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Year Three Swans

Week beginning 22.5.17.

The last week of Term 5 already!  We will continue reading ‘Black Queen’ by Michael Morpugo and use some of the features to write our own alternative endings.  Did you know short sentences can add to the suspense?

Children will continue practising telling the time, including using a 24 hour clock and Roman Numerals.

Hopefully the weather will be dry on Thursday for the combined Sports Day activities with West Minster’s Year 3 classes.  Don’t forget class photos on Tuesday too.  Bring your best smiles!

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Week beginning 15.5.17.

This week Swan Class start an exciting new story called ‘Black Queen’ by Michael Morpurgo.  It is an exciting mystery and the children will be identifying the characters and key features of the setting before predicting what might happen next….!

Our maths lessons are all about time, counting around the clock face in intervals of 5 minutes and comparing how long things take to do.

We will be checking on the progress of our science investigation too, what has happened to the seeds we put in the fridge and in a dark box?  Will the seeds on cotton wool grow as well as the seeds in soil?  Can seeds germinate without water?  Remember to ask your children!

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Shared Writing

This week Year 1 & Year 3 have been writing poetry.  This afternoon Robins class and Swan class got together in the hall to share their poems with each other. The children wrote some wonderful poetry, well done to both classes.


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Extreme Reading

Are you up for a little challenge?  If so please open the link to find out more.


Extreme Reading Challenge

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Mrs Monticelli’s Marvellous Medicine

Today Mrs Monticelli conducted a fantastic science experiment outside for our assembly. It involved a bottle of Pepsi and Mentos mints, have a look at what happened to her and her helpers 🙂 …

Science 1 Science 2

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Week beginning 8.5.17.

This week in science the children will be investigating how seeds grow and develop in different conditions.  Sunflower seeds will be planted and then placed in different situations. We need to find out what happens if we take away the light, warmth, nutrients and water.

Maths is about recording information in a scaled pictogram or bar chart and then asking and answering questions about it.

In English the theme is poets and poetry.  Who is your favourite and why?  Which poems make you laugh or feel sad?  Some famous children’s authors write poetry too – Roald Dahl, Julia Donaldson and A A Milne, for example.

Remember PE kits must be in school on a Monday and a Friday and don’t forget Week 4 spellings!

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Week beginning 3.5.17.

Just 3 days this week!

Maths will be all about lines…vertical lines, horizontal lines, parallel lines and perpendicular lines…. how many can you find around your house and garden?

After our visit to The Fleet last week children will be writing some persuasive letters because they were disappointed to find rubbish in the water where the new baby ducklings were swimming.

Remember spellings for Friday please.

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Week beginning 24-4-17

This week Swan Class will be walking around the local area to discover what might be living in it and how to care for the environment.  With all the trees and flowers bursting into growth it is also a good opportunity to link our science lessons.

In science we are finding out about flowers and why a plant needs them.  Do all plants have flowers?

Our maths lessons continue to solve multiplication and division problems so keep practising the times tables!

PE and games are on a Monday and Friday, remember to remove earrings please.

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Welcome Back! Week beginning 18.4.17.

Welcome back to the Summer Term in Swan Class.

Our topic is ‘Horrid Henry’ and we will be learning about Henry VIII and his interesting family.  Why did he have so many wives and what happened to them?  Children will be linking their English and history lessons to write reports about events like the Battle of Bosworth and to write letters to a Tudor ‘friend’.

This term Swan Class will find out about two well known children’s  authors and read  some of their stories and poems – Roald Dahl and Michael Morpurgo.  Children may like to find more work by these authors in Sheerness Library or maybe they have copies at home to read.

Science continues from Term 4 and the class will be carrying out further investigations to find out what a plant needs to be healthy and comparing the different ways they disperse their seeds.

PE and games are on a Monday and Friday so please ensure children have a full kit, including outdoor footwear, in school every week.

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Week beginning 27-3-17

One more week to go until a well earned rest children!  This week Swan Class will finish their amazing leaflets to persuade each other to visit countries in Europe.  Which country will get the most votes – Spain, France or Italy?

We will fit in another look at the beech hedge the children are observing.  On the first visit the branches had small brown buds on them and last week……tiny bright green leaves had appeared!

Later in the week all the children will be enjoying a Cultural Day ‘visiting’ different countries around the world and on Friday it is the Easter Bonnet Parade.  Don’t forget to bring in all the things you need to make a great Easter creation.


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Visit to Sheerness Age Concern

We had a  great time on Tuesday visiting Sheerness Age Concern.  Swan Class took lots of Easter activities, colouring crayons glue and scissors to share with the people there.  The children wanted to talk about Easter and find out if Easter eggs had changed or not.  They coloured eggs, made cute paper chicks and completed word searches together.  Everyone enjoyed the afternoon, well done!

