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Year Six Kingfisher

Next Week – W/C 14.01.19

English – In English this week we will be continuing to write our balanced arguments. Focusing on using subordinating and coordinating conjunctions, colons and parenthesis.

Maths – We will moving onto our next unit of study which is decimals. We will be learning about numbers with up to 3 decimal places, multiplying decimals by 10, 100 and 1000 and then multiplying by integers.

Science – In Science we will be learning about how and why animals are classified.

Topic – Our topic focus this week will be looking at the history behind Japanese samurais, we may even be making something too… 🙂

Art –  We will be learning about cherry blossom trees and why they are important in Japan. From this we will then experiment with different painting techniques to create our own cherry blossoms.

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Young Voices 2019 – Dance Moves


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Young Voices 2019

Songs with lyrics, enjoy practicing 🙂 :





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Next Week – W/C 07.01.19

English – In English we will be continuing to study balanced arguments and practice giving reasons for and against. We will also be finding out our question for our balanced argument and will be researching and having debates to inspire our ideas.

Maths – We will now be looking at division in maths, in particular we will be revising efficient methods for dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 – to help us with our arithmetic.

Topic – Our Hook Day is on Monday and we will be learning about the location of Japan. We will then be learning about natural disasters and how Japan is often effected by these. As a result of this, we will then be designing and building structures that can survive earthquakes. 

Science – In science we will be classifying animals based upon their characteristics.


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Hook Day – Japan

Today we had our Hook Day for our Term 3 Topic… Japan! We had an absolutely fantastic day. Firstly, we learnt about where Japan is in the world and how it is located within the Ring of Fire. As a result of this, we learnt that Japan is vulnerable to being hit by natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. Miss Carter taught us about the tsunami in Japan in March 2011 and showed us videos of the devastating scenes. We were then set the task of creating an action plan as part of the British Red Cross team. We had a budget of £25, 000, 000 and had to work in our teams to decide what aid was the most important and why – whilst remaining within our budget.


Our next task was to put our knowledge of natural disasters to the test. We learnt about how the Japanese have adapted their buildings to survive earthquakes in different ways like: industrial cords, mass in the middle of buildings and traditional Japanese pagodas. These designs each cleverly help to prevent earthquake damage and we then had to create our very own “earthquake-proof” building, taking inspiration from the designs we had observed.


We used recycled materials and are very proud of our designs and we are hoping to paint them later on in the term! 🙂

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Term 3 – Homework Grid

Home Learning – Term 3 2018 – Y6 🙂

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Next Week – W/C 03.01.19

English – We will identifying the features of discussion texts and then we will be researching our own discussion text subject. 

Maths – In maths we are going back to basics to ease ourselves back in after the break. First, we will be revising column addition and subtraction and then applying our knowledge of this to solve reasoning problems. 

PSHE – In PSHE we will be setting ourselves New Year’s resolutions, and discussing why they are important to us. 

Topic & Science – As a class we will be a creating a list of questions about our units of study that we want to find the answers to throughout the term.


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Welcome Back!

Dear Mums, Dads and Carers,

Welcome back and a happy new year to you all!

This term our topic is ‘Japan’ in which we will be learning about the history, culture and present day life in this far away country. To support this we will be reading Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo in our Guided Reading sessions.

In Science our unit of study is ‘Living Things and their Habitats”. During the term we will be learning about the classification of animals, characteristics of different living things and micro-organisms.  

Our Maths lessons this term will focus on: formal methods, fractions, decimals and percentages. Alongside this we will also be continuing to regularly practice our times tables using Times Table Rockstars.

In our English lessons we will be covering many different genres, many linked to our topic. We will have three different purposes for writing this term, such as: entertain, inform and discuss. The children will be writing a discussion text, a historical narrative, survival guide and a fact-file.

PE will be on Wednesday (PE team) and Thursday (myself) this term, please have full kit in school on these days. As I would hate for the children to miss out on these sessions.

If you have any questions or queries please see me after school, or make an appointment with the office.

Many thanks for your constant support,

Miss Carter 🙂


REMINDER: Hook Day Monday 7th January, any cardboard boxes (big and small) would be greatly appreciated. As the children will be building structures inspired by their topic.

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Victorian Art – William Morris

This term we have been studying the work of Victorian artist William Morris. We selected sections of his art and tried to recreate them using our most precise drawing skills. As a class we noticed there was a clear theme of nature, so tried to make our drawings as organic as possible – avoiding straight, rigid lines. We then decided on our own colour scheme to express our own interpretation.

