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Year One Flamingos

Art afternoon

This afternoon the children created their own pastel art work based upon Monet.

Here are the children having lots of fun using their pastels and creating under the sea art pieces.

Fantastic Art Robin and Flamginos!

Pastel 1 Pastel 2 Pastel 3 Pastel 4 Pastel 5 Pastel 6

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Week beginning 22.05.2017

This week in Literacy the children will be learning about the features of letters and writing their own letter from the perspective of the little boy in Lost and Found.

In Maths this week we will be moving on to learning about division. The children will be using key mathematical language and by the end of the week they will be solving word problems with the support of resources.

In Science the children will be rounding up their knowledge of animals and be writing about an animal of their choice and stating whether they are a mammal, fish, reptile, amphibian or insect and explaining how they know.

We are really impressed with all the extra homework the children have been doing over the weekend! Keep it up Robin and Flamingo class!

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Animal Poems

Orange and black stripy fur

With sharp claws at the end of my toes

Sharp teeth to eat meat

I am a tiger.


Ollie (Flamingo)


I have black stripes on my fluffy body.

My babies suck my tummy to get milk

I live in the jungle

I look cuddly but I am not

I am a tiger.


Bella (Flamingo)

I have a brown rectangle shell on my back.

I am slow and green.

I have stripey brown flippers.

I am a turtle.

Aneesa (Robin)

I waddle around on the ice

I have flappy fins.

I have a white belly.

I am a penguin.

Ruby S (Robin)

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Week Beginning 15.05.2017

We hope you have had a lovely weekend and are ready to come back to school and do some learning!

This week in Literacy we have a very special surprise for Robin and Flamingo class. We have FOUND a penguin from the story Lost and Found. The children will be learning how to take care of their new addition and will be creating found posters to find the real owners.

In Maths we will be starting multiplication in 2, 5 and 10. It will be a great help to your child if you can do some counting to help them recognise the patterns.

This week in Science we will learning all about food chains.

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Shared Writing

This week Year 1 & Year 3 have been writing poetry.  This afternoon Robins class and Swan class got together in the hall to share their poems with each other. The children wrote some wonderful poetry, well done to both classes.


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Extreme Reading

Are you up for a little challenge?  If so please open the link to find out more.


Extreme Reading Challenge

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Mrs Monticelli’s Marvellous Medicine

Today Mrs Monticelli conducted a fantastic science experiment outside for our assembly. It involved a bottle of Pepsi and Mentos mints, have a look at what happened to her and her helpers 🙂 …

Science 1 Science 2

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Week Beginning 8.05.2017

This week in Maths we will be re-capping addition using numbers 0-100.

In Literacy we will start to read Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae. The children will be writing their own poems about under the sea animals.

In Science we will be looking at animal classification.

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Week Beginning 1.5.2017

We hope you have had a lovely bank holiday weekend.

This week in Literacy we will be creating leaflets to invite people to enjoy Sheppey beach! The children will be using their knowledge and experience of the beach to help their writing.

In Maths we will continuing with numbers 0-100 and finding the missing number.

In Topic we will be looking at the features of the seaside. We will be linking our developing knowledge of the coast to our Literacy writing.

Continue the fabulous work!

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Giraffe Recount

This week in Literacy we watched a video about giraffes and we wrote a recount about the strange event!

First the giraffes clicked clacked down the corridor. The corridor was shiny. Next the giraffe looked in to the camera and stuck his tongue out. Then they lined up next to the diving board. One of the giraffes jumped in to the swimming pool. After diving the giraffes needed a drink. Finally they heard a big bang! They ran back up the ramp. ~

– Roxanne (Flamingo class)

First the giraffes are walking. Then they came in a line gracefully. Then one giraffe stopped and licked his lips. He looks at the camera and makes a funny face. Next one giraffe galloped to the swimming pool and done a flip and a huge splash and landed. After the giraffe gets out of the pool and they line up one by one and have a drink. Last the giraffe heard a big loud bang and ran away.

