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Year Six Kingfisher

Welcome Back!

What’s new?

Year 6 have an exciting term ahead!

This term year 6 will enjoy their residential, bike-ability, prom, leaver’s assembly and their final primary production.

We have already started work on the production and every child has a very important part to play. Letters with dates and times will be released soon.

The children are very excited about the prom and their transitions to their new schools. Further information will follow.

This term can be a very emotional time for both the children and the parents; the teachers are very proud of all the hard work and efforts put in to get to this term, thank you for your continued support and we hope you will enjoy the final chapter of your child’s primary experiences.


Kind regards

Mrs Miller and Mrs Rickhard

Rose Street term 6 yr 6 news

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Using Clay

IMG_0311 clay 6 clay 7 clay 8 clay 9 clay 10 clay1 clay2

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Extreme Reading

Are you up for a little challenge?  If so please open the link to find out more.


Extreme Reading Challenge

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Mrs Monticelli’s Marvellous Medicine

Today Mrs Monticelli conducted a fantastic science experiment outside for our assembly. It involved a bottle of Pepsi and Mentos mints, have a look at what happened to her and her helpers 🙂 …

Science 1 Science 2

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Last Week of Term 3

On Cultural Day we learnt lots about different countries; Italy, France, Kenya, Australia and Peru.  Here are some photos of the activities we took part in:

culture1 culture2 culture3 culture4 culture5 culture6 culture7 culture8 culture9 culture10 culture11 culture12

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The Victorians

This term we are learning about the Victorian era.  All of our writing is based on this period of time; so far we’ve written a non-chronological report and next we’re going to be creating a ghost story – scary stuff!  We’ve made our book corner into a world of curiosities and also dressed up as Victorians to get a feel for it.

vic kids  vic corner


In maths we’ve looked at lots of past papers and are focusing on our reasoning skills.  There’s lots of revision going on, and we’re working hard.

In science our topic is Light.  So far we’ve looked at how we see, and learned all about the eyeball.  Soon, we’ll be looking at prisms and refraction.  This is Emily’s work – she’s been fabulous in Science this term and received a Head Teacher’s award for her hard work.  Well done, Emily!



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Term 4

This is our very last term before SATS are with us, so we’re working really hard in English and maths to make sure we do the best we can.  

SATS – week commencing 8th May.


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Term 3 – end of term

We’ve been so busy recently we forgot to post!  However, we wanted to share some of the brilliant writing we’ve done in the last couple of weeks with you, so have a look at our work below:

IMG_0019 IMG_0044 IMG_0041 IMG_0040 IMG_0038 IMG_0036 IMG_0035 IMG_0025 IMG_0024 IMG_0022

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Term 3 – week 3

This week we have been AMAZING with our fractions; we can now do calculations with fractions using all four operations!  our phrase to remember for adding and subtracting was ‘X FACTOR’ (just ask us how this works!)

In English we finished writing our poetry about the sea, using similes, metaphors, alliteration and onomatopoeias to compare it to an animal.

Next week we’re going to be looking at percentages and decimals in maths, factual writing in English  and preparing for our mock SATs which are in week 5.

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Term 3 – week 2

The first full week back at school since the Christmas holidays and we’ve completed so much work!

In English we’ve been reading Kensuke’s Kingdom and practising our comprehension questions in preparation for our SATS in May.  We’ve begun to write a poem about the sea – using similes and metaphors to compare it to an animal of our choosing.

In maths we’ve been multiplying fractions using the word SWEEP and dividing fractions using KEEP, SWITCH, FLIP.  Hopefully, we can all remember these phrases to help us answer fractions questions in our SATS.


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Term 3 – week 1

Back from our Christmas Holidays and straight into work-mode!  We’ve already made a start on our new topic of Japan.  So far we’ve used an atlas to find the major countries of the world, soon we’ll be looking at continents too.

We have also looked at our new text – Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morporgo and made a start on our fractions unit of work in maths.

We also went to the beach – and used our experience to write some descriptive paragraphs which developed our language.

We found a crab and a starfish down at the beach.

We found a crab and a starfish down at the beach.

beach-3 beach-4


Next week we’ll start reading Kensuke’s Kingdom properly and will continue to get to grips with our knowledge on fractions!

