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Year Two Owls

WB 11.12.2017

Maths – The children will be consolidating their learning of money and answering a range of money related word problems. Lots of the children have found money a tricky subject so please keep letting them to help you count the change when you have finished your shopping and discussing the value of notes. It has really helped the children.

RE – The children have a fantastic opportunity this week with a Nativity workshop! The children will be learning the story of the nativity through drama. They will also be watching Reception, Year 1 and drama clubs performances. This is a great learning opportunity and gives the children the chance to see their siblings perform.

ICT – In ICT the children will continue their understanding of given and following directions before they actively use this knowledge to give instructions on the laptops.

CHRISTMAS! – It is that wonderful time of year and the children will be having lots of fun Christmas activities. They may even make you a special gift or two. 

Thank you for all your support at the Christmas fair and in your child’s learning. 

Miss Pattison and Mrs Wouldham πŸ™‚

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Digital Workshop

The children had a fantastic opportunity this afternoon to participate in a digital workshop. They had the opportunity to take their own self-portraits. Each child had the chance to experience different equipment and participate in the activity. There was lots of wonderful happy faces and some beautiful smiles!

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WB 4.12.2017

Literacy – this week the children will be re-telling the story of The Snowman. They will be sequencing different pictures and writing about what is happening in each image. The children will be thinking about the emotions of the characters and explaining how the little boy would be feeling in the different sections of the story.

Maths – The children will be continue their learning about money. They will be adding pounds and pennies to start the week. The children will be progressing to find change. It would be a fantastic help for your child if you can continue to discuss the different values of coins and notes to help consolidate the learning at school.

ICT – The children have a fantastic opportunity on Wednesday and they will be participating in a digital workshop! 

If you have any questions please ask the class teacher.

Thank for you for all the support you are giving the children at home.

Miss Pattison and Mrs Wouldham.

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Letters to Father Christmas

This week the children have been reading the story of the Polar Express. They have written letters to Father Christmas to convince him to pick them to receive the first Christmas present. Here is a selection of letters for you to read.

Dear Father Christmas,

I am writing to say can I have the first Christmas present please.

I always try my best. I help my Mum with the cooking sometimes. I listen to my teacher Miss Pattison and Miss Lane and I tidy my bed. I love my family.

Merry Christmas Santa. Hopefully I have a lovely and beautiful Christmas

From Lily B (Peacock)

Dear Father Christmas,

Can I please have the first present of Christmas? 

I help my Mummy do the shopping, I love my family, I am kind to my family, I help my Mummy and Daddy and I tuck the chairs under the table at school.

I can’t wait to see you again for another beautiful Christmas.

From Ryley.

Dear Father Christmas

I am writing to say why I want the first present.

I try my best. I help Mummy. I tidy my room.

From Megan

Dear Father Christmas

I am writing to say why I should get the first present of Christmas.

I should be chosen because when someone hurts themselves I help them up. Also I try my best in all subjects, I am always up for some amazing jobs because I like doing them and finally I show kindness in all different ways and that’s what best friends are for. 

You are the best and I am a big fan! I wish I could see you.

Love Olivia.

Fantastic letter writing Peacock class! 
Miss Pattison πŸ™‚ 

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Story writing

I am so proud of the children and their fantastic story writing this week! I have chosen twostories to share with you. The children have used a range of adjectives to grip their reader. 

One hot day a fluffy, bright and bored lion wanted to go on a holiday. ‘I want to go on holiday’ she shouted. I am tired of eating the same old food. 

Next she made a boat, a humongous boat. She floated out onto the deep blue sea. Then bump, she hit a cold, snowy island. The lion woke up with snow on her face. She shivered and started to wander around. Suddenly she saw an arctic fox. ‘What is your name?’ she said. ‘My name is Violet. What is your name?’ ‘My name is Lily’. 

‘We are going to build a snowman.’ ‘But I don’t know how to build a snowman’ said Lily. ‘It’s ok, I will teach you’.

First we build a massive ball and then another. Then we need a hat, scarf, gloves and stones to make the face and a carrot to make the nose. 

It was a lovely holiday but I have to go now. I hope to see you again. Goodbye. 

– Nirjora

One unhappy day a tired peacock has had enough of showing her pretty feathers. ‘I need a holiday’ said peacock. Peacock grabbed her suitcase and packed extra feathers so when her feathers fall  off he can put new ones on.

George the peacock flapped his feathers quietly and flew over the dark gloomy forest. He landed with a bump and saw a cheeky monkey swinging through the trees. ‘I want to swing like that’ said peacock. ‘I will teach you’ said monkey. First you hold the vine and swing with your arms. Thank you for teaching me how to swing through the trees.

It’s time for peacock to go home now. Goodbye. 

