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Year Four Eagles

Welcome to Eagle Class

Just a note to say that Mrs Cooper and I (Miss Selfe) have really enjoyed the past two weeks getting to know the new members of Eagle Class. I am looking forward to welcoming you all back in September. Have a wonderful summer break and stay safe. 

Any problems, questions or quires please come and speak to me. 


Miss Selfe 🙂  

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RNLI Visit

This morning the children had a visit from the RNLI. They learnt all about how to stay safe at the beach this summer. Some even had a go at being a life guard. 

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Week beginning – 25-6-18

This week the children will be drafting their own stories based on James and and Giant Peach. They have designed their own creepy crawlies to go on the adventurer. The children will be using all of the descriptive language techniques taught to them this year to create interesting stories that hook the reader. 

In maths the children will be investigating different shapes in order to find the different properties and name each one. 

In Science the children will be learning about the human teeth and their functions. They will be using scientific language to explain the similarities and differences between human teeth and animal teeth. 


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Artist Workshop

Eagles had a very exciting day today… they got to meet up with mosaic artist Oliver Budd. He helped the children bring their design to life as they helped to create part of a new art project. The children were very excited to take part and it was great for them to see an actually mosaic taking shape after learning about them way back in Term 1 last year, as part of our Roman project. 



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In Maths today the children went out on to the playground to hunt for different angles. Some even  managed to measure them using a protractor. 

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Week beginning 18-6-18

This week the children will be starting to examine the features within a narrative text and discovering ways of interesting their reader. 

In mathematics the children will be starting to learn all about shape and will begin by looking at and identifying different angles. 

In science the children will be learning about the different teeth and their uses.  

On Thursday the children will have the opportunity to work with an artist to produce a mosaic. 

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Week beginning 11-06-18

This week the children will be writing balanced arguments in literacy to help James Henry Totter decide whether he should go into the giant peach or not. The children will be using evidence from the text to help build their arguments. 

In maths the children are still handling data and are moving in from bar charts to look at pictographs and  line graphs. 

In science this week the children are continuing to learn about the digestive system and will be learning about all the different functions this entails. 

Please remember that on Thursday we have sports day in the mourning your child will need their full PE kit in school this day and we look forward to seeing you there. 


Any problems please let me know. 

Miss Selfe

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Week beginning 4-6-2018

This week the children will be learning about different spelling rules and patterns. As they have enjoyed before they will be travelling to different classes around the school to do this. 

In maths the children will be looking at statistics with this weeks focus being mainly on bar graphs. the children will be learning to read the information presented in these and will be creating their own graphs from data they have collected. 

In science we are starting our new topic all about animals including humans this begins by learning all about the human digestive system and learning the names of the body parts involved in this. 

As usual the children have PE on a Tuesday and Thursday… Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school on these days. Thanks you. 


Miss Selfe 

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Welcome Back

Welcome back Eagle Class… I can’t believe we are in the last term of the school year already. 

The children will have lots to look forward to this term. 

This term our topic is ‘James and the Giant Peach.’ In Literacy we will be reading the popular Roald Dahl story to develop our own story writing. We will be focusing on developing our descriptive techniques to write our own story based about going on a journey. Alongside this the children will be writing their own balanced argument to help James decided whether he should actually go inside the peach or not.

This term the children will add to their geography knowledge. We will be studying the effect humans have on the environment, both locally and further afield. The children will find out about all the different types of land use and trade links. They will be using atlases and globes to help them discover the different land uses around the world.

In maths the children will be learning all about statistics and the properties of different shapes.They will begin by refreshing their prior knowledge of this subject and will then develop this further by applying reasoning to problems involving both these ideas.

In Science the children will be learning about animals including humans. The children will discover what living things need to survive and find out all about the digestive system. They will also discover about the different functions of the teeth.   

Year 4 have PE twice a week this term and this will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please ensure your children have their full PE kits in school on these days.

I am looking forward to this term and working with you and your child.

If you have any questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Miss Selfe


I have also attached the link to the term 6 homework grid. HOMEWORK TERM 6


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Sea Life

The children really enjoyed their underwater adventures and close encounters  at the aquarium on Monday. The even got to see the sea base being fed – being splashed in the process. 

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Week beginning 21st May 2018

I can’t believe it is the last week of term already. This week the children have their school trip to the Blue Reef Aquarium on Monday, which I know they are all excited about. 

In Literacy they will be completing their best copies of their pirate stories.

In Maths they will be consolidating the work they have completed this term. 

The children will be completing their model making this week in order to build their pirate rafts. 

They will also be reflecting back on the term in preparation for their final term in year four. 


As usual any problems please come and speak to me. 


Miss Selfe.  

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Science -Exploring Habitats

The children have been busy exploring the local environment for evidence of animal habitats. 

The children found and observed some of the homes of animals that can be found right here in our school. The children then discussed some of the dangers we pose the animals and ways in which we can help them. 


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Week beginning 14th May 2018

Welcome to another exciting week in Eagle Class. 

This week the children will be busy drafting their pirate stories, showing off all the literacy skills they have learnt over the last few weeks. 

