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Special Events at Rose Street

At Rose Street we aim to be creative in the way we deliver our curriculum as we believe that providing a variety of engaging activities stimulates learning.  Here are some of the ways that we do this.

Science Week

March 9 – 18th was Science Week and the children at Rose Street School took an active part in it.
First every children drew a picture of what they thought a scientist looked like. Typically most of the pictures showed a middle aged white man with crazy hair – just like Albert Einstein!
But during a Science Week assembly they learnt that scientists come from all walks of life. They were then invited to enter in a competition where they could research any scientist – living or dead – and make a poster about them and their achievements and how it has impacted our world.
Next in the classrooms, children undertook extra scientific investigations classifying and planting flowers, undertaking archaeology on ancient poo and working as detectives to find what is inside a tin can to name but a few.
With over 100 entries it was difficult to pick winners for the competition, but eventually it was whittled down to the  victors pictured above.

Chinese New Year


Red Panda workshops visited us to celebrate Chinese New Year. The younger children (R-Y3) had the opportunity to try on the very heavy lion head and make up their own dances. In Y1 this culminated a terms work on China.


During the month of October, Rose Street celebrated Black History Month. Classes throughout the school spent time learning about important historical events as well as celebrating modern achievements too. The children spent time discussing their opinions on what happened and how we can ensure a more peaceful society today.

Here are some examples of the outstanding work produced from this;

Year 1









Year 2

Year 5








Year 6


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