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Year Two Owls

A fantastic piece of descriptive writing!

The children have written a descriptive recount of creating their own Great Fire of London! Here is a selection of the writing the children have produced.

‘First the flames were red, orange and yellow. It was smelly. It was hot. The teachers kept us safe. I saw tiny amounts of smoke. They were moving slowly. Then it started to get faster.’ – Charlie.

‘First I saw white smoke. Next I saw a big bit of grey smoke and it started to get bigger and bigger. A little bit of fire popped out of the roof. The fire was red, orange and yellow. The flames started to get bigger and it started to spread. It looked like a volcano. It smelt like hot dogs. Then Mr P put sand and water on the fire and it went jet black.’ – Jack

‘First I saw a little bit of smoke. Next I could smell burnt beef. Next I saw little red and orange flames. Then I saw big flames. The fire was spreading quickly because the houses were so close together. Finally the water put out the fire.’ – Leo

‘First I saw a small bit of swishing white smoke starting to come out of the brown flapping roofs. The smoke was swaying into the blue sky. Next the smoke got darker and darker until it was thundering black. I could smell a weird smell, it smelt like a burning oven. After I saw not just smoke but little sparks flickering like fireworks. I felt burning hot. It was like leaning against a hot radiator. Just then it started to get baby flames that were turning orange like a piece of fabric. Then it was shooting out of the roofs. Finally it was like watching the great fire of London. It was quite fun even though we didn’t get that close. It was still amazing! It was like flying a kite. I felt amazed.’ – Olivia

I am so proud of the writing the children have produced! They have captured the experience and used their knowledge of adjectives and verbs to add detail to explain what has happened to the reader!

Well done Peacock class. You are doing a fantastic job!

Miss Pattison.

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Week Beginning 16.10.2017

Literacy – The children will be reading Izzy Gizmo and investigating famous inventors! The children will have the opportunity to discuss what they would invent.

Topic/PE/Literacy – The children will be having SNAP Theatre again this week for day 2/5! They will be having a dancer visit them and they will be practising their performance.

Maths – The children are continuing with addition and subtraction this week. They will be focusing on learning the inverse.

Thank you for all the wonderful homework we have received so far! Keep up the fantastic work Owls & Peacocks.

Miss Pattison and Mrs Wouldham 🙂

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The Great Fire of London

Today Peacock and Owl class created our own Great Fire of London! The children watched Mr Pilkington burn their houses. The children were using some fantastic language to explain what was happening.

‘The flames are flickering’ – Bethany

‘I can smell the smoke and I can see it drifting into the sky’ – Leo

Burning 1

Burning 4

The children will write a description of what they have seen today and I will upload some of the fantastic writing on Monday.

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Today the children have been creating Tudor houses. They started the day by learning how to weave a roof to represent a thatched roof. They designed and created their boxes to look like a Tudor house and painted the roofs.
Tudor 1 Tudor 2 Tudor 3 Tudor 4

All the children have tried extremely hard! I am so proud of their hard work and team work in creating a fantastic street of Tudor houses! Tomorrow we will be burning them!

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Does the shape change?

This week in science the children have been seeing if the shape of materials can change. They had to check if an object could be squashed, bent, twisted or stretched.

‘Objects change shape because they are soft like socks. But a house cannot change shape because it is hard.’ – Theo (Peacock)

Shape 2 Shape 3 Shape q1

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Christmas Cards

This year we are participating in a Christmas Card art project.  All the children in the school have had the opportunity to design their own Christmas cards that you may purchase to be able to send the ultimate personalised Season Greeting.

The cards were handed out by class teachers last Friday and the deadline for ordering is Monday October 16th.  The cards will then go off for printing and be back in time for sending to all for Christmas.

The school will receive £1 for every pack of cards ordered.  The money will go towards buying some playground toys and equipment.  We hope to raise lots!! Here are some of examples of some of the amazing artwork that was created from Nursery to Year 6.

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SNAP theatre

The children are learning a drama to the story ‘Penguin on Holiday’. This week they used drama to create the start of their performance. We are very lucky to be given this opportunity to have a special drama performance group come in and teach us.

‘I liked it when they actors fell over. It made me laugh’ – Nirjora

‘I liked everything about the day!’ – Lily B (Peacock)

‘I loved the fact that I got to perform and be an Albatross ‘ – Alisha

‘I enjoyed being the camera man and helping to record the performance to watch back in class’ – Hugo


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Week Beginning 9.10.2017

This week the children are going to have a fun week!

Literacy/Topic/DT – The children will be creating Tudor houses and have the fun experience of burning them down! This will create their very own Great Fire of London. They will then write a recount about what happened and focus on their senses.

Maths – The children will be continuing their learning about addition and using their knowledge of tens and ones to help.

Science – The children will be looking at different materials and seeing if we can change the object by pulling, twisting, stretching.

ICT – The children will be writing their own blogs! They will be learning how to insert a picture into a post and create their own write up.

Miss Pattison and Mrs Wouldham 🙂

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Fire station recount

Yesterday I went to the fire station. My favourite part was spraying the hose because we all tried to get Miss Pattison and it was really funny when we sprayed the hose because I got wet. I learnt how you spray the hose. There is a big bag of water at the back of the fire engine and when you spray the hose it comes out. They use a thick hose for big fires. – Olivia

I went to the fire station. My favourite part was the speed boat because it has two big engines. I sprayed the hose and it was heavy because it was big. – Ollie F

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HOOK DAY – Fire station trip

We had a fantastic time at the fire station! The children got to try on outfits, explore the fire engine, explore the speed boat, use the hose and ask lots of questions about the different objects on the fire truck.

