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Year Four Eagles

Week beginning 19-11-18

This week in literacy the children will be learning all about the features of a non-chronological report and will begin to plan and think about creating their own report all about different musical instrument families. 

In maths the children will be using their knowledge of place value and decimal numbers of multiple any number by 10, 100 or 1000. 

In science the children will continue to learn about sound and in-particular this week will discover what happens to make sound reach our ears and how  we hear sound. 

In topic the children will continue to find out about the geographical features of the different continents all over the world. 


Eagles have PE on both Tuesday and Thursdays so could a weather appropriate kit be available on these days.  

Hawks have PE on Monday and Tuesdays so could kits be in on these days. 


Thank you for your continues support. 

Mrs Monticellli and Miss Selfe 

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How are sounds made?

Eagles and Hawks, worked together to investigate how sounds are made. They discovered that through two different investigations that a vibration is needed for a sound to be produced. 

They had to use their prior knowledge to make predictions and then they used their observational skills to closely unpick each of the investigations to find out exactly what happens to make a sound. 


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Potion making

Both Eagle and Hawks took a trip outside today to find ingredients for their potion poems. They collected all sorts of interesting things like leaves, sticks and stones. They then turned these into the perfect potion ingredients for example the leaves became (with some imagination) dragon hide or snakes scales.  They had lots of fun and have developed a huge ingredients list to use in their poems, later on in the week.



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Week beginning 12th November 2018

This week in literacy the children are carrying on the Harry Potter theme… they will be using their knowledge of alliteration to create their own potion poem, designed to both entertain and inform their reader of the correct ingredients. 

In maths they will be using their number skills to measure different linear shapes in m, cm and mm to find the perimeter of these different shapes. 

In science, the children will be investigating sound to discover what things are needed for a sound to be created. 

In topic the children will be examining images from around the world to discover similarities and difference in human and physical geography in different locations. 


As always the children have PE on Tuesdays and Thursday could you please ensure children have full kit on these days ( appropriate for the weather ). Please can earrings be removed or tape/plasters provided with a written permission for children to wear stud earring during PE. 

Thank you for your continues support. 

Mrs Monticelli and Miss Selfe  🙂 

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Active Maths 9/11/2018

Fridays are active maths days in Year 4 and today the children were adding different values of money whilst being up on their feet and getting some exercise. 


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Week beginning the 5th November

This week the children will be continuing the Harry Potter Theme and will be writing a set of instructions informing people How to Carve a Pumpkin. 

In maths the children will begin to solve more complex calculations using their knowledge of addition and subtraction. 

In science the children will being their new topic on sound and we will beginning this by finding out what they already know about it and How different sounds are produced. 

As always the children have PE on a Tuesday and Thursday could you please ensure your child has the correct full PE kit in on these days, track suit bottoms and jumpers are a good idea with the colder weather. 


Thank you for you continued support. 

Miss Selfe and Mrs Monticelli 

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Our Black History Month display.

Both classes worked hard and wanted to share this with you…. 


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Active Maths 2-11-2018

Year 4 Hawks and Eagles enjoyed an active maths lesson. They had to solve the problems to find the clues to discover the missing Harry Potter Character. 

All enjoyed it. 

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Writing to Hogwarts …

Year 4 have been busy this week writing a reply to Hogwarts to accept their place at the famous school of witch craft a wizardry. 

The children worked extremely hard here is an example… 


Dear Professor Selfe, 

I am writing to you to thank you for accepting me at the mythical Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry. I would like to start going to this magical school because riding a broom sounds very fun. 

I am extremely joyful to have been invited to start my magical education. I would love to make extraordinary spells so I can turn my sisters into rats. Although I am scared because I don’t want to stay away from home for too long. 

I have just one tiny problem I don’t know where to get my magic school supplies from could you possibly tell me? Professor Dumbledore might shout at me I am looking forward to seeing you. 

Your Sincerely


Eagle Class 

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Armistice Day Poppies.