– Ollie .M. (Robin class)

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Hook Day – Beach

Flamingo and Robin class had a fantastic Hook Day at the beach! We found crabs, pebbles and feathers. All the children created a set of binoculars to investigate whilst at the beach.

Beach 1 Beach 2  Beach 4  Beach 5  Beach 6  Beach 3

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The children have completed Bikeability this week and made fantastic progress with their balance. We were really impressed with your riding skills Robin and Flamingo class.Bikeability 1 Bikeability 2 Bikeability 4

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Week Beginning 24.04.2017

Next week in Year One we will be heading to the beach to start our new topic. We will be using our binoculars that we have created this week to investigate at the beach and start our learning about animals that live in the sea.

In Literacy we will continue to write our recount all about the giraffes!

In Maths we will be continuing with numbers 1-100. This will include finding missing numbers on a 100 square, addition and subtraction in numbers up to 100 and some problem solving.

In Science we will start learning about the classification of animals.


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Week beginning 18.04.2017

We have an extremely busy week in Year One. The children will be participating in Balanceability and we cannot wait to see you all learning how to ride your bike.

In Art we are going to be investigating different types of fish and we will be exploring different ways to create their scales. For example, using collage.

Our value this term is courage! We will be looking at how we have shown courage in the past.

In Literacy we will be starting to write a recount about an exciting event involving giraffes! We will be discussing time connectives and how we can start sentences differently.

In Maths we will start learning our numbers 1-100! So keep counting!

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Welcome back!

Welcome back Robin and Flamingo class!

This term in Literacy we will be reading Commotion in the Ocean and Lost and Found. We will be focusing on writing sentences that have a capital letter, full stops, fingers spaces, cursive handwriting and trying to keep our writing on the line.

In Maths we will be learning our numbers 1-100. We will be counting forwards and backwards and looking patterns in our 2, 5 and 10 timetables. We will be continuing with addition and subtraction and learning about multiplication and division.

Our Topic this term is Deep Blue Sea. We will be organising a visit to the beach and learning all about life under the sea, the features of the beaches in our local area and categorising animals in Science.

We look forward to seeing you!

Miss Pattison and Miss Selfe.

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Week Beginning 27th March

In literacy we will complete our reports on plants.

In maths we will continue our work on fractions by learning about quarters. More yummy cake to eat!

On Thursday the children will be taking part in an around the world day. They will visit lots of different classes which will all represent a different country. They will take part in a fun activity and try some food linked to that  country.

On Friday the children will be making their Easter bonnets. Please provide them with the materials they need to make their hats and they will assemble them in school. Parents are invited to come and view the parade at 1.30. Following this there is the opportunity for you to visit the classrooms to see all the fantastic work the children have done this term.

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DT Day.

Today the children designed and made their vehicles. They all enjoyed learning to use the saws!


saw2 saw3 saw4 saw5 saw7 saw8

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The wrong trousers!

To help raise money for red nose day the children all came to school wearing the wrong trousers.

trousers 2    trousers 1


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Bee Pollination

Today we learnt about how bees help plants pollinate. The children visited a plant, pretending to be a bee. They picked up a cheesy crisp then flew to the next flower. We rubbed our fingers on the flower and saw how the “pollen” transferred. This really helped the children develop their understanding and was great fun!

bee1                                      bee2                           bee3                              bee4


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Week Beginning 20/3/17

In literacy this week we are starting to look at non-fiction reports. We will be looking at the features of a report and writing questions.

In maths we will be starting to learn about fractions. Using fruit, cakes and sweets to help us!

At the end of the week we will be designing and making vehicles. If you have any spare boxes please send them in by Wednesday.

We will also be working on a surprise for the weekend!

Don’t forget that Friday is Red Nose Day and the children can come to school wearing the wrong trousers. Remember your 50p!  If you want to sponsor Mr Davies to shave his head sign up at the office

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School Contact Details

Head Teacher Miss Hazel Brewer

Contact Person Nicky Austin

Telephone 01795 663012

School Address Rose Street Primary School
Rose Street
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School Opening Times

Juniors:  8.50am – 3.20pm

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