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Year Five Penguins

Maya Masks!

Today we completed our Maya masks after many lessons of hard work. We think they look absolutely amazing and we are very, very proud of them ๐Ÿ™‚

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Executive Head Teacher Christmas Card!

The winner of the Executive Head Teacher Christmas card competition was in Penguin class and we couldn’t be prouder. Well done Tyler ๐Ÿ™‚ !!

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Next Week – W/C 11.12.17

English – Next week in English we will be completing our research for our non-chronological report. Then transferring this into our own words in the form of an information text about the Ancient Maya.

Maths – Our last maths lessons of this term will be about two-way tables and interpreting information from timetables.

Topic/Art – We will be completing our Maya masks which already look fantastic! As well as this, we will be trying some Maya food and making Maya instruments. 

RE โ€“ The children have a fantastic opportunity this week with a Nativity workshop. The children will be learning the story of the nativity through drama as a class. They will also be watching Reception, Year 1 and the drama club perform festive productions. This is a great learning opportunity and gives the children the chance to see their siblings and friends perform!

We will also be starting to celebrate Christmas by making lots of lovely Christmas things ๐Ÿ™‚


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Stack ’em!

Today in PE it was too wet to go outside so we were challenged to stack the cups as high as we could. We worked as a team and we think we did a brilliant job! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Investigating Evaporation!

In our Science lessons we have been investigating evaporation. We set up petri dishes of warm water mixed with salt and placed them in different areas around the room. After a couple of days the water had evaporated and left behind salt crystals.

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Christmas Cupcakes!

This afternoon in Year 5 we decorated our Chritmas cupcakes for the school fayre. We think they look brilliant, we love our cute reindeers and melted snowmen! ๐Ÿ™‚


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Next Week – W/C 04.12.17

English – Our final unit for Term 2 will be writing a non-chronological report. Next week we will be starting our research and selecting our own focus within the history of the Ancient Maya.

Maths – We will be interpreting and drawing line graphs and towards the end of the week we will be looking at various types of tables.

Science – In Science we will be investigating the scientific process of evaporating. 

Topic/Art – The children will be making their Maya masks next week based upon their beautiful designs. 

Christmas Fayre – The children will be making their items for the FORS Christmas Fayre next week! Clue: They are very yummy with glowing red noses! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Spellings – Week 6

Spelling Week 6

Please see above for Week 6 spellings ๐Ÿ™‚

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Rio has been doing some fantastic work with Miss Pike and has created a fantastic character called Egor the Viking. This is a big achievement for him and we are really excited to see what he comes up with next!

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Irreversible Changes

Today in Science Year 5 were observing irreversible changes. First, we discussed some everyday reversible and irreversible changes we see such as puddles evaporating and ice melting.

We mixed warm milk and white vinegar to create casein.

We also mixed bicarbonate of soda with white vinegar.

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Online Safety!

Yesterday Year 5 and 6 were lucky enough to watch a performance about Online Safety. It was a play about Jamie and Serena, and how they got themselves into some sticky situations online. The children helped to sort out their problems. Some of our lovely parents joined us for the performance too and they also found it very useful. We will definitely make sure we are staying safe online and learn from Jamie and Serena’s mistakes! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Next Week – W/C 27.11.17

English – Next week we will be continuing with our formal letters to Basil Fawlty. Later in the week, we will be writing an informal reply as Basil Fawlty himself!

Maths – In maths we will be starting our statistics unit and looking at different graphs and tables.

Science – Our next science lesson will involve observing irreversible and reversible changes.

Topic – We will be learning about what the Ancient Maya believed in and creating our very own Maya god. 

Just a reminder next week is parent consultation week, I am looking forward to seeing all parents to discuss how brilliantly the children have been doing! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Lantern Workshop

Yesterday Penguin class participated in the lantern making workshop with Big Fish Arts. We had a fantastic time and our lanterns look absolutely amazing. We are so proud of them and can’t wait to use them in the Lantern Parade!


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Separating Materials

On Tuesday Penguin class were using different resources and processes to separate materials. We had to separate raisins and flour, paper clips and rice, sand and water. We selected the best scientific processes to separate the materials after a class tally. 

We used magnets to separate the rice and paper clips.

We used a sieve to separate the raisins and flour.

We used filter paper and a funnel (filtration) to separate sand and water.

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Free Verse Poetry

As part of our poet appreciation study we have been writing revolting poetry, inspired by Roald Dahl’s ‘Revolting Rhymes’. In a contrast to Roald Dahl, we selected fairy-tale settings as our stimuli instead of traditional tales to inspire our writing.