To mark 100 years of remembrance the children have been creating poppies. In Eagle Class the children have decided to finger paint them. In Hawk class the children decided to collage their poppies. Both have turned out looking unique and individual. 


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Potion Jars

As part of Harry Potter week the children have made jars of ingredients that could be used to make a witches or wizards potion. 

They had some great ideas, Ebony Scorpion Stingers, Dragons Breath and Silk of a Spiders Web to name a few. 

They will use these in the up coming weeks to make a potion poem. 


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A Letter form Hogwarts

This week as you know is Harry Potter Week and the children during their literacy lessons will be writing a letter to Hogwarts accepting a place to become a witch or wizard. 

The children were very excited to receive their letters from Hogwarts and are keen to reply by Friday. 

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Term 2 Newsletter and Homework Grids

Here I have attached the this terms homework grid and newsletter here for you to look at paper copies will be sent home by the end of the week.

 HOMEWORK Cool Vibration Term 2

Term 2 newsletter Year 4

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week beginning 29th October

Welcome Back! 

I hope you and the children have enjoyed half term. 

This week the school has been transformed into Hogwarts and the children will be creating letters to accept a place and this enchanting school. 

In maths they will be continuing with addition and subtraction moving on to solving word problems involving these two concepts.  

As always we have PE on Tuesdays and Thursdays so please ensure your children have their PE kits in school on these days. 

Thank You for your continued support. 

Mrs Monticelli and Miss Selfe 

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Active Maths

Today in Maths the children had to race to answer the addition problems. They a great time. 

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Big Art

Hawk class experimented with some big art inspired by their work on the Trojan Horse. The  children did go outside to start their project but unfortunately had to move indoors due to the windy weather. as you can see from the pictures it was well worth it. 

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Week Beginning 15-10-18

Wow ! We can’t believe we have reached the lest week of term already. Next week we have lots to look forward to . 

In literacy the children will be finalising their own balanced arguments discussing whether it is better to live in Sparta or Athens during the times of the ancient Greeks. 

In maths the children will be using their place value knowledge to subtract 4 digit numbers. 

In science the children will be finding out about switches and how they effect circuits. 

We will also be completing our i movies of our play. 


As always any problems please come and speak to us. 


Mrs Monticelli and Miss Selfe 🙂  

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Celebrating Black History Month

October is Black History Month which links with our school October value of respect. In assembly this morning we learnt about Martin Luther King. When we cam back to class the children were asking to know more so this afternoon we did some investigating… 

They found out that he made a very famous speech, called I have a dream.  After reading some of the original speech the children thought about what they could change to make the world a better place. 


I have a dream where everyone lived in peace and harmony. 

I have a dream for everyone to be equal and free. 

I have a dream that all people will think they are useful and special. 

By Thomas. 


I have a dream to let my fear out of my body and be brave. 

I have a dream to live in peace and harmony. 

I have a dream to stop all the littering. 

I have a dream to have the perfect school. 

By Faye. 

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Exciting Conductors

This week the children in both classes investigating which material conduct and which materials insulate electricity. The children first had to discover what these terms meant. They then went on and discovered that most metals conduct electricity and plastics and wood insulate it.


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Week Beginning 8th October 2018

In literacy this week the children will be learning all about the features of a balanced argument they will then use these skills to write  their own balanced argument arguing where it was best to live inn ancient Greece.  

In maths the children will be taking what they have learnt from place value to help them during their new topic this week of addition. By the end of the week the children will be adding 2 4 digit numbers together. 

In science the children will be leaning all about electrical conductors and insulators. and will be preforming experiments to find out which materials be conduct or insult electricity. 

In topic the children will be finding out about two different ancient Greek states and deciding where would be nicer to live and why. 

As always the children”s PE days are Tuesday and Thursday. Please could you ensure they have full PE kit on these days. 


As always any questions please do not hesitate to speak to one of us. 🙂 


Mrs Monticelli and Miss Selfe 


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