We think you’ll agree that they look brilliant! 🙂

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Next Week – W/C 10.12.18

English – We will be writing a short poem as a snowflake that is desperate to be part of Christmas. 

Maths – In maths we will be concluding our fractions unit and revising the methods we have learnt. 

Topic – During topic we will be learning about what a Victorian Christmas would be like and how it would be different to our own. 

Science – We will be coming to the end of our Science unit next week and we will be learning bout how plants adapt to survive. 


We will also be doing lots of lovely Christmas activities, as we have worked so hard this term! 🙂

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Fizz Pop!

A mad scientist visited Rose Street School on Tuesday morning!  Mr Neil Nuclear brought his wacky Fizz Pop Science company to our assembly hall and demonstrated to the children lots of crazy investigations about air.  He will be running an after school science club after Christmas at the school and parents are invited to book a place for their child on line at​  

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K’NEX Challenge!

Rose Street and West Minster year 5 & 6 pupils worked together today in a science challenge using K’nex.  The pupils paired up  with partners to design and build a vehicle that could travel on its own momentum down a ramp and overcome friction, the weight of a boot which each vehicle had to carry, and ensure that it could travel in a straight line without skidding. 

Frazer and Sammy-Jo from Penguin Class said “It was really fun and we learnt lots but at the end we wish we could have kept our vehicles. I definitely want to do this again!”

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Next Week – W/C 03.12.18

English – In English we will be writing letters to Father Christmas as a Victorian child. We will be aiming to use historical vocabulary and descriptive language.

Maths – Fractions, fractions, fractions! This time we will be multiplying fractions by fractions, fractions by integers and multiplying mixed numbers. 

Topic – We will be learning about Victorian jobs and discussing which one was the worst or the best. 

Art – In Art we will recreating Victorian art studying the work of William Morris. 

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Universal Children’s Day

On Tuesday 20th November we celebrated the United Nations Universal Children’s Day. Throughout the day we discussed how we can impact our lives, our community and even the world through the choices we make. One of our favourite activities from the day was making a Promise Paper-chain, which was made up of promises we made to ourselves and each other.

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Next Week – W/C 26.11.18

The children worked extremely hard this week and coped really well with their mock assessments. They deserve a well-deserved rest this weekend 🙂

English – Next week in English we will be looking at extracts from Oliver Twist and creating our own short story inspired by Dickens famous text.

Maths – We will be continuing with fractions, this time we will be multiplying and dividing. 

Topic/Art – The children will be continuing to create their William Morris pictures and learning about Victorian life.


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Next Week – W/C 19.11.18

English – In our English lessons we will be rehearsing and performing our Victorian poems about the changes during industrialisation. Following on from this we will then be using iMovie to record and evaluate our performances. 

Maths – During our maths lessons we will be revising subtracting fractions and mixed numbers. 

Art/Topic – We will be looking at the interiors of upper-class Victorian houses. Our lesson will focus on learning about William Morris and studying his work. As well as this, we will have a go at trying to recreate some of his famous patterns. 

Universal Children’s Day (20.11.18) – On Tuesday the children will be participating in various activities as part of Universal Children’s Day. They will discussing how to keep themselves, community and world safe. 


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Hook Day – Victorians

Today we were transported back to the Victorian Era. Our classroom was set out into rows and we followed Victorian rules, such as: standing up to answer a question, reciting poetry, handwriting and standing up when an adult entered the room. We also used our very own blackboards to complete our arithmetic and used chalk instead of pencil, which some of us found really tricky!

After this, we learnt about the life and reign of Queen Victoria and created a timeline of the main events in her life. We found this really interesting and couldn’t believe that she was Queen for 64 years!

Following on from our lesson about the great monarch, we looked at silhouette art and made a silhouette profile of Queen Victoria – which we think look really effective.

Then we spent the afternoon researching some of the inventions from the Victorian era. We researched who invented it, when it was invented and discussed how these inventions changed Victorian lives and even ours today. Some of the inventions we researched were the telephone, light bulb, sewing machine, photographic paper, typewriter and dynamite!

We had a great day and can’t wait to learn more about our topic this term 🙂

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Next Week – W/C 12.11.18

English – In English we will be completing the writing of our performance poems inspired by industrialisation. 

Maths – We will be revising how to add, subtract and multiply fractions. 

Science – Following on from our lesson on inheritance last week, we will be learning about how living things adapt in order to survive and develop. 

