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Newsletter and Homework

Please follow the links below to find copies of this term’s newsletter and homework grid.

Term 5 Newsletter

Term 5 Homework Grid

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W/b 17th April 2017

We hope you all had a restful break and are all ready for a busy term!

Our topic this term is Bee Keepers, our newsletter outlining the term in more detail, will be out with you all at the end of the week.

In English this week we will be creating a diary entry based on a video clip.  This work will be shared with teachers from across the Island to show their wonderful writing skills.

In maths we will be recapping multiplication with the children and how to use the skills we have been learning to solve problems.

In science we will be looking in and around the school at different types of plants that can be found, exploring the similarities and differences and what the parts of a plant are called.  In topic we will be looking at compass points and directions.  The children will be learning why both of these are important to bees.

Enjoy the bank holiday and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


Year 2 team 🙂



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w/b 19th March 2017

This week the children will begin to look at a different book written by Julia Donaldson called Super Worm.  They will have an opportunity to create a comic strip and alternative version of the story.

In maths we will be using what we already know about the four operations to help solve problems using investigations.

During topic this week we will continue to look at our local environment and habitats of different animals around the world.  In computing we will look at databases and how to gather and display data.  Re will continue to focus on the Easter story.

We look forward to another full week of learning!

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w/b 13th March 2017

The children are moving on to look at another author in Literacy for the next few weeks of term.  This is Julia Donaldson, author of some wonderful books like The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom, Monkey Puzzle and many more.  We will focus on ‘What the Ladybird Heard this week’ and the children will be creating a wanted poster.

Maths will have a focus on time, we would like the children to be able to tell the time using o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past.  Ask them to tell you what time it is to see if they can remember what they have been learning.

In Science the children are continuing to look at habitats and the local environment.  We are beginning to look at Palm Sunday for RE, the children will have an opportunity to rewrite the story in their own words. Our focus for art will be how we can use the local environment and natural materials to create art pieces, inspired by Andy Goldsworthy.

As always we are looking forward to another great week of learning with the children 🙂


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w/b 6th March

In English this week Year 2 will continue to write their own stories, using the Mr Men books as inspiration.  They have written their first attempt, which has been quite successful, but they will be making these even better by including description of characters and the setting.

Maths this week will focus on capacity and solving problems linked to this, the children will be making their own measuring cylinders, with the bottles that you have provided, many thanks for this.

For topic, the children will continue to look at the habitats of creatures in our local area and will be taking photographs to edit on the laptops.

Don’t forget the library is closed this week so books will be changed as we are able to do this.  The children are welcome to take books home from the class library and read books from home.  These will go towards the raffle tickets awarded, if you let us know they have read in their contact books.

Keep up the good work Year 2!

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The Fleet

On Friday Year 2 took a walk to ‘The Fleet’ to look at the local area and habitats around us.  They noticed ducks and Moorhens swimming in the stream and could hear lots of other creatures around them.  The children were disappointed to see some rubbish in and around the stream and will be writing a letter of complaint to the council next week regarding this.

Excellent behaviour was displayed by all children and we are very proud of them and the way they conducted themselves. Keep up the amazing work Year 2!

Fleet 1 Fleet 2 Fleet 3 Fleet 4 Fleet 5 Fleet 6

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Hook Day

On Tuesday the children had some visitors to the classroom to help engage them to our topic.

Mr Pilkington came to school with some creepy crawly friends.  They had an opportunity to hold a praying mantis, they saw a Red Knee tarantula and the skin that it has shed, as well as crickets, which provide a healthy lunch to many creepy crawlies!

As an extra they were able to meet an albino corn snake, that had recently shed its skin.  They have kept this in the classroom as a reminder of the day.

The children were fantastically behaved with the creatures and showed great care and understanding towards the need of the animals.  They also showed that they have been doing extra research at home, as they could provide some wonderful facts on the creatures they saw.  This is already proving a great addition to the vocabulary they use in their learning.  Keep up the great effort Year 2!

Hook 1 Hook 2 Hook 3 Hook 4 Hook 5

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Today the children were learning a technique in art called Pointillism.  They used cotton buds to dip into paint to create a picture out of dots.  They created a picture linked to a story about the Prodigal Son for RE.

Lacey’s write up said:

“We used paint and made a picture with dots on.  We watched a video of the Prodigal Son, which is about 2 brothers.  One of them asked their dad for money that he had.  When his dad gave him the money, he was off.  He returned after spending all the money.”

RE 1      RE2RE3     RE4


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Term 4 Newsletter

Click on the link below to see a copy of the newsletter that was sent out last week for Term 4.

Term 4 Newsletter

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Super Learning!

This week Lewis was able to complete his own pictograph in Maths, with some amazing illustrations!  He completed this task independently, which is fantastic progress.  Keep it up Lewis!


During RE this week Jack was able to create a spider diagram on love, he was able to explain that love was important to show to the people in your life.  He was also able to complete the task set in the time given, very proud of your efforts here Jack, keep it up!


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w/b 27th February


Next week the children will be continuing to look at stories from a familiar author.  They will have a go at rewriting Mr Happy with their own ideas.


This week the children are going to look at patterns, movement and 2d and 3d shapes.  They will recap left and right and move onto clockwise and anti-clockwise movements, they will also see how to rotate in half, quarter and three quarter turns.  We will begin to look at the properties of shape, including a vertical line of symmetry.


We would like the children to look at the local area this week, linking to habitats of animals and changes that they can see.

We can’t wait to start another fun packed week with the children.  We hope they have all managed to continuing reading at home to earn those raffle tickets!