Fire 1 Fire 2 Fire 3 Fireb4

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Week Beginning 2/10/2017

This is going to be a very exciting week for Year 2! They are starting SNAP Theatre. This will include the children learning how to portray a story through drama. The story we have chosen is ‘Penguin on Holiday’. This will continue into term 2.

Literacy/Topic – The children will be learning about Samuel Pepys and his connection to The Great Fire of London. They will be reading and learning about Samuel Pepys diary and by the end of the week they will create their own diary entry.

Maths – The children will be continuing to learn how to count in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10. This will lead on to addition towards the end of the week.

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European Day

Today the children have been learning about the Spanish language. They learnt all about Picasso and had a go at creating their own artwork. They tried extremely hard and they look fantastic!


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W/B 25.09.2017

This week the children have a lot of fantastic learning experiences!

Literacy – The children will be learning all about penguins and creating a penguin fact file.

Maths – The children will continue their learning of place value. We will be introducing counting in steps of 3. It would be great if you could help your child practice this at home.

Topic – We will be having a Spanish Day on Tuesday. The children will learning how to count 0-10, say hello and goodbye, learn a Spanish song and create a collage.

On Wednesday afternoon Peacock class will be visiting the fire station and on Thursday afternoon Owl class will be going on their visit. Please ensure your children are dressed for the weather and wearing appropriate shoes.

Miss Pattison and Mrs Wouldham 🙂

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Roald Dahl Day

We have had a fantastic day learning all about Roald Dahl and we have enjoyed seeing all your wonderful outfits! The children have spent the day describing all things disgusting to help create a list poem to share in the assembly.

Roald Dahl 1 Roald Dahl 4

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A fantastic start to the new school year!

This week the children have been writing about what they have been up to over the summer holidays. It was lovely to hear all the wonderful things they had been doing. Here are two pieces of wonderful writing.

In the summer holiday I went on a big boat called the Britannia. She was as beautiful as the sunshine. It was the most fun thing I had ever done. It took a very long time to get there. I went in the jacuzzi, I had fancy dinners and I really enjoyed my holiday. – Bethany (Owl class).

I went to Sittingbourne swimming pool. I got there by going on two fast trains. It was a really sunny and hot day. I went in the baby pool and on the pirate ship. I had fun. After I went to Wetherspoons and had a ham and cheese pizza. I felt excited and scared. – Alisha (Peacock class).

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Week Beginning 18.09.2017

Literacy – We are going to be reading the story ‘George and the Dragon’ by Christ Wormell. The children will focusing on learning verbs. They will be becoming dragons and using verbs to explain what they are doing. This will all work towards planning and writing a story.

Maths – The children will be consolidating their learning of place value. They will be able to tell an adult how many tens and ones each number to 100 has.

Science – We will be going on a learning walk around the school and identifying the use of different materials.

Topic – The children will  be learning all about Samuel Pepys. Who is he? What is he famous for? It will be beneficial to you child if they are able to do a little research on him before we start our learning.

All the children will have reading books by the end of the week. It will be great if they can read at home every night as they will be sitting an Accelerated Reader quiz to test their understanding of the story. You can help your child by asking them to tell you ‘What happened in the story?’ ‘What were the characters names?’ or ‘How did the characters feel?’

Thank you for all the fantastic homework your children have been bringing in! It has been lovely to see all their hard work.

Miss Pattison and Mrs Wouldham 🙂

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Week Beginning 11.09.2017

Literacy – The children will be re-writing the story of Vlad and The Great Fire of London by the end of the week and be writing their own rhymes for Roald Dahl day.

Maths – We will be continuing our work on place valuing. It would be great if you could practice the spellings of the words of the numbers 0-20.

Science – We will be starting our learning of materials this week.

Topic – The children will be investigating The Great Fire of London and sequencing the story. This will help support their learning in Literacy.

If you would like any ideas on how to help your children this week please ask the class teacher 🙂

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Roald Dahl Day

On Wednesday 13th September schools across the nation will be celebrating Roald Dahl’s birthday.  To join in with the celebrations we will be hosting a dress up day for the children.  This can be as one of their favourite characters or by simply wearing something yellow, (socks, t-shirt etc.), as this was the famous author’s favourite colour.

We are asking for a small donation of £1, or whatever you can afford, to donate to Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity, which helps to make life better for seriously ill children in the UK.

We appreciate your continued support and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

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W/C 4.09.2017

Welcome back! I hope you are excited and looking forward to your Year 2 journey.

In Literacy this week we will be starting to read Vlad and the Great Fire of London by Kate and Sam Cunningham. The children will be describing a setting and thinking about how the character would be feeling.

In Maths we will be recapping place value and counting and recognising numbers 0-100. The children will be counting in steps of 2, 5 and 10. We will also be introducing counting in steps of 3.

In Topic we will start our learning on the Great Fire of London and be looking at when this happened and what happened.

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Newsletter & Homework Grid

Click on the links below to see what we are doing this term and the homework for the term,

Term 6 Newsletter

Term 6 Homework Grid

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