Topic – On Tuesday we will be experiencing a Victorian School Day and participating in different Victorian activities. We will also be learning about Queen Victoria and comparing Victorian life to present day. 

RE – We will discussing the different beliefs people have surrounding God. We will also be investigating what God means to different people and considering the reasons for this. 

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Magical Settings!

In our English lessons this week, we have been creating and writing magical setting descriptions inspired by Harry Potter. We had to select either Diagon Alley or Hogwarts and the Great Hall. Miss Carter read us extracts from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and we also were able to watch clips from the film. We hope you enjoy reading them 🙂



“Nervously, I stepped off the small tawny-brown boats and saw an amazing colossal castle towering over me, Almost unbelievably, I had arrived at my destination. Hogwarts a school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. As I gazed above, I saw a pearl-white moon shining in the coal-black sky illuminating the turrets, tall like witches hats, were a magnificent sight. Below them, a welcoming glow seeped from the arched windows. As we made our way through the school, the smell of roast chicken danced through the gaps in the gigantic doors. All of a sudden, the enormous doors opened – in front of my eyes was the most scrumptious sight. At the mention of a few words, the four long tables were filled with a feast. Roasted chicken, colourful cakes and mugs of the most sticky, sweet butterbeer.” – Briee

“Pumped with adrenaline, I frantically jumped out of the steaming Hogwarts Express. Right before my eyes, I was amazed by a huge giant, his name was Hagrid. To my surprise, we had to bravely step in to miniature oak wood boats. A lemon-yellow light came from a lantern on the nose of each boat. I could hear the twinkling indigo-blue water gently tickling the boat. I could hear werewolves howl at the luminous coconut-white foggy full moon. The silhouette of the colossal coal coloured castle known as Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Finally, we entered the Great Hall – in Hogwarts – it was like an ancient palace. I sat down on the perfectly polished wooden benches. At the front was a plump man with a long, silver beard. He told the feast to begin and in front of me appeared varieties of scrumptious foods. My nose was overwhelmed by the fumes of seducing food. Above my head flew graphite-grey gargoyles carrying pots filled with crimson fire. It was fabulous. Every time a plate of food finished, it would refill itself! All of a sudden, the Bloody Baron flew over my good. In the distance, I saw Nearly Headless Nick showing off his head hanging on ice thin hinges. I was certain that Hogwarts would be the place of my triumphs!” – Arif

“Excitedly, as the wall jumped back into place there was only colour. All that could be heard were witches and wizards talking about potions and creatures. My ears were about to explode. It was better than living with the dull, boring, cruel and colourless Dursleys. Lots of other children were staring at a broom called the Nimbus 2000. It was a love at first sight. Struggling to resist, I could smell some butterbeer ice cream from a shop called Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour. I was dribbling all over my clothes. I heard a screech and saw an owl behind  me on a pumpkin. It flew over me and ate a falling mouse outside. Awkwardly, pointing hats poked the sky. Velvet cloaks were everywhere. I was truly at home.” – Dylan

“As quick as a flash, I leapt off of my caramel-brown broomstick and landed on the lump ash-grey path. I could see fragile fairies flying above the crocodile-green and amethyst-purple hats. Just then, I heard wizards and witches gossiping about the new Nimbus 2000, the fastest broomstick around! After that, the smell of Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlour’s glitter unicorn ice-cream sundae made my mouth water. The pearl-white patterened pillars of Gringott’s Wizard Bank mesmerised me; it was stunning! I could taste the cinnamon potions bubbling from within The Apothecary. Out of curiosity, I looked in the shop and I noticed oil-black and amethyst potions bubbling behind the frozen glass window. I ventured inside to see an onyx-black cauldon filling the room with basil-green smoke. Just then I saw purple and black ooze pouring from potion bottles. I had never been so amazed! Velvet cloaks swayed behind the wizards and witches making what looked like a wave. Juniper-green apples and tiger-orange pumpkins floated in the air. Colourful buildings lent to one side as if they were going to fall. Diagon Alley was a sensational place to be.” – Ebony


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Next Week – W/C 05.11.18

English – As Harry Potter week will be over, we will be returning to our usual English lessons. Next week we will be looking at performance poetry and creating our own performance poems inspired by the Victorian Era.

Maths – Broomstick races and potions will be no more from next week! Instead we will be studying BODMAS and maybe even getting onto fractions by the end of the week.

Topic – Next week will be our first lesson on the Victorians and we will be learning about the Royal Family at the time and putting the era into context.

Science – Our Science lesson next week will focus on the theories of Charles Darwin and how fossils can tell us many things. 

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