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Year Five Penguins


Today in Computing we discussed how to stay safe online. After this, we looked at different blogs and discussed what they are used for. Then we created our own blogs using the laptops about how to stay safe online! Click on one of the links below and have a read:

Charlie Blog

Daisy T Blog

Josh D and Ejay Blog

Kaitlyn Blog

Megan Blog

Morgan Blog

Skye Blog

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Life Cycles!

Today we learnt about the life cycles of various living things such as: amphibians, plants and insects. We created some posters which we will present to the class.

Sci3 Sci5 Sci4 Sci2 Sci1 IMG_1261

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Art – Session 3

This week in our sessions with Matt Rowe we focused on building up the layers of liquid latex on our masks, to create a skin-like texture. After this we began painting our display boxes in beautiful, bright colours!

week31 week32 week35 IMG_1248

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Sports Day 2017

Today we competed at Sports Day 2017 with West Minster. We had a fantastic day and everyone worked really well in their teams. Unfortunately, we didn’t win overall however we really enjoyed taking part and can’t wait to do it again next year!

IMG_0977  Sports day 1 Sports day 2 Sports day 4 Sports day 5 Sports day 6 Sports day 7

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Next Week – W/C 22.05.17

English –  In English we will be completing our narratives inspired by ‘The Jungle Book’, concluding with an action packed battle scene.

Maths – We will be revising our exam technique by analysing and answering arithmetic and reasoning questions.

Science – This week we will be learning about the life cycles of: insects, amphibians and plants. We will be comparing them and identifying the similarities and differences.

Art – This will be our third session with the artist Matt Rowe, we can’t wait to continue working on our masks.

Topic – To wrap up our Topic we will be learning about endangered species on Friday and producing a monologue from the perspective of an endangered animal.

Computing – On Thursday we will be having a Computing morning and creating our own “blogs”.

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Suspense Writing

Today in English we focused on how to create suspense within our writing, which we will then apply to our narratives later this week. We used short sentences, powerful vocabulary and ellipsis to do this and used this picture as our stimulus.


“The midnight moon was glowing bright. Jane yawned as she drove home from a long shift. The road was unusually misty and Jane felt uncomfortable driving alone. Suddenly, she felt a bump and she stopped. Feeling unsettled she stepped out of the car into the foggy haze. There was nothing there. As she turned back around, her body filled with goosebumps. She heard a rustling of old crispy leaves nearby. Branches snapped. She gasped. She was not alone anymore…” – Benas and Chene

“In the darkness of the night when the moonlight was piercing through the misty trees. I was riding my bike along the isolated road. Suddenly, a dark figure darted in front of me. I found myself on the mossy, uneven floor. I tried to scream but my throat was paralysed. Terrified I closed my eyes to try to un-see the horror. My heartbeat became faster and faster as I heard the branches snap, it had drawn closer…” – Katie, Daisy R and Dylan

“On Wednesday 27th June, I was having my daily stroll through the misty woods, when a tree root grabbed my leg and sucked me into the tree. I got knocked out. I didn’t know where I was… fear overtook my body and my heart stopped! As I woke up, I saw shadows swiftly and cautiously swaggering from side to side. I had suddenly realised I had been gone for a few days and needed to return… Then I saw a flashing light on the floor and went to pick it up, and slipped on some moss down a hole! It was damp, it was dark, I had no clue where I now was.” – Saffron, Grace and Silas

“Charlotte was sat in her tent when suddenly, she saw shadows creeping against the material. Charlotte felt terrified. It was then she realised she had no one to protect her. She was completely alone in the hulking forest. It was silent. All of sudden she heard someone breathing near the zip of the tent. Charlotte started to sweat with horror. She closed her eyes quickly. Then curled up into a ball, hoping it would stop. The trees started to rustle, the birds flew away and branches snapped. It went silent again. Then she heard footsteps running away…” – Josh D and Reece

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Art – Session 2

This week we had our second session with Matt Rowe which involved constructing and layering our masks. We began to build upon the masks using plastic cups, paper plates and spoons to transform the masks into our chosen animal.

After this we then layered tissue paper in bright colours using liquid latex, we think they look amazing!

IMG_0919 IMG_0923   mask 1 mask 2

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Finding the Volume!

Today in the Maths we were learning about finding the volume of shapes. We learnt the mathematical formula and then used multi-link cubes to find out the first 10 cubed numbers…

multi link 2  multi link1multi link 3

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Extreme Reading

Are you up for a little challenge?  If so please open the link to find out more.


Extreme Reading Challenge

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Next Week – W/C 11.05.17

Next week we will be doing some tests to see how much we have learnt so far in Year 5!

Alongside this we will be learning lots of wonderful things 🙂 …

English –  In English we will be continuing with our narratives inspired by ‘The Jungle Book’. This week our focus is to develop our villains and learn how to create suspense.

