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Year Five Penguins

End of Term 1!

I’d just like to say well done to all of the children and how proud I am of all their hard work this term. They have made so much progress and we are really excited for our next term with them.

Have a wonderful break and enjoy your time off, you all deserve it!


Miss Carter, Miss Moorcroft and Miss Weir 🙂

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Homework Grid

Here is the homework grid for Term 2, remember it is optional but the more you do the greater your learning will be! 🙂


Home Learning


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Lego Challenge – 19.10.17

On Thursday 19th October, Arif (Y5) and Findley (Y6) were joined by two children from West Minster Primary School to participate in the Lego Challenge final, at BAE Systems in Rochester. They had won the previous challenge day held at Rose Street the week before, granting them a place in the final.

The children were given a design brief to design a castle fit for a king. The brief specified that it had to have:

  • A doorway large enough for two knights on horseback to enter.
  • Narrow windows all around for archers
  • A pleasing design
  • A drawbridge or gate

The children drew some fantastic to scale drawings and worked brilliantly as a team to create their model. Unfortunately, they didn’t win but we couldn’t be prouder of them and what a fantastic job they did at representing the Sheerness West Federation! 🙂

lego2 lego1

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In Year 5 we have been looking at instructions. Before writing our own we went outside and instructed our partner around the playground. We then created a success criteria when writing or following instructions:

  • Listen or read them very carefully.
  • Make the instructions clear and simple.
  • Be sure to follow them correctly.


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Next Week – W/C 16.10.17

English – Next week in English we will be continuing with our instructions, and then making the finished product! As well as this, we will be investigating black inventors (as part of Black History Month) and writing a non-chronological report.

Maths – In Maths will be using the inverse to help us check our calculations. Then we will be finishing the term with multi-step problems.

Topic – We will making some Viking food and continuing to learn about Norse mythology.

Science – In Science we will be separating mixtures using various methods.

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Disappearing Act!

In Science we have been looking at materials that are soluble and insoluble. In order to investigate this we had different substances (flour, sugar, salt, coffee and rice) and put them into cups of water. We then recorded our results and discussed if they were soluble or insoluble.


dissolve1 dissolve2 dissolve3 dissolve4

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Shine bright!

In Science this week we have been learning about electrical conductors. We had to investigate which material was the best electrical conductor by creating circuits with different materials in them, and then recording how brightly the bulb shone. As a class we discovered that metal was the best electrical conductor.

conduct ` conduct 3

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Christmas Cards

This year we are participating in a Christmas Card art project.  All the children in the school have had the opportunity to design their own Christmas cards that you may purchase to be able to send the ultimate personalised Season Greeting.

The cards were handed out by class teachers last Friday and the deadline for ordering is Monday October 16th.  The cards will then go off for printing and be back in time for sending to all for Christmas.

The school will receive £1 for every pack of cards ordered.  The money will go towards buying some playground toys and equipment.  We hope to raise lots!! Here are some of examples of some of the amazing artwork that was created from Nursery to Year 6.

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I have a dream…

In English we have been working really hard on our speeches inspired by Martin Luther King Jnr. Here are some examples of our work:


“I have a dream that one day, every disability will be left behind. I have confidence that this will happen and everyone can be friends and no one will be left out. I believe that this dream shall come true!

I have a dream that people shall not be treated differently because of their nationality, but upon their inner character. I have confidence that this shall come true and everyone can live in happiness. I believe that this dream shall come true!

I have a dream that genders should both be treated the same. I have confidence that this shall come true and women’s stuff should be equal to men’s. I believe that this dream shall come true!

I imagine and truly believe, that one day in the future we will become a team. Instead of treating us horribly, treat us equally and we can stay together in peace. We will step out of this twister of racism and murder, and enter into a country where there is only heaven. A place where we are the same. I know this will be true and it will happen, sooner or later!” – Faith


“I have a dream that people will be treated the same. I have faith that people won’t be judged on their religion and this will come true!

I have a dream that one day people will not be judged by their skin colour and how they look. I have faith that all people will be treated the same. I believe this dream will be true!

I have a dream that boys and girls will not mock each other, or bully each other. I have faith that all races will not mock each other. I hope that this will become true!

I dream that one day people will be equal and will be treated the same way. No matter how people look or no matter how they speak, people are people. I believe this will become true one day! It will be reality”  – Dovydas


“I have a dream that racist people can be nice to others. I hope that racist people stop bullying, and this will come true one day!  