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w/b 20th February 2017

We hope that everyone has a wonderful half term break, the children worked extremely hard last term and we are proud of their efforts.

When we return for another fun packed term the children will begin a topic of ‘Creepy Crawly Creatures’.  The children will have the opportunity to learn lots about habitats of different animals.

This week our Literacy focus will be on narratives, the children will be looking at some of the characters in the Mr Men stories and discuss synonyms to use for some of the titles.

In maths we will look at interpreting and creating pictographs.  The children will have a chance to gather their own data, linked to favourite creepy crawlies and represent this in a pictograph.

For art we will be creating insects using Pointillism as our inspiration.

On Tuesday the children will get a chance to meet come creepy crawlies to hook them into our topic.

Thanks for your continued support with listening to the children read, this helps them so much with their learning and they get a chance to win raffle tickets for reading regularly and getting their books signed at home!

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Safer Internet Day

Today we talked to the children about keeping safe online.  The children were so mature and showed that they know to tell an adult if they are unsure about anything they see, hear or read online.  We shared the story of DigiDuck and discussed his dilemma of sending a photograph to his friends. The children were able to tell us how this could have been a bad idea and the right choices to make.  If you would like to share the story with your children, please click on the link below.

1 2 3 4 5

Miss Carter and the Digital Leaders set a competition of designing a logo, each child in Year 2 enjoyed creating their own logo about how to stay safe online, we look forward to finding out who the winner is!


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w/b 6th February 2017

This week is going to be a busy week for the children as they begin to write their own poems for two poetry anthologies!  They are going to choose food that they would love to write about and create some fabulous free verse poems.  We can’t wait to read them.

In maths they will be looking at recognising fractions such as 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 2/4 and 3/4 of shapes, objects and numbers.  We are also focusing on arithmetic skills to help the children with their mental maths.

In science the children are going to learn about animals and their babies, thinking about if the animals are hatched or born live.

The topic of ‘Healthy Me’ is drawing to a close and the children have learnt so much about how to keep themselves healthy and how Florence Nightingale was a huge influence on nursing today.  Thank you to all parents/carers that have helped the children to complete some of the home learning tasks, it has really impacted on what the children are doing in school.  🙂

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W/B 30th January 2017

This week the children have been experimenting with vocabulary linked to poetry.  They have enjoyed using their voices and adding actions, to make their performances of poetry exciting and fun. Keep posted for next week, when they will be performing their own poems! We used Michael Rosen’s ‘Chocolate Cake’, as their inspiration.  Watch it with them, as their reactions were priceless.

In maths the children have recapped what they know about multiplication and division, they have also had a chance  to have a go at some past SATs papers.  They have worked extremely hard this week and we are very proud of what they have achieved.

Keep up the good work Year 2!

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w/b 23rd January 2017

This week the children have continued focusing on subtraction and creating a leaflet on ways to keep themselves clean and healthy.

They were lucky to have been involved in a KidzFit session yesterday, which linked fantastically with the topic.  The children showed off how much learning they have gained this term.

The RE for this term is learning about the Saints celebrated in the UK.  This week the children found out about Saint George.  They used tinfoil and feathers to create a collage of what they thought he would have looked like going into battle.


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Next Week – W/C 09/01/2017

It is sure to be a busy week for the children next week, here are some of the things they will be learning:-


The children will be learning how to write a report this week.  This will be linked to our history topic this term, which is Florence Nightingale. We will be looking at the features of a newspaper report and how we can use what we are learning to create our own.


Our focus in maths this week will be to count in 10s and 100 from any number, order and compare numbers and place value.


The children will have the opportunity this week to look at foods and the food group that they belong to.

We look forward to seeing you all on Monday, have a great weekend. 🙂

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Term 3 Week 1

Happy New Year!

The children have had a fabulous start to the new term.  They finished off the week with the ‘hook’ into our new topic where they were able to take part in 3 different activities with the Year 2 children at West Minster.  They were able to feel the effect of exercise on their heart and breathing, design a healthy plate of food for Charlie and Lola and have a go at wrapping each other up in bandages!

img_0427     img_0433

The children showing off their fabulous fitness!





Listening to Charlie and Lola ‘I will not Ever Eat a Tomato’   before designing their healthy plate of food.





Super bandaging skills Year 2!




Well done to all of the children for taking part and showing what wonderful learners they are!

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Week commencing 19th December 2016

As we start our last week for this term, the Year 2 teaching team would like to say a huge THANK YOU to all our parents and carers of our Y2 children for all your support.

Our children have worked extremely hard, so our final few days will be enjoying Christmas themed activities – designing and making cards, calendars, and decorations that can be taken home.

We intend to have a Christmas party on Tuesday afternoon before the children go home.  So that everyone can eat what they are allowed and prefer, please can you make up a plate of food for your child with their name on it.   We will provide squash and water.

We hope you all have a fantastic Christmas and amazing new year.


From the Y2 Team



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Week commencing 5th December 2016

Year 2 – Owls and Peacocks


This week we will be finding out how to write letters in literacy.

In maths we are going to focus on place value and number bonds.

In science we are going to be undertaking a design project using our knowledge of materials.

For topic this week, we will be finding out more about explorers.


We hope to have a surprise visit on Monday…  I wonder who it might be?




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School Contact Details

Head Teacher Miss Hazel Brewer

Contact Person Nicky Austin

Telephone 01795 663012

School Address Rose Street Primary School
Rose Street
Kent, ME12 1AW

School Opening Times

Juniors:  8.50am – 3.20pm

Infants:  8.50am – 3.15pm

Nursery  8.45am – 11.45,     12.30pm – 3.30pm