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Tesco Bags of Help – School Reading Books

We are very excited to have been shortlisted for the following scheme to raise funds for the federation’s libraries, during the month of March.  Vote for us to win the top prize in store! 

Tesco teamed up with Groundwork to launch its community funding scheme, which sees grants of £4,000, £2,000 and £1,000 – all raised from the 5p bag levy – being awarded to local community projects.

Bags of Help offers community groups and projects across the UK a share of revenue generated from the 5p charge levied on single-use carrier bags. The public will now vote in store during March- April, on who should receive the £4,000, £2,000 and £1,000 awards.

The stores where you can vote are:

3179     Sheerness       ME12 1RH        
5003    Sittingbourne Express   ME10 1BQ        
6835    Sittingbourne Express   ME10 4SG        

We look forward to being able to share the progress with you.  Happy voting!

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WB 5/2/2018

Literacy – This week the children will continue to create a healthy lifestyle book.

Maths – The children will be learning all about statistics. They will be collecting data and comparing their answers in a pictograph and bar graph.

ICT – On Tuesday it is Safer Internet Day. The children will be reading a story called Digi Duck, Big Decision. They will be learning about how to be kind on the internet and how to keep safe.

DT – The children will be trying and evaluating a range of breads.

Science – The children will be learning about their needs for survival. Do they need it or do they want it?


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WB 29/1/2018

Literacy – for the next two weeks the children are going to be researching the difference between a fiction and a non-fiction book. The children will be creating their own non-fiction about the importance of keeping healthy. The children will have three main sections to their non-fiction book: hygiene, healthy eating and exercise. They will be researching the importance of each of these sections, planning and creating their own page for each part. 

Maths – The children will be carrying on with division. They will be dividing in their 3, 5 and 10 as the week progresses. They will complete the week by answering division word problems. This is a great opportunity for the children to apply their learning and identify key language used when dividing (Sharing, equally, group).

Science – this week the children will learning about what makes a healthy lunch box. 

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How to make…

Here are some examples of fantastic instruction writing. What an amazing imagination you all have!

How to make a person turn into a puppy (Tee-jay) 

What you will need:
– 3 drops of dragon blood
– 1 eyeball
– bones
– bees tail

1. Mix the dragon blood in.
2. Drop the bones in.
3. Cut the eyeball in half.
4. Stir the bees tail in.
5. Bake in the oven.
6. Take the stuff out of the oven and drink. 

How to make a medicine that school never existed (Bethany).

Fed up of going to school? Well use this special recipe to make your school disappear.

– 3 smelly slimy slugs
– 4 crusty scabs off a school boys knee.
– 1 pinch of a disgusting rats brain.
– 8 slippery slimy snails.
– 6 porky prickles from a hedgehog.

– Spoon
– Pan
– Mug

1. Scoop the scabs into the pan.
2. Drizzle the slimy slugs into the mug.
3. Sprinkle the scabs into the pan and the gooey piece of rats brain.
4. Grind the piece of glass into the pan.
5. Scatter the slippery slimy snails in the pan.
6. Mix in the prickles with the slugs.
7. Stir them all up.
8. Put them all in the mug

Take a sip and watch the school disappear! 

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What are germs?

Today in Science the children have learnt all about germs! We have been learning how to stop spreading germs and the importance of keeping ourselves clean. The children have learnt the importance of washing their hands and brushing their teeth! Lets hope they remember why we need to do this. 

The children took part in an investigation were they had glitter on their hands. This was to represent to the children how easy it is to spread the germs. 

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Jam Sandwich

The children had the opportunity to use their bossy verbs to teach their partner how to make a jam sandwich. This was great practice for the children who will be planning their own instructions on how to create a medicine. 

All the children particpated and were using fantastic verbs. Put, slice, cut, scoop and fold were just some of the verbs the children were using to direct their partner. 

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Hook Day

This term our topic is Marvellous Medicine!

On our hook day, the children were focusing upon two of our main topics. Medicine and following instructions and Science, healthy me.

The children followed instructions on how to make a sensory bottle. All the children enjoyed watching the glitter with some children say ‘it calms me down watching the glitter’.

For healthy me, the children participated in a range of different sporting activities to see how their heart beat changes. Ryley (Peacock) class was able to explain that we have two different types of heart rate: resting and working heart rate. The children learned how they can measure their pulse and they will be continuing to do this in PE throughout the term. 


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WB 22.1.2018

Literacy/Topic – The children will be writing a non-chronological report about Florence Nightingale. They will be learning about the different conditions of the hospitals before and after Florence helped in the Crimean War. They will be using this knowledge to help write a report about the changes she made.

Maths – The children will start division. They will begin division by practically sharing counters and cubes into groups. They will progress by drawing the groups and sharing the objects. This is a fantastic opportunity for your children to visually show you what they have been learning.