I have a dream that black and white people get treated the same way. This will come true one day. I hope that they can become friends!

I have a dream that boys will not take the mick out of girls and girls won’t take the mick out of the boys! I have high hopes that this will come true one day and girls and boys can be friends!

I have a dream that black and white people are treated the same way and I know this will become true and they can live in harmony! Together we will be friends forever.” – Tyler


“I have a dream that one day equal opportunity will be made for different genders. I have confidence that all the unfair opportunities  will sail away and never appear again.

I have a dream that one day, people will not be judged by their disabilities. I have confidence that this will stop and be kind to one another. I believe this dream will come true.

I have a dream that one day, people are not violent or bring war. I have confidence that our world will be in peace and harmony and we will live in happiness. I believe this dream will come true.

I believe that all racism will stop and we will all guide each other throughout life. Together we will sail away to a land where we all have equal opportunities and live in peace. I am confident this dream will come true.” – Ellie B


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Next Week – W/C 09.10.17

English – On Monday we will be performing our speeches to conclude this unit of work. Following on from this, we will start looking at instructions and creating our own.

Maths – In Maths we will be continuing with subtraction, then we will be moving onto estimation and approximation.

Topic – Next week in Topic we will be continuing to learn about Norse Mythology.

Science – In Science we will be investigating electrical conductors. Then later on in the week we will be studying how the temperature of a liquid can effect the way a substance dissolves.

RE – In RE we will be discussing The Story of Creation and The Big Bang, from this we will then be creating a visual representation of the story.

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This week in Maths we have been revising addition using column method. To start off we used some manipulatives and created our sums on place value charts. This really helped our learning! 🙂

Maths add1 Maths add2 Maths add3 Maths add

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Next Week – W/C 02.10.17

English – As it is Black History month, and having completed our narratives, we will be writing speeches inspired by Martin Luther King Jnr. Expressing our dreams for the future focusing on equality and respect!

Maths – In Maths we will be learning how to add numbers with 4 or more digits using the appropriate method.

Topic – Next week in Topic we will be learning about Norse Mythology.

Science – In Science we will be planning and conducting two very exciting investigations!

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Today in English we compared the opening and ending of our class text “Beowulf”. We created freeze frames of  emotions the reader would be feeling in each section.


ending opening

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Next Week – W/C 25.09.17

English –  In English we are going to start planning our Hero versus Monster narrative, thinking about the effect each part of the plot will have on the reader.

Maths – In Maths we are going to be learning about Roman Numerals.

Topic – We are going to become archaeologists and study Viking artefacts!

Science – We will be learning about insulators and conductors, and creating and carrying out our own scientific investigation.

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Hot seating!

In English we each had to choose either a Hero or Monster card out of the box. This assigned us our character and we then had to find a partner that was the opposite to us. We then asked each other questions to learn more about the character through dialogue.

hotseating 2 Hotseating

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Hero versus Monster!

In English we have started to plan our hero versus monster narratives. Today we were looking how the characters would move during a battle. After this we got into pairs/threes and created freeze frames inspired by the battle scene in ‘Beowulf’.

BS 1 bs2 BS3 bs4

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Viking Raid!

Today in Topic we carried out our very own Viking raid and took one half of the class completely by surprise! We then discussed the different emotions we would feel as a Viking warrior or an Anglo-Saxon villager during an invasion.

raid 1 raid 2 raid 3 raid 4

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Minster Abbey!

Today Year 5 visited Minster Abbey and we had a fantastic time. We learnt about Viking invasions, how Vikings dressed, the Viking history of the island and some Viking tales! 🙂

ma3 MA1 ma5 ma6

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Next Week – W/C 18.09.17

English –  In English we will be concluding our unit on newspapers by peer  assessing our work. We are then going to start working towards our next piece of writing, a hero versus monster narrative.

Maths – Next week in Maths we will be looking at negative numbers.

Topic – We are going to be continuing to study how the Vikings invaded and writing our very own diary entries as a Viking villager.

Computing – We are going to be creating our very own programming storyboards.

We also have our trip to Minster Abbey on Tuesday 19th September which we are very excited for! 🙂

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Rounding Numbers!

Today in Maths we practised rounding numbers to the nearest thousand on the playground!

rounding 2 rounding

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