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Reasoning in maths.

An important part of understanding maths is for the children to be able to explain how they solved a problem.  A group of 4 children were each given a number card and had to order themselves from smallest to largest.  This is how they explained their task…..

Ellie May – “The others have hundreds and thousands, I don’t.”

Cerys – “I looked at the hundreds first and I have less than Kyle but Ellie only has tens so my number is next.”

Kyle -“Cerys has hundreds too but mine is plus another hundred.  Albert has thousands, that’s higher.”

Albert – “Everyone else has hundreds and tens.  I have thousands, thousands are higher because they have four digits.”

…..and that is how they did it.  Well done!

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Week beginning 20.3.17.

Where would you like to go on holiday?  This week Swan class are creating there own holiday leaflets to persuade you to take a break!  Would you like to go to France, Italy or Spain.  Look out for some examples next week.

Our maths lessons will involve finding fractions of shapes and amounts, counting in tenths from zero and recognising equivalent fractions.  If you have pizza at home this week try sharing it out together.

In science the children are going to investigate the function of leaves on a green plant and find out if they need sunlight to stay healthy.  By covering some leaves with foil or black paper for 2 weeks  we will see what happens when light cannot reach them.

Don’t forget PE kits on Mondays and Fridays please.

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Week beginning 13.3.17.

This week we are starting a new writing task in Swan Class.  Children will be creating a persuasive leaflet  using their research from the topic ‘Happy Holidays’.  First they will identify the key features to find out what makes a really informative leaflet.

Maths will involve containers and water this week!  Children will be learning to measure in litres and millilitres, estimating, comparing and reading scales.

In science we will continue learning about the functions of the different parts of a plant – this week the leaves.  Do you know how plants make their food?

Parent Consultation meetings are this week too – don’t forget to sign up for an appointment.

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Week beginning 6.3.17.

This week Swan Class will be finishing there own Secret Garden stories and using inverted commas in their writing.  Some very exciting characters have been created but what will they say to each other?

In Maths children will be using their adding and subtracting skills to solve calculations involving money and learning to check their change.  How many different ways can you make 50p?

Our topic is taking us to France where the class will find out about the capital city, the French flag, famous buildings, the currency and other interesting facts.  Have you been to France?  Learn a few useful words and enjoy a French breakfast this week in Swan Class!

Tuesday is our last swimming lesson so be ready to show your swimming teacher all the things you have learnt when she assesses you.

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Hook Day Heads… took 5 days!

Who has the longest hair?

Who has the longest hair?

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Week beginning 27.2.17.

This week Year 3 are going to be authors!  Using ‘The Secret Garden’ as a model you can now make up two of your own characters and put them in your own ‘Secret Garden’.  How will they meet?  What will they do?

In our topic lesson we are making passports ready for a trip around Europe during the next few weeks.  Have you been to France?  Can you remember how you travelled or what the coins were called?  Bring any photographs in to share with the class.

Our science lesson will be outside to look at the trees and shrubs around our school.  We will record how they look this week and keep a diary of changes through the term using photos and diagrams.

Don’t forget World Book Day on Thursday.  Dress up as your favourite character and bring the book too.

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Hook Day

We began by planting our Hook Day heads, who do you think will grow the most hair?  How long will it take for the first seeds to sprout?

Hook Day Y3 2

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Half Term News!

An extract from Archie’s news.

“On Saturday we had to get up really early at 4’o clock to go to the airport bus to get to the airport.  We had to rush because we were late.  When we had got on the aeroplane it took 35 minutes and while we were on the plane we bought a drink and a little model plane.

When we got to France we took the Magical Shuttle to get to Disneyland Paris and we were in a special hotel called Hotel Santa Fe.  At the entrance there were sparkling lights and pictures on top of the lights.  Then we went to our hotel room and unpacked and for my very first time I was in Disneyland Paris.  We went to Walt Disney Studios and on lots of rides.”

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Spring Term 4

Welcome back!  Term 4 is full of exciting topics and activities.   In our science lessons children will  be finding out the functions of the different parts of a plant, what a plant needs to grow and be healthy and how a seed is pollinated.  There will be opportunities to use a microscope and be amazed at the world of plants!

To link with science our text is ‘The Secret Garden’* by Frances Hodgson Burnett and children will create their own ‘secret garden’ setting, characters and plot using the story as a model.  Later in the term it will be time to travel.  In geography lessons the class will learn about and compare countries in Europe.  They will write persuasive holiday leaflets to encourage people to visit their favourite country.

*Can you find out where the real ‘Secret Garden’ is that inspired the author?  Clue… is in Kent.

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School Contact Details

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School Address Rose Street Primary School
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