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Year Four Eagles

Week beginning 22nd May 2017

The weather forecast looks good this week so hopefully our Sport’s Day on Wednesday morning will go ahead.

Last week the children continued to work on their adventure stories which they will finish this week.

In Maths we learnt how to add simple fractions, sequence four digit numbers and how to convert fractions to decimals.

For science we went on a bug hunt (in between the showers!), and studied the bodies of invertebrates.

We learnt how to find places on the globe using latitude and longitude, tested the floating properties of materials for our Design & technology topic, and in R.E we learnt what the 5 Pillars of Islam are.

In our Guided Reading lessons, we are nearly getting to the end of Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, and its getting pretty exciting!

On Friday we will be making our foam boats (a few more pizza bases needed please!) but we will still have time for our times tables test and spelling test.  Our spellings this week are: interest, island, knowledge, learn, length, library, material, medicine, mention, minute.  Our times table focus is on the 11’s.

Thanks for all your support.

Mrs Monticelli 🙂

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Week beginning 15th May 2017

We have a busy week ahead of us and let’s keep our fingers crossed that the weather is good on Friday!

This week the children will be taking some tests so we can evaluate and plan to cover again, any aspects of the curriculum that they are still a little wobbly on.  Therefore it is even more important that they attend every day.  We will also be beginning to write our adventure stories, using all the work we have been doing during the term – Eagle class have become pirate experts!

On Friday we have sports day in the morning, but we will still have time to do our weekly spelling and times tables test.  This week the spellings they will be tested on are: exercise, experience, experiment, extreme, famous, favourite, February, forward, fruit and grammar.  The times table that we will be testing will be the 9’s.

We are planning to do our Design and Technology project (making a boat) over the last two days of term – however, even though we have more pizza bases, we are still short, so please keep them coming in.

Thanks for all your support

Mrs Monticelli 🙂


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Treasure Hunters in Year 4

Treasure Hunters.

Last week Eagle Class developed their treasure hunting skills by making making treasure maps and instructions to accompany them.

To help to inspire our writing , we went into the hall with Mrs Joyce, our PE Specialist, where she had constructed an assault course full of shark infested rivers, deadly quicksand, stinky swamps and violent volcanoes.  We navigated our way through the obstacles and used these ideas in our sets of instructions and treasure maps.  Here are some photos of what we did.

hall 4

hall 3hall 5hall 2

some of our treasure maps

some of our treasure maps

Brooke's instructions on how to find buried treasure

Brooke’s instructions on how to find buried treasure

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Extreme Reading

Are you up for a little challenge?  If so please open the link to find out more.


Extreme Reading Challenge

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Mrs Monticelli’s Marvellous Medicine

Today Mrs Monticelli conducted a fantastic science experiment outside for our assembly. It involved a bottle of Pepsi and Mentos mints, have a look at what happened to her and her helpers 🙂 …

Science 1 Science 2

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Week beginning 8th May 2017

I know this week has only been 3 days long, but Eagle class did fit a lot into that time! In English we worked on character descriptions for our adventure stories and here is an example from Arif:

As I stepped on to the island I came face to face with Fat Man Finn.  Above his shoulders sat a green, shrieking parrot that was clawing his skin.   The pirate had a powerful, shiny pistol which was gripped in his hand.  He had a black, leathery eye-patch to replace a lost eye.  

I had heard about Fat Man Finn from the other crew.  They said he was skilled at all the different pirate jobs.  He had a knowledge of sailing the seven seas and was an expert in a variety of weapons.

Suddenly Fat Man Finn turned to me and said, “Shut up or I’ll make you clean my rotten feet or even worse I’ll pull your tongue out!”

Next week we will be beginning our stories and writing instructions to find buried treasure.

In Maths we have been estimating and measuring angles and the children can practise this skill at home using the website   Next week we will be practising our arithmetic again through the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division).

In topic this week we learnt about the Arctic and Antarctic regions and next week we will learn about longitude and latitude.  We missed science this week as we usually do it on a Monday, but next week we are hoping for better weather so we can go on a mini-beast hunt.

The spellings for next week are: consider, continue, decide, describe, different, difficult, disappear, early, earth and enough. The times table test will be on the eight times tables.  The children are making good progress with this and we will stick their test results into their blue books so that you can monitor how they are doing.

Lastly , we still need the foam circles from pizza packaging as to date we only have 4.  Thanks again for all your support.


Mrs Monticelli 🙂

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Beach Trip Year 4

On Wednesday 26th April, Sheerness Beach was invaded by Year 4 children on a quest to find descriptions for our  island adventure stories.  It was cold, but that didn’t deter the intrepid explorers from listening to the sounds, feeling the textures, tasting and smelling the salty air and taking photographs of the landscape.  We even had time to make pirate  sculptures with what we found on the beach.

beach 2 beach 3 beach 4 beach 5 beach 6beach 7

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Next Week : Week beginning 24 April

On Wednesday we will be taking the children to the beach to support our literacy, science and topic lessons.  A letter has been sent home, but I have attached a copy here should it of gone astray in the book bag!

I have also attached a copy of this term’s newsletter which has the details of all the topics we will be learning this term.

In English this week we will be starting our adventure stories by describing settings.

In maths we will be looking at factors and measuring and calculating angles.

