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Hook – The Victorians

Today we had our Term 2 Hook Day for our topic ‘The Victorians’. We started the day off sitting in long rows facing the front. Once we had found our seats we each received black card (our very own blackboard) and a piece of chalk. We had to complete our daily arithmetic using these materials which we found difficult. After this, we looked at Victorian handwriting and had to all use our right hand to write even if we were left handed! As well as this, we recited a prayer and learnt some poetry which we also had to recite.

LO: To summarise key events in Queen Victoria’s life.

After these morning activities we then learnt about Queen Victoria and the key events in her life. We had to match the images of key moments in her life to the events on a timeline. In addition to this, we also put the Victorian Era in the correct place in a world history time line alongside other eras we had previously studied.

LO: To create a silhouette profile.

Following on from our lesson about the great monarch, we looked at silhouette art and made a silhouette profile of Queen Victoria – which we think look really effective. We used black and white card and sketched her profile.

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