.2017

We have an extremely busy week in Year One. The children will be participating in Balanceability and we cannot wait to see you all learning how to ride your bike.

In Art we are going to be investigating different types of fish and we will be exploring different ways to create their scales. For example, using collage.

Our value this term is courage! We will be looking at how we have shown courage in the past.

In Literacy we will be starting to write a recount about an exciting event involving giraffes! We will be discussing time connectives and how we can start sentences differently.

In Maths we will start learning our numbers 1-100! So keep counting!

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Welcome back!

Welcome back Robin and Flamingo class!

This term in Literacy we will be reading Commotion in the Ocean and Lost and Found. We will be focusing on writing sentences that have a capital letter, full stops, fingers spaces, cursive handwriting and trying to keep our writing on the line.

In Maths we will be learning our numbers 1-100. We will be counting forwards and backwards and looking patterns in our 2, 5 and 10 timetables. We will be continuing with addition and subtraction and learning about multiplication and division.

Our Topic this term is Deep Blue Sea. We will be organising a visit to the beach and learning all about life under the sea, the features of the beaches in our local area and categorising animals in Science.

We look forward to seeing you!

Miss Pattison and Miss Selfe.

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Week Beginning 27th March

In literacy we will complete our reports on plants.

In maths we will continue our work on fractions by learning about quarters. More yummy cake to eat!

On Thursday the children will be taking part in an around the world day. They will visit lots of different classes which will all represent a different country. They will take part in a fun activity and try some food linked to that  country.

On Friday the children will be making their Easter bonnets. Please provide them with the materials they need to make their hats and they will assemble them in school. Parents are invited to come and view the parade at 1.30. Following this there is the opportunity for you to visit the classrooms to see all the fantastic work the children have done this term.

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DT Day.

Today the children designed and made their vehicles. They all enjoyed learning to use the saws!


saw2 saw3 saw4 saw5 saw7 saw8

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The wrong trousers!

To help raise money for red nose day the children all came to school wearing the wrong trousers.

trousers 2    trousers 1


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Bee Pollination

Today we learnt about how bees help plants pollinate. The children visited a plant, pretending to be a bee. They picked up a cheesy crisp then flew to the next flower. We rubbed our fingers on the flower and saw how the “pollen” transferred. This really helped the children develop their understanding and was great fun!

bee1                                      bee2                           bee3                              bee4


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Week Beginning 20/3/17

In literacy this week we are starting to look at non-fiction reports. We will be looking at the features of a report and writing questions.

In maths we will be starting to learn about fractions. Using fruit, cakes and sweets to help us!

At the end of the week we will be designing and making vehicles. If you have any spare boxes please send them in by Wednesday.

We will also be working on a surprise for the weekend!

Don’t forget that Friday is Red Nose Day and the children can come to school wearing the wrong trousers. Remember your 50p!  If you want to sponsor Mr Davies to shave his head sign up at the office

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Week Beginning 13/3/17

In literacy this week we will write our own versions of the enormous turnip so listen out for some gigantic beetroot stories!

In maths we will continue our work on numbers to 40 – learning to read, write and order the numbers.

In topic we will continue looking at the work of Charles Darwin and finding out about some of the wildlife he discovered.

In science we will be looking at how our beans have grown ( some of them are enormous!) and learning about what will happen to them next.

Remember this week is parents evening. If you haven’t signed up for an appointment yet please speak to the class teachers.

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Vegetable Tasting 9/3/17

In literacy we are reading The Enormous Turnip. As part of our work we have been describing the look and the taste of different vegetables. We tried turnips, swede, potato, carrot and beetroot. We thought of some great words to describe them!



veg4veg1veg 2veg3


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Week Starting 6/3/17

In literacy this week we will be reading The Enormous Turnip. We will be acting out and sequencing the story, describing the appearance and taste of different fruits and vegetables and learning where different fruit and vegetables grow.

In maths we will be learning about numbers to 40, reading, writing and ordering the numbers and learning to recognise different pictorial representations of the numbers.

In science we will going on a plant hunt to see if we can spot any plants that appear in the spring. Fingers crossed for some good weather!

We will also continue to learn about the life of Charles Darwin.

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World Book Day – 2nd March

Today was World Book Day and the children all came to school dressed as their favourite book character. We think they all looked fantastic!

book1                   book 2

book5     book 9     book 8   book 10      book 4     book 6    book 7    book 3

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Pancake Day

Today we celebrated Shrove Tuesday by making our own pancakes. We got to choose which topping to put on and they were delicious! Tomorrow we are going to write instructions about how to make them.


pancake 1 pancake 2pancake 6  pancake 4 pancake 5



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Week Beginning 27/2/17

On Thursday this week it is World Book Day. We are really looking forward to seeing how creative the children will be with their costumes. We also have lots of fun activities planned based around books.

We will also be writing instructions this week so we will be cooking some delicious pancakes on Tuesday to celebrate Shrove Tuesday. We will then write how to make them.

In maths we will be continuing our work on time and learning to tell the time to O’clock and half past.

Our science work will be learning all about roots and we will carry out an experiment to find out what they do!

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Flower poetry

This week both classes learnt and performed a poem, with actions, to Mr Davis.  The children also wrote some flower poems of their own. They produced some excellent work so here are some to share with you.

Flowers  are beautiful.

Looking at them makes me happy.                                                                                                                                                                                                       .

Orange and yellow.

Water them every day.

Every flower looks at the sun.

Roses are pretty.

Sunflowers grow up to the sun.



Flowers are all different sizes.

Lovely, bright and different shapes.

Orange, yellow and pink.

Water your flowers to keep them healthy.

Every plant needs water.

Red flowers are called a rose.




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Term 4 Newletter

Here is a copy of the newsletter sent home this week.

term 4

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Hook Day 20-2-17

Today we started our topic by  learning about plants. We had a good look at some plants and their different parts. We planted some beans to watch them grow and planted some spring plants outside.

plant 1 plant 2 plant 3 plant 4 plant 5 plant 7


We looked at a picture of sunflowers by Vincent Van Gogh and had a go at making our own. We will make these into a display in our classrooms.

plant 8 plant 9

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Week beginning 20-2-17

Welcome back to our new term.

This week we will start our new topic with a hook day where we will investigate plants, plant some beans and learn about how Vincent Van Gogh painted sunflowers.

In maths we will start our work on time by sequencing events, learning to use before and after and the words associated with time.

In topic we will start learning about Charles Darwin.

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Term 4 – Journey from seed to plant

Our topic this term is all about journeys

In literacy we will be learning and performing poetry, writing instructions and explanations and also reading and writing our own versions of the Enormous Turnip.

In maths we will start by learning about time, including telling the time to 0’clock and half past.

Our science work will be all about plants. We will be  learning to recognise some common plants, the different parts of a flowering plant and the differences between plants.

In topic we will learn about Charles Darwin and also the plants that grow around the world. We will also learn about some journeys people have made into space.

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Week Beginning 6/2/17

In literacy this week we will be writing fact books about China. We will publish them using the computers to help us learn some new skills too.

In maths we will be learning about weight and mass, using heavier and lighter and using the cubes as units to measure.

IN science we are continuing our work on weather and will learn about the different types of clouds there are.

clouds 2In topic we will make some dragon masks and will also be learning about internet safety on Tuesday,

As it is the last week of term don’t forget you are invited into class on Friday from 1.35 to see what your child has been learning this term.



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