– Leo

Keep up the hard work!

Miss Pattison πŸ™‚ 

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Making a magical bell.

The children did a fantastic job painting their bells. They represented the magical bells that the little boy was given by Santa Claus.

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Polar Express Day

The children have had a fantastic start to Polar Express Day! They have all had their ticket punched and have come aboard the train. They all look fantastic in their Pyjamas! They have listened to the story of the Polar Express and used drama to re-enact the story. 

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WB 27.11.2017

This is a very exciting week for Owl and Peacock class. The children will be starting the story of the Polar Express in Literacy and Topic. They will be having a hook day on Tuesday where they get to come to school in their PJS! They will be writing a letter to Father Christmas about why the should get the first present, be drinking hot chocolate and decorating their own bell.

In maths the children will be starting money. We will be looking at different coins and understanding their value before we move onto adding different coins together. They will finish the week by finding change. Why not see if the children can help you count their change or add different coins together to help them at school. 

Parents evening will be happening this week after school. Please ensure you have booked your appointment. We have lots of fabulous work to show you!

Miss Pattison and Mrs Wouldham. 

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WB 20/11/2017

This week is a very special week for Owl and Peacock class! The children are going to perform their SNAP theatre production to you. They are very excited to show you all the hard work they have put into practicing their performance. Please be supportive and come along. Two adults per child are allowed to attend.

Literacy – the children will be continuing to adapt the story of Penguin on Holiday. They will start writing their story on Friday.

Maths – the children will have word problems to answer to apply their knowledge of addition and subtraction.

Art – we will be creating our section of the Christmas hoops for the hall! πŸ™‚

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Firework poems!

A fantastic bunch of poems created by Peacock class! Well done to you all. I have selected three that created vivid images in my mind.

I can see the sparkling, bright, dancing fireworks.
The fireworks were swirling in circles in the moonlight.
I can hear the crowd cheering loudly whilst the fireworks crack above.
The fireworks were speeding like flash into the sky.

– Hugo

I can see fireworks popping into multiply colours spreading through the night skies.
Rainbow colours are dashing, erupting, sparkling, shimmering from colossal fireworks.
Orange, yellow, pink, green and blue fireworks sparkling into wonderful pictures.
I can hear banging, crackling, fireworks pop!
Booming sounds are crashing through the night skies and sparks are floating over the crowd.

– Alisha

I can see colourful zooming fireworks.
I can see glittering spinning fireworks.
I can hear popping sparkling fireworks.
I can hear crackling fireworks.

– Megan

A fantastic range of adjectives and verbs used in all three poems!

Miss Pattison πŸ™‚

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WB 13/11/2017

Literacy – the children will be focusing on their SNAP theatre performance and developing their speech and language skills. Their writing work will be focusing on starting to create their own story that is similar to the Penguin on Holiday.

Maths – we will be progressing with addition and subtraction by using the column method (calculations include 32-4=). Ask your children to show you what they have been learning. They have been learning how to use jottings to help develop their understanding.

Science – The children will be conducting an experiment linked to ‘what is the best material to allow light through? Can you conduct your own experiment at home?

SNAP – We will be going to West Minster to practice our performance. The children will need to be wearing suitable footwear and clothing depending on the weather.

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SNAP Theatre

Today was our final SNAP Theatre production at Rose Street. The children had a fantastic and funny time performing the story ‘Penguin’s big adventure’ by Saline Yoon. They will be heading to West Minster for the next two Tuesdays to practice our performance ready to show to the parents. They are very excited for you to see!!

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Firework verbs

The children have been learning all about verbs this week. They became fireworks and discussed all the different doing words they could include in their writing. Here is an example of the bank of words they have started to collect.

Verb 1 Verb 2

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Speed challenge

The children have been practice their speed maths. They are learning how to develop and apply their skills quickly.

It would be fantastic if you could work upon developing their number bonds to 10 and 20, one more and one less and addition to 10. This will help to develop your childrens speed and understanding in maths and is a great activity to do together! Can they beat you? Let’s us know!

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The children have been working extremely hard in their SPaG lessons. They have been learning all about plurals this week. They have learnt when a word ends in β€˜y’ we replace it with β€˜ies’. They will continue their learning of plurals and learn which words we add an β€˜s’ to in our next lesson.

Can you create a list of words to change?



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Week Beginning 6.11.2017

This week in Literacy the children will be writing firework poems. The children will be pretending they are fireworks to create a bank of verbs. We will progress by watching firework videos and discussing the firework displays they have seen this weekend to create a bank of adjectives and sounds. This will all help support them creating a plan and writing their own poem in the style of a firework.

