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Year Five Penguins

Next Week – W/C 03.07.17

English –  In English we will be completing our mystery story inspired by the Titanic.

Maths – This week in Maths we will be solving a TITANIC problem in teams, putting all of our maths skills to the test.

Science – In Science we will be conducting scientific experiments to test the density of water and buoyancy of objects.

Amongst this we will be doing lots of fun activities before the children transition to Year 6 🙂

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Who was responsible for the Titanic sinking?

Today in Topic we had a historical debate about who was responsible for the sinking of the Titanic. Each team stood in a different area of the room and argued their points. We debated whether Bruce Ismay, Officer Murdoch, Captain Edward Smith, Captain Lord and Frederik Fleet. Some of us changed our minds throughout as our classmates persuaded us!

IMG_1546 debate 1 debate 2 debate 3

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Hot seating!

In Penguin class we are writing a mystery story about a girl named Mary who goes missing on the Titanic. Today we hot-seated one another as Mary, in order to get a better understanding of her character.


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Highsted Science Visit

Today we were visited by a Science teacher from Highsted, she taught us about a range of different animals and taught us about how they adapt in their habitat. We also learnt about food webs and the difference between herbivores and carnivores.

IMG_1424 IMG_1464 IMG_1428 Gecko

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Next Week – W/C 26.06.17

English –  In English we will be continuing with our suspense/mystery narratives. Each lesson more details of our mystery will be revealed in our writing.

Maths – This week in Maths we will be looking at angles and the properties of shapes. We will be carrying out a number of class investigations

Science – In Science we will be learning about Sir Isaac Newton and his discovery.

Topic –  A historical debate will be taking place in Penguin class next week, as we try to decide who we think is responsible for the sinking of the RMS Titanic.

Our Art exhibition is on Wednesday 28th June at 3:30pm, we hope to see you there 🙂

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History Detectives

Today in Topic we became history detectives and we had to use primary and secondary sources to answer questions about the Titanic. We looked at newspaper articles, fact files, menus, photographs and diagrams.

enq 2 enq 3

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Air Resistance

Today in Science we were learning about air resistance, we looked at how the state of paper effects how much air resistance it has.

IMG_1337 AR1 AR2

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Narrative Poetry

In Penguin class we have been writing narrative poetry inspired by the RMS Titanic.

Boarding the Ship by Daisy T

“Many people buzz around.

Lots of excited feet touch the ground,

As a variety of classes wave goodbye,

There are seabirds squawking noisily in the sky.


The Titanic metal island will depart from land, 

First class passengers are looking grand,

Second class scatter in their casual outfits looking pleasant.

Third class didn’t look classy, in fact they looked like peasants!


First and third were definitely separated, 

First class food was to be celebrated;

Delicious food with lots of flavour.

For third class, having lunch was a favour.


Some people travelled with their wives,

Whereas others travelled alone to start new lives.

Passengers all with their own reason,

But on this ship in the same season.


This extravagant ship was very gigantic.

All aboard the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic!


Passengers looked like mere dots compared to this boat,

With so many boarding it, could it stay afloat?


The engines awoke and the funnels puffed out steam,

People were so elated they thought they were in a dream!


The priceless look on everybody’s faces, 

When they knew they would discover new places.

France and New York were on the list,

For many it was pure bliss. 


For some wet salty tears fell from their eyes,

As this all came as a surprise,

As the ship evacuated the dock, 

No one even guessed they were in for a terrifying shock…”


The Titanic by Megan H

“As the thrilled passengers said their emotional goodbyes,

Sad wet tears dripped from their eyes.

On ship was a mixture of different classes,

holding their first, second of third passes.


The engine woke and the ship vibrated,

As everyone was elated.

The nautical hotel left the dock,

Unaware they were in for a deadly shock.


An hour or two later danger came,

icebergs were everywhere it wasn’t the same.

The slippery ice-white mountain,

came closer as the clocking was counting.

Heartless frozen rocks,

were the scariest kind of docks.


As the jewel of danger hit the ship,

their tea or coffee was their last sip.

When the clock made its last dong,

The band carried on with their last song.”

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Next Week – W/C 19.06.17

English –  In English we will be beginning to look at suspense/mystery narratives. We will be identifying the features of this genre by watching a short film and read suspense/mystery stories. This will be working towards a suspense/mystery narrative inspired by the RMS Titanic.

Maths – This week in Maths we will be revisiting multiplication and division.

Science – In Science we will be conducting an investigation involving surface area and gravity.