Science – The children will be learning all about the importance of hygiene and why you need to wash our hands!  

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WB 15/1/2018

This week is very exciting because the children are starting the story of Georges Marvellous Medicine in Literacy. They will be creating instructions for their own medicine. The children will be discussing bossy verbs and have a clear understanding of the structure for writing their own instructions. This is a great opportunity to ask your children questions. What would you put into your medicine? What would your medicine be able to day? 

In Maths the children will be continuing with multiplication. They will start the week with repeated addition. For example ‘2 x 4 = 8’ would be ‘2+2+2+2=8’. The children will learn to represent multiplication in a range of different ways through jottings and arrays. 

In Science, the children will be learning about the offspring animals have. They will be learning that sheep have lambs to dogs have puppies. They will be learning the different names for the animals and recapping the meaning of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish and birds to consolidate their learning.

In Topic the children will be continuing to learn about Florence Nightingale. We will progress from learning about her early life to what happened during the Crimean War. This is a fantastic opportunity to conduct some research together. What facts can you find out?

ICT is very exciting this term with the children learning how to use scratch. Last week they learnt how to draw different sized squares on Turtle. They were applying their knowledge of squares to write an algorithm. This week they will be progressing and learning how to draw rectangles by creating their own algorithm.

We had an exciting hook day last week and we shall upload pictures during the week.

Thank you for your continued support.

Y2 team 🙂 

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Next Week – W/C 04.01.18 & 08.01.18

We are trying something new as a school to mark the new year. From the 4th January until the 9th January we will be working to improve the children’s spelling and times table knowledge. This will involve the children going to a different teacher for English and Maths each day. Each classroom will have a different spelling rule to learn and a different times table to focus on. We are really hopeful that this will enable the children to really refine their skills and improve their learning!

English/PSHE –  In the afternoons we will be working towards writing a free verse poem inspired by the New Year.

Maths – We will be starting to work upon multiplication starting with the 2 times table. The children will be learning how to group and share objects equally. 

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday 🙂 

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Welcome Back

Welcome back Year 2!

This term is very exciting as we will be starting a new topic called ‘Marvellous Medicine’. This will include a very exciting hook day where the children will be learning how to create their own potions. What would you put in your potion and why?

We will be starting our Literacy writing by creating a free verse poem about what we would like to achieve this year. We will continue by using our History topic of Florence Nightingale to learn all about her life and the Crimean War. This will help to influence our writing and the children will be engaging in writing newspaper articles and reports. 

In Maths the children will be starting multiplication (2,3,5 and 10 times tables) by using the grouping and sharing method and division, followed by statistics and then shape. We will continue to consolidate our understanding of odd and even numbers throughout the term. 

In Science our topic will be animals including humans. The children will be discussing how to have a healthy lifestyle, hygiene, the importance of exercise and a balanced diet. 

Our Religious Education topic continues to be focused upon Hinduism. The children will focus upon belonging, routines and rituals.

PE days remain the same for both classes. Owl class have double PE on a Wednesday and Peacock class have PE on a Wednesday and Thursday. Please ensure all children have suitable clothing and make sure earrings are removed on these days. 

If you have any queries please speak to the class teacher.

We look forward to seeing you.

Miss Pattison and Mrs Wouldham

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Bedtime Reading With Santa

A huge thanks to all the parents and carers that attended our bedtime reading session yesterday evening. It was lovely to see all of you sharing stories and enjoying Santa’s story at the end.


We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and are able to share many more stories with one another! 🙂 

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WB 11.12.2017

Maths – The children will be consolidating their learning of money and answering a range of money related word problems. Lots of the children have found money a tricky subject so please keep letting them to help you count the change when you have finished your shopping and discussing the value of notes. It has really helped the children.

RE – The children have a fantastic opportunity this week with a Nativity workshop! The children will be learning the story of the nativity through drama. They will also be watching Reception, Year 1 and drama clubs performances. This is a great learning opportunity and gives the children the chance to see their siblings perform.

ICT – In ICT the children will continue their understanding of given and following directions before they actively use this knowledge to give instructions on the laptops.

CHRISTMAS! – It is that wonderful time of year and the children will be having lots of fun Christmas activities. They may even make you a special gift or two. 

Thank you for all your support at the Christmas fair and in your child’s learning. 

Miss Pattison and Mrs Wouldham 🙂

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Digital Workshop

The children had a fantastic opportunity this afternoon to participate in a digital workshop. They had the opportunity to take their own self-portraits. Each child had the chance to experience different equipment and participate in the activity. There was lots of wonderful happy faces and some beautiful smiles!

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WB 4.12.2017

Literacy – this week the children will be re-telling the story of The Snowman. They will be sequencing different pictures and writing about what is happening in each image. The children will be thinking about the emotions of the characters and explaining how the little boy would be feeling in the different sections of the story.