Maths – We will be learning about Volume and Capacity next week, and will be conducting some mathematical investigations.

Science – Last week we were learning about the life cycles of different mammals, and this week we will be learning the life cycle of birds. We will then be thinking about how this is different to the life cycle of a mammal and why that might be!

Art – This will be our second session with the artist Matt Rowe, we can’t wait to find out what he has planned!

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Mrs Monticelli’s Marvellous Medicine

Today Mrs Monticelli conducted a fantastic science experiment outside for our assembly. It involved a bottle of Pepsi and Mentos mints, have a look at what happened to her and her helpers 🙂 …

Science 1 Science 2

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Hot Seating & Dialogue

Today in English we picked out animal cards from a box and then picked a card with either Good or Evil written on it.

This created our character for our hot seating exercise, we then asked our partner some questions. After this, we had to guess which animal they were and if they were Good or Evil – based upon what they had said!



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Art – Session 1

This week we started our sessions with the wonderful Matt Rowe, an external artist that we will be working very closely with.

We are going to be working with Matt to eventually create masks inspired by animals we are learning about within our topic. Today we experimented with Chavant clay, and focused on making textured models based upon a particular animal.

IMG_0817 Art 3

Art 1 Art 3 Art 4 Art 6

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Home Learning!

Take a look at some of the great Home Learning we have produced this term….

IMG_0796 IMG_0798  HL 9  Our fantastic enclosures!

As well as brilliant research, drawings and descriptive writing….

HL 10 HL 11 HL 13HL 14


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Word Detectives!

Today in English we became ‘Word Detectives’, this involved using magnifying glasses and thesauri to find synonyms to expand our vocabulary. Our focus was to find words that could be used to create a specific mood. We were given envelopes labelled GOOD (green card) and BAD (orange card), organising the moods into these categories.

IMG_0782 IMG_0784 IMG_0786 IMG_0792

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Next Week – W/C 08.05.17

English – Next week in English we will be planning and writing the opening to our narratives. We will be adding to our Storytelling Packs and becoming jungle animals.

Maths – In Maths we will be continuing with multiplication and division, to improve our mathematical skills!

Topic – In Topic we will be comparing Desert and Rainforest habitats, focusing on their similarities and their differences.

R.E – Our focus for R.E next week is Christianity, and we will be studying the features and their importance within the religion.

Art –  The children can’t wait to start their Art sessions with the professional artist next week, and neither can I!

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Descriptive Writing

Today in English we wrote setting descriptions inspired by Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book’.


“As you step towards the aqua blue waterfall, you can hear colossal waves crash down like a herd of elephants. Further away, lies a green paradise with humongous mountains in the distance.” – Findley

“The dazzling waters bounce off the cliffs, all is peaceful. The hills are emerald green and all the water is coloured (azure blue). Rapid waves come overlapping the hills, as the water bounds down the hillside. Also, candyfloss rapids parade the waters floating around.” – Gemma


“Unknown sounds break out of the dark, rustling leaves and vines. Mischievous noises stomp around. Animals are lurking around under the undergrowth.” – Katie

“I can hear the taunts of the old explorers in the dead of night in the overgrown forest. Shadows lurk in the misty clouds. Crunchy leaves break apart when I step on them.” – Saffron

DW 3

“The cold mossy temple stood abandoned for one hundred years. Its crumbling stone walls were full of the creatures from the rain.” – Dylan

“The mossy, ramshackled and abandoned old temple is full with emerald green moss. The temple is isolated (in the middle of nowhere). The colossal temple looks like it is about to fall to pieces. The vast vines wrap around the temple like a snake about to suffocate somebody.” – Joshua H

“An old temple stands in a rainforest. It is surrounded by old but beautiful statues. The temple is a ramshackled old thing covered in a layer of dust and moss. If you stand still and look, this majestic temple seems to have small patterns on every single brick. Trees stand and guard it, keeping a suspicious eye on it’s every move.” – Daisy T

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Storytelling Packs

Today in English we started to add to our ‘Storytelling Packs’.

ST 2

Within these we are going to add all the different elements we will need for our jungle narratives. Today we focused on setting and had to fill our ‘Setting’ envelope with a range of words inspired by three different jungle settings, as well as the ones from Rudyard Kipling’s work!

ST 1

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Highest Common Factor

Today in Maths we used Venn Diagrams to find the greatest common factors. Firstly, this really helped us to see the factors the numbers had in common. Then we were able to identify the largest factor in the middle.

Maths 11 Maths 12

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Next Week – W/C 01.05.17

As we only have a 3 day week next week (due to the Bank Holiday and Inset Day) we have lots to learn in a short amount of time! 🙂

English – Next week in English we will be starting our unit inspired by ‘The Jungle Book’, as we begin to create our own narratives!

Maths – We will be moving on from Reflection and Translation next week to start revising Multiplication and Division.

Science – In Science we will be learning about the life cycle of a mammal.

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