In Topic this week the children have SNAP theatre. They will be practicing their dance and play in preparation for our upcoming performance. The children will be discussing and writing about what they would take in their suitcase. We will be learning and applying our knowledge of conjunctions (if, so, but, and).

In Maths the children will be developing their understanding of addition and subtraction using the column method. They children have been learning how to add 2 digit by 2 digit. For example: 27 + 60. They will be depending their learning this week and be solving word problems.

Thank you for all the fantastic homework we have received so far. Keep working hard!

Miss Pattison and Mrs Wouldham πŸ™‚

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Week Beginning 30.10.2017

This week in literacy the children will be learning how to write a letter. We will be learning about the key features of a letter and using drama to practice the instructions they will be including in their letter. The children will be writing from the perspective of the character of Crab or Penguin.

In Maths the children will be starting the week with learning about one more and one less. This will progress to the children adding ten more or subtracting ten less. By the end of the week the children will using addition to add one digit numbers to a two digit number (32 +4 = 36).

In Science this week the children will be looking at materials and investigating which materials are waterproof and non-waterproof. They will have an investigation that they need to solve using a range of different materials.

We will be practicing our SNAP theatre production during Literacy and Topic.

We look forward to seeing you.


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Welcome back!

Welcome back Owl and Peacock class!

We hope you all had a fun and enjoyable break.

This term we will be continuing our topic of ‘Ice and Fire’. We will be focusing on the ice side and learning all about different cold countries and investigate the contrast between hot and cold in topic. This will be linked to the story we are covering in literacy (Penguin on Holiday by Saline Yoon) and you will be writing letters as one of the characters from the story.

In science we will be continuing with materials. The children will be conducting lots of fun experiments to help us discover which materials are the most suitable for different situations.

I have attached the newsletter and homework grid in case you need it. It would be fantastic for the children’s learning to complete some of the tasks added.
TERM 2 Peacock and Owl newsletter

They will complete their SNAP theatre learning with a production for the parents! We will be practicing our performance in class and they are really excited to show you. Keep your eyes open for a letter inviting you along in the next few weeks.

If you have any questions please come and ask.

Miss Pattison and Mrs Wouldham πŸ™‚

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A fantastic piece of descriptive writing!

The children have written a descriptive recount of creating their own Great Fire of London! Here is a selection of the writing the children have produced.

‘First the flames were red, orange and yellow. It was smelly. It was hot. The teachers kept us safe. I saw tiny amounts of smoke. They were moving slowly. Then it started to get faster.’ – Charlie.

‘First I saw white smoke. Next I saw a big bit of grey smoke and it started to get bigger and bigger. A little bit of fire popped out of the roof. The fire was red, orange and yellow. The flames started to get bigger and it started to spread. It looked like a volcano. It smelt like hot dogs. Then Mr P put sand and water on the fire and it went jet black.’ – Jack

‘First I saw a little bit of smoke. Next I could smell burnt beef. Next I saw little red and orange flames. Then I saw big flames. The fire was spreading quickly because the houses were so close together. Finally the water put out the fire.’ – Leo

‘First I saw a small bit of swishing white smoke starting to come out of the brown flapping roofs. The smoke was swaying into the blue sky. Next the smoke got darker and darker until it was thundering black. I could smell a weird smell, it smelt like a burning oven. After I saw not just smoke but little sparks flickering like fireworks. I felt burning hot. It was like leaning against a hot radiator. Just then it started to get baby flames that were turning orange like a piece of fabric. Then it was shooting out of the roofs. Finally it was like watching the great fire of London. It was quite fun even though we didn’t get that close. It was still amazing! It was like flying a kite. I felt amazed.’ – Olivia

I am so proud of the writing the children have produced! They have captured the experience and used their knowledge of adjectives and verbs to add detail to explain what has happened to the reader!

Well done Peacock class. You are doing a fantastic job!

Miss Pattison.

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Week Beginning 16.10.2017

Literacy – The children will be reading Izzy Gizmo and investigating famous inventors! The children will have the opportunity to discuss what they would invent.

Topic/PE/Literacy – The children will be having SNAP Theatre again this week for day 2/5! They will be having a dancer visit them and they will be practising their performance.

Maths – The children are continuing with addition and subtraction this week. They will be focusing on learning the inverse.

Thank you for all the wonderful homework we have received so far! Keep up the fantastic work Owls & Peacocks.

Miss Pattison and Mrs Wouldham πŸ™‚

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School Contact Details

Head of School Miss H Brewer

Contact Person Mrs N Austin

Telephone 01795 663012

School Address
Rose Street Primary School
Rose Street
Kent, ME12 1AW

School Opening Times

Juniors: Β 8.50am – 3.20pm

Infants: Β 8.50am – 3.15pm

Nursery Β 8.45am – 11.45, Β  Β  12.30pm – 3.30pm