In Maths the children will be continuing their work on time. You can help support this work at home by asking your child to tell you the time regularly at home too. 

In Science we are continuing to learn about living things and their habitats. We will also be using different keys to help sort different animals in to different groups. 

In DT the children will be creating the raft they designed last week- please send any items for junk modelling in by Thursday.

As always your children have PE on Tuesday and Thursday, please ensure they have their full kit in school. 


Many Thanks 


Miss Selfe


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Week beginning 8th May 2018

This week although only a short one the children will be very busy. 

In literacy the children will be starting the planing process in creating their own pirate story. Using their descriptive writing skills they have learnt during this term and previously. 


In maths the children are beginning a unit on time. They will be converting between units of time and will move on to solving mathematical problems which involve time. 


The children have a very exciting week coming up in science and will be conducting a bug hunt using their knowledge of classification keys to identify these invertebrates. 

In DT the children will begin to design their own pirate raft to make in model size. Ask your children about their designs. Is their any recyclable rubbish they could bring in for home to help them in the coming weeks? 


As always any problems come and see me. 


Miss Selfe 

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DT Does it float?

In DT the children are working towards designing rafts. This week the children experimented with different materials to see which material floated the best and carried the most treasure, therefore deciding which material was best for raft making. 

If you have any recyclable rubbish you think would be helpful for raft making please send it in with your child. 

Thanks Miss Selfe



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Week Beginning 30th April 2018

This week the children will be continuing to develop their descriptive writing moving on from describing setting to developing realistic and believable characters for their readers. 

In maths children will be applying their knowledge of mathematics with money to solving more complex problems involving more decimal numbers. 

In science this week the children are producing a non-chronological report based on animal categories, using their knowledge to inform others.

In topic we are investigating map symbols and creating out own treasure maps using symbols we have developed.    

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A Trip to the Beach

The children had a lovely time at the beach today.  They created pirate ships from materials they could find and came up with lots of great adjectives to use in our writing this week. 



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Week beginning 23rd April 2018

This week the children have their hook day to the beach. Whilst their the children will be working on activities that will have their writing and learning in topic. 

They are continuing to work on their descriptive language this week in literacy to improve their setting descriptions.  They will begin to use all of their five senses to describe a place instead of just what they can see.

In maths the children will continuing their work on money and will be solving problems that allow them to use money and decimal numbers. 

In science the children will be using keys to further their knowledge of classifying animals. 

Thank you to those who have already sent some homework in it has been lovely to look at. 

As always any problems let me know.  Miss Selfe  

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Treasure Island

This week the children have been having ago at describing Treasure Island from our literacy text. They have been very imaginative and have come up with some great setting descriptions. Here are some examples…

Charcoal, slate-grey, dusky clouds slouch over the island. All the light is behind the shady clouds. The gaps between the clouds cast an eerie light over the island. Clouds of all shapes and sizes fill the immense pastel blue sky.

Emerald green, tree leaves with elongated trunks that stretch to the sky. Some of the olive green, lanky, dismal trees dip into the refreshing, cool, midnight-blue water as clear as crystal.


Above the forbidding island, hovers clouds as murky as a cave. In the gaps between the colossal clouds beam of sunlight peer through. The jumbo clouds are bushy and baggy. 

The trees that peer out of the island are unusual and of all shapes and sizes. All the trees stretched over the  dismal jungle. 

The golden, outstanding beach glitters by the sun. Dotted on the beautiful beach there lays dark but shiny rocks. The amber beach was misty. 

The sea through ocean slowly dances in the sun. Inside the ocean joyful fish swim triumphantly. The waves topple over the golden beach.


The steel grey clouds hang over the dark gloomy island and the blue sky peeks out but barley. Also the sun is covered in the gloomy clouds the emerald leaf blades reflect off the sky. 

The enormous oak trees are as hard as metal. Also the bushes were so thick you could get lost inside. The wind was so strong it almost snapped the trees in half. When you step foot on the island all hope is lost. 



Next week we will be learning about more descriptive techniques and will be writing more descriptions to build on our knowledge. 

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Week Beginning 17/4/2018

Welcome to term 5 year 4. 

This term the children will be reading Treasure Island which links very nicely to their topic Shiver Me Timbers. This  week the children will read a short version of the story. In literacy they will be writing character and setting descriptions based on the descriptions of the characters and setting in the story. 

In maths the children will be solving mathematical problems involving money as well as familiarising themselves with English coins and notes.

We will be starting our new science topic this term and will be focusing on categorising different types of animals. 

Also we will be starting our new DT topic, not wanting to give too much away I am sure the children will fill you in on the details after Thursday. 


Any problems please do not hesitate to contact me. 


Miss Selfe. 

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School Contact Details

Head of School Miss H Brewer

Contact Person Mrs N Austin

Telephone 01795 663012

School Address
Rose Street Primary School
Rose Street
Kent, ME12 1AW

School Opening Times

Juniors:  8.50am – 3.20pm

Infants:  8.50am – 3.15pm

Nursery  8.30am – 11.30,     12.00pm – 3.00pm