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Rose Street 

Primary School

School Logo

Rose Street 

Primary School


At Rose Street Primary School we believe that learning languages is a great opportunity for the children to express their thoughts and ideas in a new, exciting way which opens their minds to a different culture.


Term 1 Greetings


In French, we have been learning how to greet each other saying “Bonjour“, “Salut” and ask “Ça va?”. Now we can say “Ça va bien” and express other emotions like:
Je suis surprise. = I am surprised.
Je suis froide. = I am cold.
Je suis triste. = I am sad.
Je suis confuse. = I am confused.

Je suis très bien. = I am very good.



























We made a chatterbox and created our own comics that helped us have a proper conversation in French with each other.


























Also, we learned numbers 1 – 12 and played noughts and crosses. What we really enjoyed was playing duck, duck goose together. French people call it “chien, chien, souris” which means dog, dog, mouse!


Term 2 Animals and colours


Term 2 started with a fabulous Harry Potter week!
We learned the French words for the Hogwarts Houses and told each other which house we are in. For example, “Je suis dans Poufsouffle.” (I am in Hufflepuff.)
Then we had a look at what the Harry Potter film are called in French and tried to match them with the English equivalent. Some French vocabulary is really similar to English, which means that we recognised those similarities and could work out which films match up. For example, “l’ordre du phénix” means “order of the phoenix”.


























We had a lot of fun putting together a soupe de la sorcière and including items like Voldemort, a crapaud (toad), a cochon (pig), some bave (slime), a chapeau (hat), les yeux (eyes), some sang de dragon (dragon blood) and a baguette magique (wand). Of course we used a magic spell to make our witches’ soup work!



soupe de la sorcière


We looked at three new phonics sounds a and eu and au and practiced their pronunciation. Then we tried to find them in words. The a sound might look like a or à or â.  We found the a sound in words like lacsacmadameananas or âne. The eu sound might look like e or eu or oeu and we found it in words like feubleuneuf or coeur. The au sound can look like o or eau and is in words like bateaunote or jaune.



We also learned some colour words: rouge, bleu, vert, noir, blanc and jaune. We recognised that bleu has one of our new phonics sounds in it!


In one lesson, we used iPads to create coloured animals using the app Keynote. Miss Purtz gave us instructions, for example ‘Colorez une souris gris’. So we had to draw a grey mouse. This way we improved our ICT skills and practiced our French vocabulary! 





Term 3 Home Learning