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Term 3

We are going to be doing lots of work this term – here’s a look at some we’ve done already:

IMG_0047 IMG_0051 IMG_0049

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Week 6

We are getting very excited about Christmas in Kingfisher class!

Next week we will be doing a range of creative Christmas activities after we finish our big write.  Also, we’ll be watching the film Narnia as we will have finished reading the book.  Popcorn may well be provided!


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Week 5

We’ve had a really exciting week! Not only did we go to the Royal Albert Hall and join in with Young Voices, which was spectacular! some of us even went to Twickenham to watch the Varsity rugby match.

On top of this we’ve been working hard on our writing – we are creating a descriptive piece based on being a statue in Narnia.  In maths we’ve been taught about area and perimeter of four and three sided shapes.


Next week is just as exciting.  We’ve got a trip to the pantomime in Maidstone and our carol concert at the local church.  We Love Christmas! We even managed to fit in creating some decorations for our book corner!

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Week 4

We’ve been working really hard this week on our performance for SNAP Theatre – which was excellent – thank you so much for coming to watch and supporting us!

Next week we have testing week.

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Term 2 week 3

This week we are finishing off our newspaper article in English – writing as a reporter about the arrival of Spring in Narnia.  In maths we are going to be creating some nets for some of the different 3D shapes we learned about last week.

Which 3D shape has 2 faces?!

Next week is our very exciting SNAP Theatre production – we’ve been working so hard and practising lots.  Please come and watch us at West Minster on Thursday afternoon!


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Term 2 weeks 2-3

This week in English we’ve looked at writing an Incident Report – using unbiased language and reporting indirect speech.  In maths we’ve continued to look at measures and conversions:

How many cm in an inch?  How many metres in a km?  How many miles to a km?!

We also had a visit from an external dance teacher to add to our SNAP theatre performance (DON’T FORGET – THURSDAY 24th NOVEMBER @ WEST MINSTER!).  This week (Thursday) we’ve got a rehearsal at West Minster, to join all of our sections up.  It should be a great performance and we’re all looking forward to it!



Next week we’re starting to look at how to write a newspaper report in English and 2D and 3D shapes in maths.



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Term 2

We’ve started off the term with a bang! – SNAP Theatre have been in again and we’ve done some brilliant writing based on their acting and are putting more of our own performance together (COME AND SEE THE PERFORMANCE AT WESTMINSTER ON THURSDAY 24th NOVEMBER).


In maths this week we’re looking at converting units, both metric and imperial.  We’ll be carrying on with this into next week as there’s so much to learn – did you know that 5miles=8km?!

In English this week and next we’re writing a crime report, including interview techniques which they’ll practise on Narnia characters and factual report writing using lots of sophisticated vocabulary.

REMEMBER – spelling test every Friday; practise during the week is essential! Plus, homework given out on Mondays is due on Fridays.

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10th October

SNAP theatre was amazing this week!  We learnt about the Boy in the Striped Pajamas, and some of the reasons behind WW2 starting.  They helped up to write a letter of complaint; our description was fabulous as we were so engaged.  Earlier in the week, we had previously looked at the features of a formal letter of complaint.

In maths we learned about Roman Numerals  (can you remember what Little Cats Drink Milk stands for?!) and looked at ordering large numbers.  We still need to work on the four operations, as we didn’t do that well on our tests this week.

Next week we will looking a lot at SPaG, as we need to improve our understanding of the English language.

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3rd October

This week we looked at negative numbers in maths – could you do 4-9 = ? or 26 – 50 = ? and even -3 – -7 = ?  Next week we are covering division again – I think this is turning into our favourite lesson! – and we will definitely be improving our recall of how to include remainders in our calculations.

In English we started to look at the literary techniques used in diary writing.  Next week we will be writing up our WW2 diary entries that show two contrasting moods.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to include lots of things we learned over the two weeks!

Next week we will have some tests – two reading tests, a maths calculation test and a SPaG test.  We also have the SNAP Theatre company back in on Thursday, so we’ll be continuing with our exciting acting and writing workshops.

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School Contact Details

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School Address Rose Street Primary School
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