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Year Four Eagles

Christmas Decorations

This week the children have been busy making Christmas decorations. The worked collaboratively in a group to complete the making of the salt dough and then worked independently to create their own decoration.  Not only did the children enjoy this lesson it also allowed them to use their math skills in a real life situation and they used a lot more maths then they thought they would. We hope you like them when they bring them home. 




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IT with a Christmas Twist

This week the children have been adding to their computer skills by using publisher. They had to create a comic strip and insert their own  pictures into a document. This was given a Christmas twist as children created a comic strip depicting the Christmas Story. 



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week beginning 11-12-2017

Things are becoming exciting on the run up to Christmas… the children will be going to a Carol Concert on Tuesday so please ensure they are wrapped up warm and have sensible shoes for walking. They will be making Christmas cards and  completing a small DT project in order to create a Christmas decoration to bring home to you. 

As the term draws to a close the children will be completing a termly reflection. Thinking about what they have achieved and what they would like to achieve looking ahead to next term. 

Miss Selfe 

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Week beginning 4th December 2017

As we draw closer to the end of the term the children will be completing more Christmas tasks. This week the children will be writing Christmas Poems all about Santa and what he gets up to when he delivers the presents. In maths children will learn about the numbers involved as the temperature drops outside and will be investigating negative numbers. This week Eagle Class will be keeping themselves very busy making marshmallow Snowmen  to sell at the Christmas Fayre on Thursday, after school. Please come along and support Eagle Class in buying a sweet treat ! Look forward to seeing you there. 


Miss Selfe 

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Snap Performance 22nd November 2017

What a wonderful afternoon Eagle Class have had it was wonderful to see so many of you turn up of Year 4’s production of Romulus and Remus. The children have had a wonderful time completing this project and I am sure you agree have worked extremely hard to bring the show to you!

Watch this space…

Photos to come


Miss Selfe

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Week beginning 20th November 2017

This week the children will be starting to think about the characters and setting of their own myth to write nest week. As they are writing to entertain their reader they must use descriptive language and emotive language to make their reader really feel and is they know the characters in the myth.

In maths the children are continuing to learn about multiplication and division, with a focus this week on division. The children will be using resources to help them divide by ten and one hundred.

In science we will be seeing what happens when a material is heated and cooled. To help us discover what is needed to make a material change state.

Don’f forget ! Wednesday we have our SNAp performance at Westminster, it would be lovely to see you there and I know the children are looking forward to showing you all their hard work for the last few weeks.


Homework … I haven’t had much this term and it would be lovely to see some more coming into school.

Next week is parents evening, I have but time sheets up outside of the class room for you to make appoints on. I look forward to meeting with you.


Miss Selfe

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Week beginning 13th November 2017

Hello and welcome to another week in Eagle Class. This week the children will be moving on from story writing and will be beginning to focus on myths learning the features and using their descriptive techniques from last week to write a myth of their very own.

In maths children will be focusing on multiplication and division for the next three weeks with this weeks focus on multiplying by 0, 1, 10 and 100. Children will be using their knowledge of place value to help them.

In Science children will be conducting an experiment and will be learning about the importance of making it a fair test. They will be watching me do it all wrong and then correcting my mistakes.

This week in topic week are continuing to learn about our local history and will be making a time line of important events that have helped to shape the Isle of Sheppey as we know it today.

The children are also putting their finishing touches to their play do that they are ready to perform this next week. It would be lovely to see you all there. As part of this on Wednesday 15th November the children will be joining the year 4 classes at Westminster to practice and tweak any last minute changes.


Have a lovely week.


Miss Selfe


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Maths Investigations

This week the children have been learning all about perimeter in maths. They have conducted their own investigations to find the shape with the biggest perimeter and the smallest perimeter, using the same amount of tiles.

“To create a shape with a bigger perimeter, you need to create more edges.”  Rosie F


maths 1

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Kindness Workshop

Today Eagle and Penguin class were lucky enough to have Frances and Laurie give us a creative workshop on Kindness. They spoke to us about the ripple effect of being kind and how important kindness is in the world. We used pebbles, shells and plaques to create our very own guerrilla art by writing kindness messages on them. Our messages had to be about how to be kind to ourselves, the environment and each other. We had a fantastic day and cannot wait to see our artwork displayed in the school grounds!