Topic –  We will transform from historians to detectives next week, and will be looking at a range of sources to decide who we think is responsible for the sinking of the Titanic!

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Athlete Visit – Ryan Raghoo

Today Olympic Athlete Ryan Raghoo visited us at Rose Street. He spoke to us about his career and we were able to ask him lots of interesting questions. As well as this, we were lucky enough to have a 45 minute workshop with him which was really fun!

rr 1 rr 2 rr 3 rr 4


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We are Historians!

This term we are trying to improve our skills as historians! Today we looked at a range of historical sources, we had to identify the similarities and differences between now and the Edwardian time period.

H1 H2



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Titanic Cake!

Kaitlyn constructed a model of the RMS Titanic out of cake as part of her Home Learning. It tasted as amazing as it looks!

Kaitlyn 1 Kaitlyn 2

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Next Week – W/C 12.06.17

English –  In English we will begin continuing with “The Highwayman” but focusing on creating our own narrative poem, inspired by the Titanic.

Maths – This week in Maths we will be using the Singapore bar method to help us understand fractions.

Science – In Science we will be starting our new unit “Forces” and will be learning about the effect they have on objects.

Topic – Our Topic lesson next week will focus on comparing the life of Edwardian people to our own! We will become historians and be looking at the similarities and differences.


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Hook Day – Boarding the RMS Titanic

Today in Penguin class we boarded the RMS Titanic and explored all he different areas. We all dressed up in Edwardian clothes, either from 1st, 2nd or 3rd class and boarded with our very own boarding passes!


Titanic 1 Titanic 2 Titanic 3 Titanic 4 Titanic 5 Titanic 6 Titanic 7 Titanic 8 Titanic 9 IMG_1281

We learnt about the different classes of passengers, the layout of the ship, the food they would have eaten on board and what they would have brought with them on their journey. As well as this, we created our own menus for either 1st, 2nd or 3rd class.

Now we are extremely excited to learn more about the “unsinkable” ship!

Titanic 10 IMG_1289 IMG_1290 IMG_1291

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Next Week – W/C 05.06.17

English –  In English we will begin reading Alfred Noyes ‘The Highwayman’, analysing the key features, themes and vocabulary.

Maths – This week in Maths we will be using addition and subtraction to solve multi-step word problems.

Art – This week will be our final session with artist Matt Rowe, in which we will be completing our masks and then creating our very own exhibition.

Topic – To begin our Topic we will be boarding the Titanic (Wednesday 7th June) and learning about all the different features of the ship. Focusing on the differences between the classes and how their experiences would have differed, along with key features of the time period.


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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Term 6!

I hope you have all had a brilliant half term and enjoyed the sunshine 🙂

This term our topic is ‘The Titanic’ in which the children will be learning about the history of the “unsinkable” ship and the passengers on board.

English – In English we will be writing narrative poetry about the RMS Titanic and using “The Highwayman” to inspire our writing. As well as this, we will be writing a suspense/mystery narrative inspired by the Titanic.

Maths – The range of units we will be looking at in Maths this term are: addition, subtraction, multi-step word problems, shapes, angles, multiplication, division and converting metric and imperial measurements.

Science – This term our Science unit will be ‘Forces’, within this we will be learning about the different forces and the famous scientists that developed this area of science.

Design and Technology – In DT this term we will be making our very own mechanisms to reconstruct the Titanic striking an iceberg.


Term 6 – Newsletter

Home Learning – The Titanic

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Today in Computing we discussed how to stay safe online. After this, we looked at different blogs and discussed what they are used for. Then we created our own blogs using the laptops about how to stay safe online! Click on one of the links below and have a read:

Charlie Blog

Daisy T Blog

Josh D and Ejay Blog

Kaitlyn Blog

Megan Blog

Morgan Blog

Skye Blog

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Life Cycles!

Today we learnt about the life cycles of various living things such as: amphibians, plants and insects. We created some posters which we will present to the class.

Sci3 Sci5 Sci4 Sci2 Sci1 IMG_1261

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Art – Session 3

This week in our sessions with Matt Rowe we focused on building up the layers of liquid latex on our masks, to create a skin-like texture. After this we began painting our display boxes in beautiful, bright colours!

week31 week32 week35 IMG_1248

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Sports Day 2017

Today we competed at Sports Day 2017 with West Minster. We had a fantastic day and everyone worked really well in their teams. Unfortunately, we didn’t win overall however we really enjoyed taking part and can’t wait to do it again next year!

IMG_0977  Sports day 1 Sports day 2 Sports day 4 Sports day 5 Sports day 6 Sports day 7

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