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Rose Street 

Primary School

School Logo

Rose Street 

Primary School

Parent Conduct

Sheerness West Federation is welcoming, supportive and inclusive. It is important that all members of the Federation community work together. We are proud of our good reputation and we depend on the entire Federation community to help us maintain and improve our children’s learning.


We are very fortunate to have supportive and friendly parents and carers. Our parents / carers recognise that educating children is a process that involves partnership between home and school and understand the importance of a good working relationship to equip children with the necessary skills for adulthood.


For these reasons we welcome and encourage parents / carers to participate fully in the life of our schools, through parent meetings, PTFA events, coffee mornings, shows and other similar events.


The purpose of this code is to provide a reminder to all parents, carers and visitors about expected conduct to ensure a safe and positive school environment for our children.


Respect and concern for others and their rights 


Parents and carers are allowed on to school premises by permission of the school, however this may be withdrawn if necessary. We expect parents, carers and visitors to show respect and consideration for others by:


  • Allowing plenty of time so that children arrive ready for a punctual start to the school day, to avoid disruption to their own learning and that of the entire class.
  • Supporting the respectful ethos of the school by setting a good example in their own speech and behaviour towards all members of the school community both on school premises and in its immediate area.
  • Working together with all staff for the benefit of the children. We ask you to contact the school to deal with any issues of concern. The school will discuss and clarify specific events, issues and queries in order to bring about a positive solution.
  • Appropriately correcting their own children’s behaviour, especially in public where it could otherwise lead to conflict, aggressive or unsafe behaviour.
  • Respecting the school environment, including keeping the school tidy by not littering.
  • Avoid parking on double yellow or white zig zag lines, ensuring the school gates are kept clear at all times.
  • Not bringing animals onto school grounds for health and safety reasons, unless it is for educational purposes and with the express prior permission from the Head of School.
  • Not entering the classroom after the school day has started, e.g. if your child is late parents / carers / adults should go to the school office where your child will be allowed to go to their classroom.
  • Requesting appointments and messages for class teachers and other staff must be made through the school offices.


In order to support the ethos of our schools, we will not tolerate:


  • Disruptive behaviour which interferes with teaching, learning or administration within the school.
  • Using loud and /or offensive language or displaying temper.
  • Threatening, aggressive or intimidating conversations or behaviour towards another adult or child.
  • Abusive, threatening or damaging emails, ‘phone, text or social network messages relating to the school.
  • Smoking (including vaping) or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs on the school site.
  • Damaging or destroying school property.


The Executive Headteacher, Heads of School and the Federation Governors may prohibit an adult from entering the school sites to safeguard our school communities. Adverse behaviour may be reported to the appropriate authorities.


Parental Feedback


Your views and ideas are important to us.  If you would like to leave a comment on the facilities that we provide at Rose Street, or if you wish to make any suggestions on how we can improve what we offer, please email