In science we will be classifying mini-beasts (hopefully collected from the beach!).  In Topic we will be finding out more about  the Equator,  and Northern and Southern hemispheres.  In Design and Technology we will begin to test materials for flotation properties to see if they would be suitable for our model boats.

On Friday (28th) we will be doing out first times tables test on 6’s and our first spelling test.  Next week the spellings will be build, busy, business, calendar, caught, centre, century, certain, circle and complete.  These will go home on the 28th April and be tested on the 5th of May.  Our times tables focus for week beginning 1st May will be 7’s.

Finally, please make sure your child has brought their PE kit back into school after the holiday.


Mrs Monticelli Term 5 newsletter Year 4 beach letter

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Next Week 18.04.17

Welcome back after the Easter break.

This week in literacy the children will be writing a recount about some very special divers.

In maths we will be looking at coordinates and directions ready for when we make our own treasure maps.

In ICT we will be researching pirates and finding out facts about them.

At the end of the week the children will be bringing home 10 spellings to learn and the 6 x tables.  On Friday next week they will be tested to find out how much they have remembered.  Their spellings will be accident, actually, address, answer, appear, arrive, believe, bicycle, breath and breathe. Each week the children will be given new spellings and times tables to learn for a test the following week.

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Happy Easter to all

Today we made our Easter bonnets in class, wishing you all a happy Easter and a good break!


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Archaeology comes to Rose Street

Year 4 became archaeologists this week when they looked for parts of Ancient Greek pots during their history lesson.

pic 2

Each of the pots depicted a different sport played at the Ancient Olympic Games and the children had to put the parts of the pot back together, like a jigsaw puzzle, and then use clues from the pictures to work out which sports they were.

Next week the children will be making Programmes of Events for an Ancient Greek Olympic Games, using the research they have done this week.7 8charlie digging91065

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Term 4 week 3

electricity 1 Electricity 2

In science we have been investigating electricity and finding out how to make a working circuit.  Then we added buzzers and switches too.

In science we have been investigating electricity and finding out how to make a working circuit. Then we added buzzers and switches too.

In Art lessons we have begun to make the mazes that we will be using as scenery in our animations of the Ancient Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.

In Art lessons we have begun to make the mazes that we will be using as scenery in our animations of the Ancient Greek myth of Theseus and the Minotaur.

Then we went on a treasure hunt to find out where the important places in Ancient Greece were.

Then we went on a treasure hunt to find out where the important places in Ancient Greece were.

In topic we made a timeline to find out when the Ancient Greek civilisation was.

In topic we made a timeline to find out when the Ancient Greek civilisation was.

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Week beginning 23rd January

Last week Year 4 had a visit from the Music Man aka Mr Kevin Kay-Bradley who brought an array of instruments to our school to show us how sounds are made.  We loved learning about the different ways that vibrations are made and how they travel through the air for us to hear them.

music 1     music 2  music 4  music 3 music 5

Later on in the week we also explored the texture, smell and flavours of jelly to help us write our narrative poems, Aliens Love Jelly.


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Thank you Eagle Class!

Today Flamingo class enjoyed a special treat! The children from Eagle  class (Year 4) came and shared their fantastic books based on Aliens Love Underpants. They were fantastic!

jelly1 jelly 2 jelly 3 jelly 4

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Term 3

In Science, Eagle class investigated how sound is made by vibrations.  It was very interesting and a lot of fun.


   3 4 5

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Our Christmas Elf

Today we arrived at school to find Robbie the Elf with a shopping trolley!  He had been shopping for Santa’s Christmas present!  I wonder what he will be up to next!


rob-elfie rob-elf

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Week Beginning 12th December 2016


This week we will start by really getting to know the poem The 12 days of Christmas.  We will learn how to use expression effectively when performing poetry.  After this we will study the structure, pattern and rhythm of it before writing our own, adapted, version.





In maths we will be learning about angles and lines.  We will learn what angles are, about 4 special angles and their properties.


We finish the week learning mathematical vocabulary used to describe lines.


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Our Christmas Elf

We arrived at school on 1st December to find that we had a new class member!  He was sitting under our board in front of a little door decorated with a miniature Christmas tree.  He had a DVD with him that told us all about him.


Apparently, he is a scouting elf who has been sent by Father Christmas to keep watch over our class during the day and return to the North Pole each night, reporting on our behaviour!  He does not say anything but he watches and listens carefully.   We took a class vote and named him Robbie.  It says on his DVD that he likes adventures.  We are not sure what that means!!!

elf-1 elf-3

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Week Beginning 28.11.16


Sleeping Beauty

We are really enjoying reading Sleeping Beauty.  We have thought really hard about describing the settings and the different characters.  We will be re-telling it in our own words.

We cannot wait until we see it at the Maidstone Theatre.


Telling the time


Learning to tell the time is difficult.  We really need as much practise as possible.  Please help.

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Week Beginning 21.11.16


This week Eagles class have been considering the implications of having a new building built on the school grounds.  They have discussed their thoughts and opinions and also those of other stakeholders; teachers, builders, residents and wildlife lovers.  They brainstormed what they thought these different groups of people would see as the benefits of the build and the downfalls.  They also took on the role of one of the stakeholders and put their case towards the other groups during a whole class debate.


28  29








Eagles class have been learning about data; what it is and the different types of data that can be collected.  They have then read and made pictograms, bar charts and line graphs with data.

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