“Rotten broken fairy wings,

rainbows glimmering in the sky.

Broken castle rat infested,

revolting spiders crawling on walls.

Scarlet red feathered phoenix,

indigo blue sky.

Icy frozen water,

gunky gooey slime!” – Alfie B


“Rapid azure waterfall,

ugly lime green burping frog.

Colossal magenta willow trees,

smelly slithering everywhere.

Glittering midnight sky,

black tiny spiders scurry along trees.

Faded rainbow high in the sky.” – Charlie


“Sapphire sky shimmering slowly,ย 

lumpy bumpy vomit pouring.

Colourful rainbow fading,

slimy sticky snot bubbles floating disgracefully.

Reeking rotten lily pads,

ugly fairy flying fiercely.

Mouldy, mossy grass swaying rapidly,

Alabaster white swan swimming elegantly.

Enchanted willow tree talking slowly,

tall teal turrets towering.” – Ellie B

fairytale 2

“Golden stinky fairies coughing,

rose red flowers floating.

Slippery, cold slime splashing,

elegant wolves howling loudly.

Snotty owls burping rudely,

peanut brown fawns skipping gracefully.

Violent wasps buzzing slowly,

cyan rippling lakes sparkling.”ย  ย  – Poppy


“Brown majestic eagles fly quickly to their prey,

wine purple sky twinkling with stars.

Fire orange fish farting,

shimmering slimy berry water.

Hazel wood eyes blinking,

dirty colossal trees towering wisely.

Blush flowers limping moodily,

lovely indigo waterfall running loudly.” – Rhys


“Midnight sky as dark as onyx,ย 

crows swoop, hunt, eat.

Owls hoot cough up pellets,

trees wave, bend, creek.

Emerald slime sloshes at my feet,

slimy toadstool, burping fairy.

Chartreuse green lily pads floating,

dancing, burping fish bones.” – Dylan


“Ugly rotten eagle flying angrily,

beautiful colossal tree swaying.

Black water splashing everywhere,

majestic lime green snake slithering smoothly.

Tiger orange lily pads floating,

pink slime smelling like candyfloss.

Fair hairy spiders with moustaches,

majestic purple worm swiftly moving.” – Dovydas

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Prime Numbers

Today in maths we were learning about prime and composite numbers. Miss Carter then set us the task of identifying all of the prime numbers between 10 and 100 – it was definitely a challenge!


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Next Week – W/C 20.11.17

English – Penguin class completed their poems on Friday which were fantastic. Now we will be looking at formal letters and eventually writing our own, inspired by an episode of Fawlty Towers.

Maths – We’ve tackled some really tricky things in maths the last few weeks and the children have done a brilliant job. Next week in maths we will be learning how to multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 100.

Topic – In Topic next week we will be completing our diary entries as a child from the Ancient Maya. Then we will be learning about who and what the Ancient Maya believed in.

Science – We will be continuing our investigation into the separation of materials and then learning about irreversible changes.

Lantern making workshop will be on Thursday 23rd November, all parents are welcome ๐Ÿ™‚

The children will also be bringing home spellings next week, and will be tested every Tuesday starting 28.11.17.

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Next Week – W/C 09.11.17

English – Next week in English we move onto our third and final week of poetry. We will be transforming our fairy-tale land descriptions into free verse poetry and then into a revolting rhyme, inspired by Roald Dahl.

Maths – In Maths we will be looking at prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers.

Topic – It is a busy week next week in Topic as we will be learning more about the Maya and their place in history. Following on from this we will be looking at how they lived and then writing a diary entry as a Maya child.

Science – In Science we will be investigating different ways to separate materials.

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Kindness Workshop

Today Eagle and Penguin class wereย lucky enough to have Frances and Laurie give us a creative workshop on Kindness. They spoke to us about the ripple effect of being kind and how important kindness is in the world. We used pebbles, shells and plaques to create our very own guerrilla art by writing kindness messages on them. Our messages had to be about how to be kind to ourselves, the environment and each other. We had a fantastic day and cannot wait to see our artwork displayed in the school grounds!

Be Kind photo Rose Street 5 Be Kind photo Rose Street 4 Be Kind photo Rose Street 2 Be kind photo Rose Street 1

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Today inย Art/Topic we were sketching patterns inspired by the Ancient Maya. Once we had finished sketching we began colouring these in using bright, bold colours! We will then use these patterns to decorate our Maya instruments.

may1 may2 may3 may4

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