Be Kind photo Rose Street 5 Be Kind photo Rose Street 4 Be Kind photo Rose Street 2 Be kind photo Rose Street 1

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Term 2 Newsletter and Homework Grid.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you lovely homework. Remember you must be reading regularly at home as well as practising spellings given on a Monday for a spelling quiz on Friday. HOMEWORK TERM 2 term 2 newsletter

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Creating a model of the water cycle

On Monday children created a model of the water cycle. Their model had to include evidence of the three different stages.


science 4

‘The water drops on the clingfilm showed us that the water in the bottom had evaporated and travelled up then condensed. When it  fell down it was like precipitation.’  Rosie W

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Week Beginning 6th November

This week the children have some exciting days ahead. In literacy the children will be drafting and completing a final copy of their own story all about the water cycle along with continuing their work with SNAP. ( Look out for more information on this later in the week, when a letter is sent home).  In maths the children will be learning all about perimeter and how to find it. They will have to help the perimeter ant on his travels. In science the children will be continuing with work on the water cycle and will be writing a report to explain the different stages within it. On Thursday will have an art afternoon to celebrate kindness day. Could you please ensure your children’s forms are completed and returned to school otherwise they will be unable to take part.  Thank you Miss Selfe

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Spooky Halloween Pumpkins

Tuesday afternoon- it was lovely that so many of you could join us for a pumpkin carving session in aid of Halloween. I know the children really enjoyed the afternoon and we hope you all did too.

pumpkin 1 pumpkin 2

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Week Beginning 30th October

Hello and welcome back !

We have another exciting term lined up in year 4.

In literacy this week we will be learning about all of the different features and writing techniques needed to write a story in order to write our own story next week.

In maths we will be converting measurements. Using our knowledge from year 3 in order to convert meter to kilometres.

Our topic this term has remained the Rotten Romans although in history will be learning more about our local heritage… We are kick starting this by learning about the local myth The Legend of Grey Dolphin.

Science we are looking at states of matter and will be learning all about the process involved in the water cycle.


Don’t forget Tuesday is Halloween and you have the opportunity to join us for the afternoon to carve pumpkins.

Look forward to seeing you … Miss Selfe

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Information Technology- Creating a Quiz

Eagle’s have been working hard this week to create a working quiz. They have used the computer program scratch to program and debug their own quiz, using the blocks provided. The children worked in pairs and although it was frustrating at first that have worked hard at their quizzes to make-sure they function correctly.



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Sneak Peak… SNAP poetry

This week Eagle Class have had another visit from the SNAP team along with working on our our performance and dance, the children decided that they wanted to add in a poem at the end of the play, to describe the characters feelings.

Here is our class poem:

Devastated, emerging angrily from the crowd,

Upset, slouching over his brother, he sobbed uncontrollably,

Regretfully, wanting to erase what he had done,

Murmuring quietly ‘Rome, Rome,Rome,’

Standing courageously, a smirk slowly creeps across his face,

United, the crowd shout triumphantly ‘Rome is now our HOME!’

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Week Beginning- 16th October

Well done Eagles you have made it through your first tern in Year 4 ! We have covered lots of interesting learning. This week as it is Black History month we will be researching black inventors and their creations to produce a non chronological report. In Maths the children will be learning different ways to check their working out to ensure their have got their answers correct.  In science we will be learning about the evaporation process and discovering which conditions speed up this process and which conditions slow down this process. In topic we will be continuing to learn about what the Romans have done for Britain and their legacy. SNAP will be joining us this week to continue our drama work.

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11th October Dance Class

Eagle’s have been learning a dance to shear with you at our performance next term. Our first rehearsal of the dance was yesterday and they all had great fun doing it.

 snap dance

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Christmas Cards

This year we are participating in a Christmas Card art project.  All the children in the school have had the opportunity to design their own Christmas cards that you may purchase to be able to send the ultimate personalised Season Greeting.

The cards were handed out by class teachers last Friday and the deadline for ordering is Monday October 16th.  The cards will then go off for printing and be back in time for sending to all for Christmas.

The school will receive £1 for every pack of cards ordered.  The money will go towards buying some playground toys and equipment.  We hope to raise lots!! Here are some of examples of some of the amazing artwork that was created from Nursery to Year 6.

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Solid, Liquid or Gas?

Today Eagles conducted their own experiments. They had to work as a team to observe as many changes of state as possible. They saw liquids turn to gas and back to a liquid again. They also watched as a solid became a liquid. All of these changes are reversible and the children can explain why.


science 1 science 2

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