Maths – The children will be continue their learning about money. They will be adding pounds and pennies to start the week. The children will be progressing to find change. It would be a fantastic help for your child if you can continue to discuss the different values of coins and notes to help consolidate the learning at school.

ICT – The children have a fantastic opportunity on Wednesday and they will be participating in a digital workshop! 

If you have any questions please ask the class teacher.

Thank for you for all the support you are giving the children at home.

Miss Pattison and Mrs Wouldham.

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Letters to Father Christmas

This week the children have been reading the story of the Polar Express. They have written letters to Father Christmas to convince him to pick them to receive the first Christmas present. Here is a selection of letters for you to read.

Dear Father Christmas,

I am writing to say can I have the first Christmas present please.

I always try my best. I help my Mum with the cooking sometimes. I listen to my teacher Miss Pattison and Miss Lane and I tidy my bed. I love my family.

Merry Christmas Santa. Hopefully I have a lovely and beautiful Christmas

From Lily B (Peacock)

Dear Father Christmas,

Can I please have the first present of Christmas? 

I help my Mummy do the shopping, I love my family, I am kind to my family, I help my Mummy and Daddy and I tuck the chairs under the table at school.

I can’t wait to see you again for another beautiful Christmas.

From Ryley.

Dear Father Christmas

I am writing to say why I want the first present.

I try my best. I help Mummy. I tidy my room.

From Megan

Dear Father Christmas

I am writing to say why I should get the first present of Christmas.

I should be chosen because when someone hurts themselves I help them up. Also I try my best in all subjects, I am always up for some amazing jobs because I like doing them and finally I show kindness in all different ways and that’s what best friends are for. 

You are the best and I am a big fan! I wish I could see you.

Love Olivia.

Fantastic letter writing Peacock class! 
Miss Pattison 🙂 

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Story writing

I am so proud of the children and their fantastic story writing this week! I have chosen twostories to share with you. The children have used a range of adjectives to grip their reader. 

One hot day a fluffy, bright and bored lion wanted to go on a holiday. ‘I want to go on holiday’ she shouted. I am tired of eating the same old food. 

Next she made a boat, a humongous boat. She floated out onto the deep blue sea. Then bump, she hit a cold, snowy island. The lion woke up with snow on her face. She shivered and started to wander around. Suddenly she saw an arctic fox. ‘What is your name?’ she said. ‘My name is Violet. What is your name?’ ‘My name is Lily’. 

‘We are going to build a snowman.’ ‘But I don’t know how to build a snowman’ said Lily. ‘It’s ok, I will teach you’.

First we build a massive ball and then another. Then we need a hat, scarf, gloves and stones to make the face and a carrot to make the nose. 

It was a lovely holiday but I have to go now. I hope to see you again. Goodbye. 

– Nirjora

One unhappy day a tired peacock has had enough of showing her pretty feathers. ‘I need a holiday’ said peacock. Peacock grabbed her suitcase and packed extra feathers so when her feathers fall  off he can put new ones on.

George the peacock flapped his feathers quietly and flew over the dark gloomy forest. He landed with a bump and saw a cheeky monkey swinging through the trees. ‘I want to swing like that’ said peacock. ‘I will teach you’ said monkey. First you hold the vine and swing with your arms. Thank you for teaching me how to swing through the trees.

It’s time for peacock to go home now. Goodbye. 

– Leo

Keep up the hard work!

Miss Pattison 🙂 

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Making a magical bell.

The children did a fantastic job painting their bells. They represented the magical bells that the little boy was given by Santa Claus.

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Polar Express Day

The children have had a fantastic start to Polar Express Day! They have all had their ticket punched and have come aboard the train. They all look fantastic in their Pyjamas! They have listened to the story of the Polar Express and used drama to re-enact the story. 

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WB 27.11.2017

This is a very exciting week for Owl and Peacock class. The children will be starting the story of the Polar Express in Literacy and Topic. They will be having a hook day on Tuesday where they get to come to school in their PJS! They will be writing a letter to Father Christmas about why the should get the first present, be drinking hot chocolate and decorating their own bell.

In maths the children will be starting money. We will be looking at different coins and understanding their value before we move onto adding different coins together. They will finish the week by finding change. Why not see if the children can help you count their change or add different coins together to help them at school. 

Parents evening will be happening this week after school. Please ensure you have booked your appointment. We have lots of fabulous work to show you!

Miss Pattison and Mrs Wouldham. 

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School Contact Details

Head of School Miss H Brewer

Contact Person Mrs N Austin

Telephone 01795 663012

School Address
Rose Street Primary School
Rose Street
Kent, ME12 1AW

School Opening Times

Juniors:  8.50am – 3.20pm

Infants:  8.50am – 3.15pm

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